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Equestria Tales

Post by Greycat on Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:59 am

Magic  portals are fleeting things. So fleeting that they tend to be relegated  to legend. But when a portal does open, it most often appears near  other things of magic, expecially in a world were there isn't much magic  at all.
When  one of those opened and took powerful relics with it, the relics  dragged people capable of using it after it. Only, where they ended up  wasn't a place they were used to, or one they would have expected. Cue Music!
*hears a ding then a disembodied voice as a counter goes up by 1* "Theme."

This is a world much like our own. And there is a new exhibit at the museum, some artifacts recently found. Five large crystals in ornate stone settings were the center piece, but there were other things found in that suterrainian vault. Small trinkets, interesting stylized carvings of men and horses, maybe ponies, going by the size, a large metal frame with a polished crystal/mineral serving as a standing mirror, well crafted chests and so on.
Royal Sisters University College partially operates it. It's the Royal Sisters Museum. Field trip.
are the characters all in high school?
University college...

[Write up due to finish]
Long story short: the reverse of equestria girls. People getting set to Equestria (pony land). Need to recover their world's elements to reopen the portal and get home. Fun stuff. Exploring a world. Getting in trouble. Learning to walk. Wheee...
Grey Tale [21]
Creative Writing Major with a minor in Theatre. He wants to be a major author, and takes his theatre minor mostly to help with his visualization issues (he tends to ignore setting in the face of the story). Something of a snark (by something, we mean a lot of a snark).

   Pony side: Unicorn.

Edward Harris [20]
Engineering student that is a part time toaster repairman with a heart of gold apparently.

   Pony Side: Pegasus

Michelle Carter [21]
Dancer and Synchronized Swim Team Member, is proficient in ballet and underwater ballet, harbors a crush on Jasmine. Is close friends with Jasmine since childhood.

   Pony Side: Earth

Jasmine Kessler [21]
Drama major, budding magician.

   Ponyside: Unicorn

NPC [age]
something you'll find out
[something else you'll find out]

   Earthside: Black

Songs for this RP by mew77
Walk by Foo Fighters, I think it fits Very Happy
GM Theme Song by mew77
We're going for a Ride starring Pinkie Pie
//Scary facts about that video: Pinke can sing in the voice of a legion who says she can't
best part of the vid is that I can totally see her doing that, if you skip a party invitation.

   The origin world is similar to this one.

   no, it's not the Canterlot high one.

   Charries should be around upper teen to lower twenties, preferrably

   tell me what you have in mind for a cutie mark, and I'll try to arrange for something

   I'm most likely using the same elements (not some dark world OP-esque ones. Wolfern) as the show.

   I'll figure which goes were as the game goes on.

   This is pretty much the Show Canon setting. For the most part. Set after Twilight's Kingdom, so expect lots of head canon, but mostly only passing relations with the show main charries. In the 'Princess charges you with your mission and leaves you to do it but somehow seems to be keeping HD video of your progress. Creepy...'

   AKA: What Celestia does to the Mane 6.

   We attend Royal Sister's University College

   We start with 3 Hero Points. Because Everfree Forest. 'Nough said.

   According to the math I've seen, ponies should be under four feet, but let's say the mane six top out at 4 ft, big mac about 4'4 (very tall)

   If your charrie has their bag, you would have what was in it. Mostly converted to pony verse. Backpack to saddle bags, etc.

   Related; it's a trip to a musuem. Remember that when you pick stuff.


   I know I had something else I wanted to say... can't remember what... this always happens...

   Right! You may or may not be friends before. Up to you.

   FUN FACT: The comics confirm there are multiple mirrors and multiple realities. Need to find a torrent of those... Apparently Star Swirl made them. Or at least one. Good for him

   World Fact: It's not a cheery place. Things are going down hill. Wars in com

PL3 40pp

   Make your character as a human, then the pony template is applied to it. Very little should change (though DM might put a few pens on some skills because hooves. Go figure) But over all, most things stay the same.

Make your Base Character as PL3 (45PP)

   Recall, you are human at that point. Doesn't really matter much aside from skills and feats and such. You'll never be human again in this RP. I mean... for the most part. We start post-rude transition. Because our pre event RPs never end, to be honest :p

Below are the pony templates (and rough ideas of how you can build on it as the game progresses).
General Pony
Quadruped [1pp]
+10 land speed (to 40ft), all out running is 5x, rather than 4 [1pp]

   they can walk on two legs, at half base speed and treated as having no dodge bonus.

   No arms drawback [+5pp]

Race specific
Flight. Limited 50ft/round [1pp]
Power feat: average manueverability. [1pp]
Cloud walking [1pp]

   [flight speed, weather manipulating, though that's more of a job, a tactile telekinesis (pulling things while flying and keeping them level), wing dexterity (we see some lifting weights with wings and holding stuff [and people] with them), immunity G forces?]

S.Strength [2pp]
Earth bound [1pp] (Treated as having endurance and +2 strength when on the ground)

   [strength potential, empathy potential, *looks at pinke* whatever that is empathy, land speed increase too (look at the ones that used to pull the train. And pinkie), leaping; earth ponies seem regularly able to out jump the unicorns]

Telekinesis+precise [3pp]

   [Magic potential; limited study and cutie mark related, gore, telekinesis advancement. Common unicorns (though in ponyville and those not in magic school) seem to pick up on some of the earth pony stuff. My head canon is that without exploring and advancing their magic connection, it starts to default to the closest analogue; earth pony magic without the real nature connection]

   Light seems to be a common spell unicorns pick up, even those that don't go to magic school (see Snips and Snails).

   Proper magic outside refining personal telekinesis through use seems to be done through personal research and unicorn magic academies (See Twilight's history, and episode 1)

[Net shift: 0pp]
General progression suggestions
- Tail finesse
- hoof strike
- Tactile telekinesis. It might just be animate error, but it crops up often enough. Like the pegasus trick with carrying things and people, or earth ponies carrying stuff on their back...
- other stuff that might come up
Cutie Mark
Cutie marks, cutie marks. The realization of your destiny, and visual mark of your true talent.
Gain: Task focus on one skill related to your cutie mark
Gain: +2 to two peripheral (related) skills
Gain: 2pp to spend on something mark related.

   Have you ever tried that dance Pinkie Pie and RealCandace did in the post-changeling montage? That thing is impossible... http://static.tumblr.com/ipmg0zc/APhm3fr2y/175712_-_animated_cadence_dancing_pinkie_pie_princess_cadence.gif

   I tried it. Fell over three times before I gave up. Darn pony dance...

   they should get acrobatics huh...

   It's probably just because it's a cartoon. And because it's pinkie. more likely yeh, so then you'd need epic perform dance then



Some interesting Links:

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Re: Equestria Tales

Post by Greycat on Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:07 am


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