Mordern-2-Fantasy [v1]

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Mordern-2-Fantasy [v1]

Post by Greycat on Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:54 am

Keith, Miles;
• Silver tongued, enigmatic, tale spinning dungeon master.
Koshin, Denis
• Quiver toting, surly, fashionista teen.

Jacobson, Daniel;
• Nervous, struggingly, fumbling artist.

Kenneth, Elena;
• Girl Crazy, busy body dressmaker.
Carter, Sylvia;
• Rich blooded, singing gymnast.




Chapter 1:
Chapter 2.1:
Chapter 2.2:

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Chapter One: A Normal Adventure

Post by Greycat on Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:04 am

The first day went well. Better than the organizers could have hoped. The disused land had lots of room for them to play around on, even with the designated parking and camping areas. For the most part, the first day was registration and few preliminaries. They had a quick warming LARP in the form of sparring between a few attendees, and tried out a revolving DM idea with the five or six regulars a few pregenerated characters randomly assigned with lots that was a hoot and a half.

The day wrapped up in the first 'party' of the event. Those on camp duty had cooked up a decent sized meal and they set up banquet style in the barn with a few tables and chairs, an impromptu cash bar with an eagle eyed tender in one corner, a gaggle of folk trying to get their sound systems working in another and laughter all around.

That's where Miles was. In the barn, that is. He might have, technically, been staff, but his job ended after registration. It role was pre-event, and now he dropped the weight on his brother and the others so he could enjoy the party on his own terms. Armed with a syrofoam box (just as disposable as paper plates while being far less prone to spills) loaded with food and his water bottle filled with pop, we was making his rounds through the room.

Daniel meanwhile was talking to one of his friends about an artist on devientart. In reality, the artist was himself, but no one knew that. Not unless they were lucky in searching for 'anthro art' on the deveintart search engine. His voice was his absolute best impersonation of a female voice. Part of of his plan all along. Spread the word of the artist, get his friends to do the work themselves of finding out his artistic talents and preferences. sadly, he knew he had to reveal himelf for the meal. While he had taken parts of the costume off in privite in order to cool off, he knew everyone would see him... wearing a costume of a female wolf.

Taking advantage of the limited field of vision fursuits imposed, Miles appeared behind Daniel, dropping his hands on his shoulders with a snicker. Still staying outside the limited line of sight, he leaved forward just enough that his chin was in line with the fursuited one's ear (ish.) "My! What a deep voice you have grandma!"

Meanwhile there was dat creepy kid walking around, not using fursuit to gain privacy and anonymty - at least that isn't original intent. Denis had confused feelings - partying was a rare thing for him so he just was spending his time staring at people or coming up with something to do. Also he felt like sating his curiosity for alcohol finally - but would he be able to do it with his current age? No one knew, so he decided to look around for opportunities.

Daniel yelped in suprise. "Mi--" He started in his normal voice then coughed. "Miles!" He finished, pitching his voice up to his 'female' voice tone. "How are you?"

"Roaming, just roaming," Miles said in a less then enlightning manner. He nodded at the people Daniel had been talking to. "Ladies, gentleman."

"Hey Miles," one dressed like an elf said with a slight smile. "What are you supposed to be anyway?"

Daniel gave Miles a look under the mask that screamed 'don't you dare'. but didn't say anything.

"Why, a Tibbit," Miles grinned, shifting so his arm was casually resting on Daniel's shoulder. As close as he could get on his limited budget. trimmed fake vampire fangs stuck on with denture glue, fake nails (trimmed) for claws, whiteglue+fuzz for... fuzziness, and a wire hanger sacrified to add rigidity to a sleeve of felt stuffed with the innards of a slain dollar store teddy bear (who's pelt was harvested for even more fuzz).

Daniel looked to Miles, nervously. "What are you planning...?" He whispered, hopefully so he could hear him.

"Wouldn't you like to know," Miles whispered back, hiding his malicious grin under the pleasant one he was going.

"A tibbit?" the second girl asked. She was in the sexy witch get up.

"A little cat critter from his games," the guy, Paul the NPC/Staff playing an armed guard supplied. "Aren't you a little tall for a tibbit?" he joked.

"I drank my milk and ate my veggies. Now I'm a big strong boy," Miles responded, putting a slight emphasis on the boy part.

"Yes..." Daniel said. "We know. You're a guy." Daniel shrugged, trying to slip away from Miles, sidestepping some to get his hand off 'her'.

Racheal (Elf) and Hannah (witch) joined in Paul's laugh. For his part, Miles let Daniel go, but not without another comment. "My dear, you wouldn't need a halls, would you? You sound ever so hoarse."

"No thanks," Daniel said cheerfully, thankful that Miles had let him go without making a scene by removing his costume head. Still... he'd have to do it soon to enjoy the meal. his stomach was growling and wanted food. Not to mention the little stint with Miles had raied the temprature in the suit a bit. Instead, he just kept walking around, posing for a few more photos before going to the *gulp* women's washroom and into one of the stals to partially disrobe. Removing his paws, he took some toilet paper and used that to wipe away some of the sweat. He was careful not to say anything, lest someone find out his secret. at least, not until he was ready.

Miles chuckled and wanted off, leaving the three to their own fun and games as he mulled over the next fun way to harass Daniel about his get up. So many possibilities... really, going like that was just begging to be harassed. Maybe he could bring in a few others from the registration team and tag team him. Or relay... it would be fun to have his all flustered running from place to place trying to avoid them...

Daniel stayed in the stall for quite a while, then finally put on the costume again and looked in the mirror wondering if he was making a huge mistake with this. Probbaly, he decided. He couldn't bring anything else to the party. Not his sleeping bag, his backpack, hell even the basic stuff he would bring for just sleeping over at a friend's house. The fursuit had taken up all of his comission income. Not to mention a little bit of his OSAP. First world problems he thought. There was nothing else for it. Just an hour or two. Then he'd show himself. He could survive an hour... Surely Miles could wait one more hour, right?

Stepping out, he went back to doing the barn floor and kept a sharper eye out for Miles.

Elena felt silly. She needn't have worried about which costume she had on this evening. She still got to trade tips and tricks with other fursuiters and show off the fine set of tights with bunny head, tail and complete with a modified leotard for her bunnysuit. She also spent some time posing and handing out cards for her costume commision business, . She had made her partial fursuit out of breathing fabrics that wouldn't hold in sweat hence it wouldn't get too hot and she could stay in it all day. The tights neatly hugged her curves hence she looked to be a bunny anthro. She crept up near Daniel.

Miles was in a rather good position. In fact, the best. How else would he have spotted Daniel emerging from the women's side? In that instant, he decided on his next course of actions. Would you really expect him to pass up an oppurtunity that was practically gift wrapped?
Notice (1d20+6=17)

Due to the nature of the suit and him being slightly distracted by searching for the evil, evil, chaotic and evil tibbit, Daniel didn't notice the anthropomorphic bunny creeping up on him.
Perception: bah

Elena hugged Daniel from behind. She leaned in next to him and said, "Hello beautiful..." Her voice was slightly slurred as sauntered into full view.

"ACK!" Daniel yelped, voice quavering. "Stop DOING that!"

"Stop what, sister?", Elena asked her voice a drawl, cupping her hands over Daniel's fake breasts. Hmm, oddly firm. The wolf lady was obviously excited to meet her.

"Nope." Daniel said, trying to squirm free, her voice going back to her female tone. "No touchie!" Daniel felt nothing from the grope, not usprising considering softballs and douvle sided tape didn't transmit sensations.

Elena removed her hands and walked in front of Daniel. "Sorry, there miss, what's your name?"

"Michelle," Danie lied, having thought out this for a while ever since he came to the party. "What brings you to this party?"

"I'm here to inspect my handiwork, and also meet some fine ladies like yourself. Drum up busines for my costume designs. I made this one I'm wearing myself you know."

"Ohh," Daniel said, as though he just realized something. "You must be Elena. Daniel told me about you before I came."

"Ooh..what have you heard, Michelle right?", Elena asked.

"That you're a really good costume designer and that--" Daniel started but was interrupted by Miles.

"Elena! And... Mitch was it?" Miles said, calling out cheerfully as he walked by.

"Michelle..." Daniel said. "My name isn't that hard to remember."

"Oh hey, um...Miles was it...I was in a few games in the past.", Elena said.

"And you saw me at the registration table this morning," Miles added, aiming another malicious grin at Daniel. "So what are you... guys is an appropriate term, up to?"

"Not to much. Mostly just talking to people," Daniel admitted truthfully. "Telling everyone where I got this." She guestured to his costume.

"Good for you! I'm busy busy. Checking to make sure everyone's properly registered and such. Bathrooms properly labelled... You look hungry. Chicken wing?" He offered.

"Little bit later, sure. Talking to people though first, it's really relaxing. Not having people see ya while speaking." Daniel said, honestly feeling slightly comfortable for the fact that no one could see him.

Miles snickered. "Well, back on the beat for me! Later Elena... Mitch." And he left.

"Daniel told me about him too," he said. "And that he's usually like that. Scatterbrained and seldom making much sense."

"Miles is like that yes. You seem to know Daniel very well. By the way,that suit is lovely...", Elena said leaning in a bit too close. Elena still didn't know what Michelle really looked like, "I just wanna touch your adorable fur.", she slurred sliding her hands sensually down Michelle's sides, savoring the feeling. "Simply adorable, my little wolfie...", she attempted flirting.

"He's a friend of mine." Daniel said and looked at Elena. "Ummm... Well i guessyou can... But well..." Daniel said, wondering how he could break this to her gently. "I am stright ya know."

"Don't let that stop you," Miles, who it turned out snuck back, commented.

"'s just some friendly, heh, harm done", Elena said, "It's not like we can kiss, with these fursuits on..."

"Who knows what's hidden under all that faux fur," Miles said solemnly. "Could be a surprise all for you."

"Do you mind?" Daniel asked, looking at Miles with a dirty look underneath the mask. "I thought you were doing important management stuff." She commented.

"Of course, that's the whole point isn't it Miles...and yet everyone seems to already know who I am.", Elena said to Miles.

"Was, am, will be," Miles said cheerfully, tugging on a bit of his glued on whiskers that was bugging the hell out of him. "And of course everyone know's who you are. You've been dropping 'hints' about it he gave hints air quotes, "for weeks. Said hints being more like meteors."

"Ah yes the cards for my commission work...think I overdid it, I see several people wearing costumes I made."

"And the talk about the skin tight latex... and the white fur you found... and the dress that would go perfectly with it..." Miles started counting them off on his fingers. "Want the full list?

Daniel smiled. "Yeah, Danny did mention that you had something planned for this."

"And now you see first'd I do? I'd love to get some comments on my hard work.", she said to Michelle.

"I think it looks pretty good. Must be really hot though. I've heard latex doesn't breath at all. Least with this, there's some breathing... Not much, but some."

"Actually I decided on a silk weave, little more expensive but these breathe just like normal clothes...heck I could wear these tights comfortably all day.", Elena explained.

"Ahhh, nice. I decided to go full on fursuit. I think it'd be better if we were outside. Seriously, this thing could make a nice winter coat." Daniel said.

"A full fursuit is beyond my budget, and besides the bodysuit is more flattering.", Elena said, "Although you remind me of a cute little plushie, well large huggable plushie...."

"Believe me, this didn't come cheap either." Michelle said. "Had to dip into some of my OSAP and stuff. But that's not important right now."

Elena slinked behind Michelle, "Looks be a good plushie wolf girl now...", she flirted while she slinked back to cup Michelle's fake breasts in a teasing manner. Hmm...still firm...."Interesting..."

"Ack!" Daniel yelped backing off some. "No touchie!"

"Sowwy, plushie girl...I couldn't resist...but those melons are awfully firm...sure they are real?", Elena asked.

"Well there is a bit of support to them. Otherwise they wouldn't be showing as clearly as they are now." Daniel explained, hoping this would be enough.

"Ah padded, I see...", Elena whispered, Michelle might be self concious about that. "Well it's a nice suit either the way, I don't think I've seen you at any of the larp events...", she said in a slurred but normal volume.

Daniel smiled. "Nah, I don't show up to them a whole lot. Never have enough ideas or a good enough costume. Might see more now though," 'she' said, posing a little.

"Alright.", Elena said enthusiastically. She posed alongside Michelle. "Bunny girl, and wolf girl...think that would make a fun photoshoot...wanna do it?"

"More like a predator/prey shoot, but it can still work." Daniel giggled. "Unless you want others to get in on it?"

"If you want...I mean there's only so many variations on wolf chasing bunny we can do right?", Elena said to Michelle.

"Yeah. That's why we should get others in on this," Daniel said.

"Sounds good, but we could always just start with the two of us.", Elena said.

Daniel nodded. "Sure. Might as well. Got any ideas on where to start this?"

"Whereever seems right then...I mean whereever we can get a photographer really.", Elena said to Daniel.

"Did you bring a cell phone?" Daniel asked. "I would, but well... no place to put it."

"I did too, maybe we can get someone to take the picture.", Elena said to Michelle.

"You got one or you left it behind?" Daniel asked, confused.

"I have a cell phone in my bag.", Elena explained.

"Ahhh nice. Might as well use that." Daniel said,

"Now who can we get to take our picture?", Elena wondered.

Sylvia was sneaking around the moment random antics were happening and it was only now that she decided to creep up towards them while suppressing a giggle. She likes to think there's a reason why she's playing as a Rogue in the games and this might very well prove it. Course, it'll be fun either way since she doesn't think they're suspecting anyone nearby. stealth stuff: 17
Perception: 17
Perception: 1d20+6=24

Daniel this time was keeping a better eye out and waved to Sylvia as he spotted them.She waved happily. "Hey there!" She smiled. "I'm Michelle!" She extended a furry costumed hand to Sylvia.

Sylvia blinked and quickly got out of 'stealth mode' in an attempt to look normal, "Oh, hia! I was not trying to sneak up on you two and scare ya! Nope!" She grins in a slightly nervous manner as she knew for a fact this was the worst bluff in the history of bluffs, but she happy shakes her hand anyways, "Nice to meet you Michelle, I'm Sylvia!" This time she gives a happier smile. She also appears to have yellow eyes, which stood out a bit from the rest of the (mostly) cheep costume she was wearing. Bluff: ...nat 1

Daniel chuckled. "Don't worry, you're not the first. Probbaly not the last. I guess cause they think this cuts off my vision a bit... and it does. Nice to meet you though. What brings you here?"
For shits and giggles, sense motive: 18

"Oh you know, just exploring around and I heard something interesting happening here, so I decided to see what's going on!" Sylvia cheerfully replied until she paused in thought for a moment, being careful not to bump into anyone or anything with one of her 'wings', "Well, since I'm here, I guess I can help out with the photoshoot..."

"You must have really good hearing," Daniel commented. "But yep. That's it exactly!"

"We ladies should stick together.", Elena said to Sylvia, "By the way, my name Elena, you're not very good at this sneaky thing are ya."

Sylvia almost took offense to that and she pouted a little, "Hey, you're one of the few to actually notice me when I decide to scare someone!"

Daniel giggled. "Well I almost didn't see her if that helps your ego." She said, petting the bat dressed woman.

Elena smoothed out her tights and adjusted the bunnysuit leotard. She added the pink trims to make her look more provacative. "My apoligies.", Elena said. Elena took Michelle's cue to pet the bat girl a little. Which led to an overeager caress. She found she was often more physical when it came to greetings. In some cultures, people greeted each other with hugs more often, she would be fine. "Good to meet you, what's your name?", Elena asked.

"She said already..." Daniel teased. "It's Sylvia."

Sylvia eeped a little due not not expecting a hug... that was a normal hug right? "Hello to you too Elena!"

Elena moved out of the hug, "Alright then Michelle...", she said, "Well, I guess Sylvia can help us with the photoshoot."

Daniel took a clear spot in the room and struck a pose.

Elena handed Sylvia her cell phone so Sylvia could take the picture then got on all fours and struck a cute pose at Michelle's feet.

Daniel changed his pose, seeing Elena's, making it seem like she had fianlly got her and was about to nom her. In fact, she put an ear aginst the muzzle of his costume as it couldn't open.

Sylvia made her way to the phone app and fixed the sharpness and lighting settings a little. Once she looked up, she giggled at the sight and, after waiting a small moment for the phone to focus on the pair, took the picture, "Nice one you two!" she smiles at the theme and was happy that the picture came out well on the first attempt.

Elena struck a sexy pose, lying on her side.

Daniel complied, and made a similar one, lounging out on the floor.

Sylvia grinned and took the picture, "What are these pictures for again~?" Sylvia said in a teasing tone.

"For fun.", Elena quipped.

"Pretty much," Daniel said, giggling. This was a little more relaxing. Embarassing as all hell, but it was fun and there wasn't the threat of Miles lurking around like a creeper.

Sylvia giggled, but said nothing else since she knew this was just for fun, however she quickly got another angle and took another pic once it focused just for the heck of it, "Any other poses in mind or should I keep taking this at different angles?"

"Well if you have poses in mind for us to try, we can do them." Daniel said.

"Or just get this one from different angles, then you can suggest things...", Elena said.

Sylvia shrugs and takes a picture from another angle, "hmm... Maybe Ele turned the tables from the last pose? Or..."

"Turn the tables...what are you asking?", Elena asked.

"I know what she's asking," Daniel said chuckleing.

Sylvia perks up, "Oh! I'm just suggesting things is all; maybe the rabbit outsmarted the wolf or something." She wasn't sure why, but somewhere in the back of her mind was a little bit worried that they'd get the wrong idea... eh, what's the worst that can happen? Its just a random photoshoot for fun.

Daniel went onto her back, paws curled down like a wolf would when being submissive.

Elena took the opportunity to climb on top of the wolf girl, straddling her. She leaned down over Michelle. "This good?", she asked.

Pleeeeeease don't notice... Daniel begged mentally.

Sylvia looked them over as if she was giving actual thought about the pose, well the rabbit did indeed turn the tables on the wolf, soo... "Looks good!" she then takes a picture. If the wolf was thinking of anything, she likely didn't notice. sense motive: 5

It was no good. Daniel's man reaction was pressing agint Elena's body.


"Michelle, I can feel something strange...", she whispered as she heard the shutter sound from her phone. Oh my gods....seriously, how could she have missed that, she blushed beneath the bunny head. She didn't know how to break the news lightly. "Umm...Michelle, to put this...are you a boy or a girl?", she asked.

Daniel meeped in fear as he was found out, unable to say anything in particular to defend himself.

"Nothing to say for yourself?", Elena asked, "Hmm, no matter, you make a good girl...I'm just curious, what's your real name Michelle?"

Well... Since I'm found out... Daniel thought and took off the mask to reveal himself.

"Daniel? Oh wow, um this is awkward...", Elena said removing her own bunny headpiece, "I never knew you liked being a girl."

"No! That's not it at all!" Daniel sputtered. "I'm just here to..." he trailed off, unable to really finish that thought and state his plans. He looked over to Miles, knowing he was having the time of his life at his expense.

"Well you make a lovely girl, but sadly you're not a real girl.", Elena said to him, "You feeling alright? When you claimed you were straight did you mean you liked men or women? I mean you were still a girl when you said that."

"I like girls!" Daniel said, blushing brightly. "I... I mean I'm... I was doing this for..." Daniel said squirming and tried to get Elena off him. "I was... The..." Daniel muttered.

Elena climbed off of him, "You were what?", she asked. "It's okay, I like girls too.", she told him. Elena blushed a little. "Again, you were surprisingly convincing if it took me doing this long to spot you."

"I wanted to tell people that I'm a furry..." Daniel whispered. "That I really enjoy doing anthro art..."

"And that was clear, but why the wolf girl fursona?", Elena asked.

"She was my most well developed... My devientart account. The one I said earlier before you caught me out there." Daniel said pointing out the bathroom. "Figured it would be the best..."

"And it's really good, however why didn't you just tell me you were a guy...for all that time I thought you were just another girl.", Elena said.

The chords of a light metal riff came across the air as the staff responsible finally got the sound system working. A few moments later, there was a pattern less buffeting as someone fiddled with the mics.
[Turn to 357]

[A Quest for Booze. Illegal to Boot]------------------
There he was, standing 10 meters from the stand. 10 meters an a giant aamount of awkwardness seperated him and the target ofhis research. And some timewas spent manning up for this. He walkedup tothe cornerand asked"Yousell drinks here... Right?"

"I do, but I'll need to see ID," the tender said.

"...eeeeh, why?" Denis asked, still doing a search through hispossessions (he isn't actually searching ofcourse, thats afake)

"Because I'd rather not lose my liquor license and get fined for selling to a minor. Not everyone here for the event is of age."

"There are that many minors here?" Den said still looking through theitems "Never seen anyonecaring aboutthat lawbefore anyway"

"You haven't been looking then."

"Whatever..." Denis muttered and added, moving away "Think I left my ID at tables, gotta tryto fnd it"

He really wanted to swear a lot now. But instead he searched for someone he could trust. Miles, Sylvia, Elena, someone of them

Miles had wandered off from the Dan/Mitch and Elena group. In a why, he was doing his work. He wouldn't have much left to do till the last day, but his roaming today was part of it. Keeping tabs on people, checking enjoyment and such.

"Hey! Hey, Miles!" Denis called out as he spotted him "Can youhelp me out?"

"Huh? What's up?" Miles said, sacrificing some of his valuable time to respond. He could have been plotting more trolling with this time. Okay, so he was really wasting time in the guise of working.

"Not much... Just asking if you can buy something for me?" he asked, tilting his head to side.

Miles paused and eyed Den comtemplatively. He had a general idea of what they had selling at the moment, and, well. He could at least give him the benefit of the doubt. "And what, pray tell, would that be?"

"Not drugs or dildos. Although I'd probably ask you to buy latter one day if I'd ever run into proble-- Aaaaaanyway," Denis said, feeling that he went too awkwardly far away from topic at hand. He glanced in the general direction of stand "Eh, you can buy me some drink? Just don't do it in your trolly/snarky manner and come back with tea saying you didn't get what do I mean. Please?"

"You know I don't drink, right?" Miles said after a moment to sigh internally.

Denis scratched his head and tilted it to another side "And?" he asked "That's not for you and I'll give you money, if you are concerned."

"Aren't you 16?" Miles commented.

"Seventeen actually. And is this a problem? I think I am old enough to handle that" he countered.

"Yeah...." Miles said blandly. "Here's how this goes. I don't encourage people to go things I wouldn't do, I try to avoid helping people do things I wouldn't do, unless it would get them in minor trouble or be hilarious, I'd come back with kool aid or juice instead of tea, alcohol sucks anyway, and I'm not gonna support underaged drinking." He'd started counting them off on his fingers as spoke. Realizing he had hit four, he thought of one more to make it a round five. "It's a drug too, by the way."

"You are not fun. Not even for curiosity sake?" Denis replied "I am really just curious what do people find in this. And bored a bit, food/parties are sending me into trance. And it's a light drug if it is anyway. And a legal one." he went on and then made a fake frown (that was hidden by his mask) "And I am not underaged!" he suddenly added.

Finger counting again. Miles had a thing for that it seemed. "You can't vote. You also can't get surgery, tats or piercing, legally, without parental approval. And, legally, you're a minor. Oh, and you're still under the legal drinking age."

Denis growled. "Well, okay, maybe legally I am under their "adult" age. But really, I can handle that stuff! No one's going to kill you for buying me a drink anyway, if you are concerned about that part. Because caring about my health is dumb."

"Ah, you poor belligerent child," Miles said, shaking in head slowly and patting Denis on his shoulder. "There, there, it's going to be alright."

Denis glared at Miles' hand on his shoulder. "I take that as "no" to my original question. You know I am stubborn enough to get trouble on myself." he said with a slightly irritated tone. "I guess I'll find someone else." he added, without leaving just yet. He was kinda hoping on guilt/whatever sense in Miles. Probably his hope was in vain.

There was a exasperated but faintly jubilant exclamaition of 'finally' as the first cords of music, weak at first but stronger as they adjusted it, announced that they finally got the sound working again. It was accompanies by a few cheers as well. Miles looked up, then over at the corner were they had been working on it.

"Anyway, still no beer for you," Miles said, turning back to Denis. "You aren't going to be missing anything anyway. And aren't you going to eat? There isn't anymore food provided until morning."

"I will miss a lot. You said you don't drink, how do you know? And well, I'd find something to eat. Soonish. I have some meat in my backpack anyway. Why are you so insistant on that anyway?" Denis said.

"Probably because the fee for this event included food?" Miles said, waving his hand over his own contain so the smell of wings would waft in Denis' direction.

"I meant the drink part." Denis replied, being oblivious to the smell, as the fursuit impaired lots of senses, and smell wasn't an exclusive to it.

"Because it's called 'impaired' for a reason. Now come on, they have one last event planned for the night," Miles said, aiming enis in the direction of the impromptu stage.

"Way to kill the fun..." Denis muttered and glanced at the stage "What is it?" he said, referring to the event.

[Universal/Room wide]----------------------------------
"And spoil the surprise?" Miles said in his typical cryptic manner. Why give straight answers when you could frustrate them with enigmatic statements? (Or just outright denial of information. That works too.) He kept on leading Neis as the sound made the noises of someone getting ready to use it.

``Good evening everyone!`` the male said. Miles groaned. It had to be Duane... ``How has the first day been so far!``

Denis growled again. Whatever. If you are losing an argument, you need to quickly change the topic. Whatever. He still hasn't checked out the others, they'd probably be less caring about that dumb "hurr durr alcohol is bad" thing. The question from the strage was adressed to all people and Denis wasn't the one who usually answered them, and today wasn't an exception.

Daniel squirmed out of Elena's grasp and gave her some space. "I'll... be over here." He muttered and slipped away, glaring at Miles under his mask. He wanted to blame him for this. Screwing him up, throwing him off and a wrench into his plan.

"You scared him off didn't you Sylvia.", Elena said and asked for her phone back.

Sylvia looks at her as if she was crazy, "What? No! The only time I tried to do that was before the photoshoot! Didn't know he was a guy though..." She shrugs at the last thing she said and hands Elena her phone back.

A light cheer when up through the crowd of people, though most of them where wandering away from this group.

"I know right, gotta be more careful around furries...", Elena said retrieving her phone and putting her bunny headpiece back on.

"Eh, he wasn't that bad... but if I known this I would've been more careful with my suggestions." Sylvia said with a small laugh.

There was a murmur through the people, excited in some places.

"Hey it wasn't until I crawled on him that he cracked under pressure so to speak.", Elena said giggling.

Sylvia giggles as well and looks at the guy in the female fursuit, "Think we should check to see if he's alright, or would it just be even more awkward for him?" She said with a smile, poor sod was likely going to be the butt of a lot of jokes tonight.

Someone in the background keep on talking, though the poor sound made it hard to make out.

"I have to admit, his suit looks really nice...he went all out to be a woman...we should let him try.", she said to Sylvia.

Sylvia looked cheerful, "I know! That suit must have been expensive!"

Daniel meanwhile had slinked off to a corner, cheeks completly red even though no one could see it. He was seriously debating if he should leave and live with a paper bag over his head for this little stunt. d

"What about yours? Batgirl.", Elena asked.

There was a groan, but accented with light laughter and a couple people well started heading out.

Sylvia blinked at the question, which she didn't expect for some reason, "oh, well... It was mostly pretty cheep, kinda. The wings are the most expensive part, commissioned someone who was really good at making these kind of things. Then I just looked around for stuff. Had to get creative with the ears, sowed on some fluff to elf ears, got a pair of vampire teeth... oh! The contacts were kinda hard to find and a bit pricy, they actually glow a vivid yellow in the dark!" She seemed pretty happy about that and haven't noticed how long she went on about the costume, "All in all... just barely under a thousand dollars. Yours?"

"My costume was homemade, it took me a long time to get it done...the material costs weren't too bad.", Elena said, "The tights are pure silk, the threads cost me a pretty penny, same with the head, the cheapest pieces are the leotard and the tail..."

Sylvia nods as she went through her costume as well, "Well its a nice costume, you did a pretty good job with it!" she said in her usual cheerful voice.

It was only by this time that Elena noticed people were shuffling out of the barn. There was likely some activity. So that was the muffled annoucement and cheering she heard earlier.
"Hey Sylvia, people are leaving...I think we missed something...sorry for keeping you", she said leading Sylvia out of the barn and towards the outdoors.

Sylvia blinked as she actually bothered to listen what was going on. Even if she didn't quite get all the details, it was that time of day, "...oh! That one thing is starting! We need to hurry! I am NOT missing my first LARP game!" With that, she hurried outside, pretty much leading Elena out instead. Perception 17

Elena Perception (Just in Case):1d20+6=16

The crowds were, for the most part, queuing up by the smaller building nearby. People were chatting about making teams and how going at it in the woods in the dark would be different. Someone, one of those loud obnoxious types that didn't have an indoor voice, laughed about his friend who'd have to sit it out since he had been drinking.

"The big thing is starting?", Elena exclaimed, remembering her skim of the camp schedule, sort of...a little groggy. "Hope we didn't miss the starting. Um... we don't have a team, maybe we can find Michelle.", Elena said while allowing Sylvia to drag her out quickly. She

Sylvia stopped for a second when she remembered about the team thing, "oh yeah... Welp, everyone is likely getting weapons anyways, so he should be where everyone else is! To that building!" She pointed at the building where the crowds were and continued dragging the bunny girl along. Due to the fact it was night, her contact lens were glowing a bit, so if anyone didn't notice the vivid yellow color before, they know about it now.

"Wow, I didn't know they glowed, that's so cool.", Elena called to Sylvia as they ran. She was panting a little, she wasn't used to running, especially not in dress shoes. She was glad she remembered to leave the high heels at home.
//how far away is the other building

Sylvia giggles, "Thanks! The good 'furry' versions of what I had in mind was too pricey, so I wanted to make sure I got every other detail right. It was a bit hard finding them, but I think it was worth it." [Happy smile goes here]

"Well line looks like it'll take a while.", Elena said, she smiled, but the bunny head hid it. "So, how are ya enjoying camp so far?"

The two of them were behind so at the back of the line more or less.

Sylvia lets out a sigh when she sees the line, but perked up a bit when Elena continued to make small talk, "It's fun, its rare enough for me to play DnD in the real world, everyone is friendly annnd this is going to be the first time doing this LARP game, what's not to love?"

"And the fine wenches...", Elena slurred, "Um...I mean's been a long time since I was able to do a larp." She could feel the two drinks she had acting up...Perhaps it was one too many.

Fort 1:
Fort 2:
[-1 to dex and Wis]

"You okay?" the guy behind her asked.

"Yeah I'm goodful, greatful even...", Elena said with equal eloquence.

"Have you been drinking?"

"Only a lil, nothing major.", Elena said

"They might not let you play," her companion said.

"Aww, that's unfortunate. Do they have a breathlyzer up there?", she asked.

"They've got the guy who sold the stuff. He's got a steel trap memory," someone else muttered.

"Aww...", Elena sighed, she recalled the other times she was barred from playing, but she was much more drunk then, she figured just two drinks wouldn't be too bad.

Sylvia lightly hits Elena upside the head with a bit of worry on her face, "What are you doing drinking before the game?? You were going to be one of my teammates too!" She groans sadly.

"I'm not drunk, they should still let me play.", Elena protested.

Sylvia could only hope after how she talked, considering what the others said, "I hope so..."

"Maybe a little bit buzzed earlier with Michelle, but I should be fine now.", she said to Sylvia.

Sylvia merely sighed, "We'll find out when we get there..."

"Guess there's nothing I can do then...", Elena sighed sadly. "I guess I'll cheer you on then, if I can't join in." Then again she did care more about outfits than bashing people upside the head with foam bats.

The line kept moving, and eventually, Sylvia and Elena got to the head of the line and had their turn with one of the weaponmasters.

Sylvia shook off the potental fact that Elena wasn't going to play awhile ago and was looking at everything, "So what's left? Any... lets see... daggers or short swords? Don't want to try using anything too big since I've never done this before." needless to say, she looked happy.

Elena peered over at the weapons. "So I can take one of these on the larp?", she asked, "Hmm...probably daggers...just a set of daggers."

"Ah tu tu!" someone said. It was the bar keeper and he was pointing a finger at Elena. "You heard the rules. No one who's had a drink is going out."

"Oh that, I'm not drunk or anything...And those drinks were a while ago.", she said sheepishly. Just her luck, drinking before the rules were doled out.

"Less than two and you know it," he said. "No go."

The weaponmaster (name tag identified her as Susan) recovered from the minor distraction. "A long sword might be better for your first time. It has a better reach and is easier to guard with than the shorter one."

"I had only one drink today, I'm fine, honest.", Elena said.

"Two glasses," he said blandly.

Sylvia smiled nervously at what was going on, "Umm, how strong are those drinks anyways?" Sylvia, being one who dislike the bitterness of alchoal, didn't drink any of those, but she knew the ones she tried a year ago didn't have THAT much alchoal in it.

"It's a safety issue. We are going around swinging weapons, foam or not, at each other," Susan said. "And it's dark. THe chances of twisted ankles are bad enough without someone half drunk out their."

"I'm not even half drunk", Elena sighed, "If that was the case, I'm just curious, why serve alcohol at the pre-party.", Elena asked, "Alas, are there activities for people who aren't doing the evening larp?"

"There are, you can ask back at the barn, but it's rude to hold up the line," Susan said.

"Fine, well, have fun batgirl she called to Sylvia.", Elena sighed dejectedly and walked past Susan. "I guess I'll see you tonight back at the tents, see if you can bring along our new friend Michelle.", Elena said a few parting words to Sylvia.

Sylvia sighed a little as well, "Aww... see ya Ele." With that she looks back at Susan, "Hmm... ya sure? I have a bit of a 'finesse' with martial arts, so... wait, would my natural dexterity even translate well to using a weapon or am I thinking in DnD due to this party? Maybe I should get a longsword and have a dagger as a backup, hmm..." Sylvia said with a cute pouty expression.
//...Yellow! XD

"Have you decided?" Susan asked Syliva before rummaging through the crate and pulling out a long sword and dagger. "That will be 7 points."

Sylvia blinked when Susan suddenly pulled out the two weapons she said in her idle rambling, but was honestly happy that she helped speed this up a little, "...Yep, that'll work!" With that word of comfirmation, she hands Susan her card.

Susan took the card and added the adjusted figure to it before handing it back. "You can head around back now. The carts that are taking all the players out into the fields are waiting."

"Okay~ Thanks!" With that bit of cheerfulness out of the way, she eagerly grabs everything and runs on over... although she DOES need to find a team... well, nothing a few diplomacy checks cant solve!

When she got around, There were two carts left and people mingling around. Look! Potention minions to use as step stools to greater glory! I mean, team mates.

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Chapter One: A Normal Adventure

Post by Greycat on Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:05 am

[At the Barn]
Elena dejectedly began walking back to the barn. She was upset over not getting to play but what can you do. She might as well find something else to do this evening.

Elena Perception(On the way back):

There were a few other people hanging around. Not all of them were upset about it, since some hadn't planned on taking part anyway, not up to tramping about in the brush and across fields at night. Some of the people were not into LARPing at all, in any case. This party was about more than that anyway. Back in the barn, those that remained, probably half of the eighty or nightly people attending, were still getting their grub one. A few others had pulled out card or board games. In one corner, they had the works of a Warhammer game set up and ready to go.

Elena decided to check out the board games. Surely she could join one of those. Or if there were tabletop rpg stuff starting up soon. Alas no that she could see. Though they did have Warhammer, though she never played that.

It was the typical stuff. Risk, Clue, Civilization, Cards Against Humanity. She did pass a table where an enthusiastic gaggle of folk were handing out cards larger than playing cards and scribbling some stuff on a dry erase board and setting up some figurines amidsts laughter.

Elena had seen most of the other stuff already, but the people sitting around with oversized cards and a dry erase board. This she hadn't seen before. "Hey, what's this?", she asked them.

"It's a game we're beta testing. DnD meets Civilization meets Warhammer meets Empire," one guy said. He seemed to be the DM or whatever the equivalent was in this game. As the others sorted their cards, he started making scribbles, quickly sketching out a crude map.

"Sounds does it work?", Elena asked.

"It's pretty much... what an epic level does after he retires," another player said, checking his cards. "A conquer and hold thing." He held up his cards. "Some of these are like feats, some are spells or martial techniques based on archetype. You start controlling one city and spread out. Tokens are different classes of minions with different strengths."
//this is literally a game I came up with a few days ago and still working out.

"Sounds interesting...hmm...if you guys haven't started yet can I join in?", Elena asked.

"Sure I guess. Characters break down based on archetype and have less customization than regular classes, mostly being history fluff. Arcane, Divine, or Martial?"

"Arcane then...well it's more a board game...more accessible than true dnd.", Elena said to him.

He shuffled through the papers. "Let see... learned, as in wizard and such that has more spells to select from, but only the ones picked each turn, or spontaeous that has less but can use any any turn?"

"Um..what...can you speak full sentences...I'm confused right now.", Elena said.

"That was a full sentence," he laughed. "There are two tracks for Arcane magic. The Learned Path or the Inate. Learn are wizards and sages and the like. They get more spell cards, but have to set them one turn in advance. Basically, at the end of your first turn, you select spells you can use on your second. Inates are more like sorcerers and warlocks. They only have a few spell cards, but can cast whichever one they want." He explained a bit more, but before he was finished, the barn shook with the rumble of thunder.

"Sounds cool, I think I'll try the learned path.", Elena said, "Wait what's that sound....thunder perhaps...maybe a storm's coming." She walked up to the window to see if there was a storm.

//just move down to the end

[For those listening]----

"Come one Belligerent One, we got us some points to win!" Miles grinned at Denis.

Denis grumbled "Are they serious about "no drinks" part? First they sell drinks there, then they say that you must be as sober as a 17 years old virgin. Awesome." he said "...I guess I don't have a choice yeah?"

"Would you get off that one already. Jeez. You're like an old lady about it," Miles said, thrusting Denis before him in the direction of the doors. "Tell you, we ever end up in a place where 17 isn't underage, I'll buy you a drink."

Denis was a bit grumpy as he was pushed but as Miles mentioned the other part he started moving a bit more on his own and replied "Really? Taking your word on it, even if such places don't exist today."

"Just nod and accept. In the very least it's your first legal drink free," Miles said.

Denis nodded as he was told to and asked "Think we should gather some people for our army?"

"I dunno... smaller group is stealthier... and they do limit team size..." Miles said thoughtfully. "You do archery, right?"

"Yes... They actually allow bows in here?" Denis said "What is the group size? Smaller than our 24 man band that we managed to gather up for dat "orgy monday"?"
//Orgy Monday is term that is used to referr to Dat Monday only by Denis because he's virgin like that

"I told you not to call it that..." Miles groaned. "But anyway... much. Something like five man teams. We do have to find three different colours. It's more like scouting parties than a war group. And they managed to source foam tipped arrows. Bit cumbersome, but way better than the bags of bird seed they were using before."

"Curious... Just don't aim in the eye with them, eh?" Denis replied "But well, it's better to have five people than two. Even though you are awesome. Except when you are not. Still, need more people."

"The things have heads about five inches across. When I said 'a bit' I mean 'a lot'. Still cooler. And more realistic," Miles said. He's always been the voice for 'tossing bags made achery too easy' in those discussions. "But since you refuse to follow the 'two cats sneaking though the night' idea..."

"Cats would take the credit and spoils while their minions would fall. It's that simple. Do they give out bows there by the way? I think if I'd bring my own it'd kill someone even without sharpened arrowheads" Denis chuckled.

"Yeah, they have a few..." Miles said, looking around. "Hey!" he yelled suddenly, spying someone familiar. "My good buddy MITCH!"

"Yes Miles..." Daniel deadpanned, not even bothering. "What do you want?" As though it couldn't get any worse...

"What? Not trying anymore? That's no fun," Miles said, pulling on a sad face.

"Hey Dan." Denis said "Got yourself a pair of boobies, I see. You were sexier when flat, honestly."

"Why bother? People already know." Daniel shrugged and sighed, then looked at him confused. "Ummm... thanks?"

"Notice how unsurprised he is?" Miles said, pointed a thumb at Denis. "You'd think he's be more animated about your cross dressing."

"Exactly. Everyone already knows. Why bother hiding it now?" Daniel shrugged. "Least I told people of my devientart account."

"Wait you bothered hiding it? Seriously? You know how bassy your voice is? I don't believe anyone would fall for that" Denis said with a grin, hidden under his mask. "Anyway, you want to be our resident sorcorer (or witch, looking at your suit) in our scouting party?"

"Not even gonna humour me for a minute, huh?" Daniel asked. "But sure. Might as well. Just so long as SOMEONE here keeps his snark to himself." He shot a dirty look to Miles, which was invisable under the mask.

"Blasphemy! Snark is a gift you share with all!" Miles said with much ado. "But seriously, you in? We wanna get going before they start. That's a whole 20 points to the grand prize."
[grand prize is a share of a donation pool to the highest point getters]

Denis growled "So I don't count as snark? I tried hard, you know." he remarked.

"I did say 'might as well'." Daniel deadpanned.

"Excellent!" Miles said, following the crowd to the building next door to the barn. "Three enough or do you still want to get more?"

"Well we could bring in everyone. More eyes means more chances to find the things." Daniel pointed out.

"We can have only five. I am working poorly in every group bigger than four." Denis replied "Also splitting up is not a good idea, and having more than three pair of eyes at the same time isn't going to be worse than four or five. Unless we have time"

"Who said anything about splitting up?" It's night. It's gonna be hard enough to find other teams as it is, much less looking for each other at the same time," Miles said. "Oh, who's gonna be keeper?"

"Since you're taking charge, you might as well." Daniel shrugged.

"Sure... give the guy half a foot taller than everyone else the job to keep it..." Miles said blandly. "Still... might be better than the two guys in fursuits..."

"Yeah, at least you'd see stuff coming..." Denis said.

"And considering people want to sneak up on me, I really doubt I'd be good at being a keeper."

"If you two get me killed so help me..." Miles muttered.

"Of course. I have a bow! Surprise attacks!" Denis replied

"If you get killed, then I have a feeling the courts are going to get involved and they'll have lots more problems." Daniel pointed out.

"You don't have a bow yet," Miles countered. "Meh. I suppose if I get killed everyone loses. Never let the keeper die. He's like the cleric. Just... without any healing spells... Oh, and no. They aren't using the magic module in this game. Straight skirmish."

"No magic? Okay... Hey, let's hustle then, I want to grab that bow!" Denis said, increasing his speed.

"lovely." Daniel said, looking at his costumed feet. He wasn't sure how fast he could go, and had stumbled a few times as he had moved. "Really hope I can do a scout role..." he muttered.

"Sneak and destroy, then grab the prize," Miles said in a sing song voice.

"Sounds like a plan" Denis said, feeling a bit excited.

"Right behind you," Daniel said smiling.

"Hey, it's my job to be behind guys!" Denis replied.

Since Miles was in the know, he managed to get the trio near the head of the line of people getting their supplies. So it didn't take long to get to one of the guys manning the table. "Hail and salutations, Fredric! I am Lord Milesor of Keith, Keeper of the Blinking Star. These are men." Miles gestures lightly with his left hand. "Den the archer and Lady Mitch of Daniels."
//THESE ARE MEN! "No I am not!"~Daniel

Daniel rolled his eyes, hidden under the mask, though looked at some of the others, wondering who really had caught on. He still waved to the crowd.

Denis waved his hand as he was mentioned. "Can I have a bow?"

Fredric, who's name was really Fred, grinned. "Hello to you too Miles. And sure. Equipment cost points, just so you know."

"Right... forgot about that," Miles sad, snapping his fingers.

"Everyone starts with 100 points from begining to end. Each kill is one point, winning is 20. The Bow cost ten points. Comes with ten arrows. Swords are 5, greatswords 8, daggers 2, spears 6, sheilds 4..." he listed them off.

"I believe the keeper really might need a shield and a pokey pokey spear." Denis said "Dibbs on bow'n'dagger"

"I'm a very proactive keeper. Short sword and dagger for me. Two of the latter actually," Miles said. "That's... 9 off my points right?"

"6. Short sword is 4. Less reach, and only two weapons," Fred said, gathering things.

Denis poked Daniel with his free hand "Your choice, Midan?"

Seeing that Daniel would have to take on his female voice again, he did so. "Longsword, please." He said. Wolf folk were known for being strong instead of fast like fox folk. Okami, kitsune, wolf and fox folk. Same thing, different names.

"That's five points off your total," Fred said. "Cards please," Fred said, taking them and marking the detracted value down in the grid on the back.
[lets just say you were all given cards.]
Miles: Foam Dagger [def+1], short sword [def+2]
Denis: Bow, Arrowx10, dagger [def+1]
Mitch: Longsword [def+3]

Denis took out his card and glanced at the amount of people behind him, wondering if these extra weapons would be enough to equip everyone who wants to do the play.

"So we are armed, where to from here?" Miles questioned.

"When you are, O Fearless Leader." Daniel said, temporarily having his accent take on a very (intentionally) bad female Russian accent. In his mind, it was a homage. He fully expected a punch comming from Denis.

"I was asking Sir Fredric," Miles laughed.

"Don't worry, they've got some carts hitched to vans and will be ferrying people to one of four dispatch points. From there, you work your way back here." He handed Miles one of the bottles. "They should be waiting around back."

[NixP]Denis chuckled at the accent, as a dude doing this one, even with great voice control, would sound like a dude always "What a bass laiddy" he just replied, making word "laddy" sound a bit like "lady" and vice versa. "I guess we should go"

Daniel didn't respond. At least he was trying. and when he played back recordings of himself (thanks to Audacity), he thought he sounded girly enough. Not like a girly girl, but enough to be professional and somewhat close to his original intent for Vivian.

And off to the back they went, were they were a few pick ups with flat beds, probably what they used to carry some of the stuff here in the first place. People were already staking claims to spots to sit for the ride out.

Daniel looked to Miles. "We traveling together?" He asked.

"It is a part of the concept of a 'team', you know," Miles said with a slight quirk tugging at the corner of his mouth.

"Hey, I've never done this before, I dunno what's going on." Daniel shrugged.

"How do I teamwork" Denis muttered and then checked his bow "O well, I hope arrows won't deviate from my intended targets by more than fifty degrees..."

"aren't you good at archery?" Daniel probed.

"This is a low power bow with foam arrows. I don't think it'd be reliable with such set up past ten meter distance" Denis replied

"Now, now, Denis... this is a larp, not a killing field," Miles admonished. Then he paused thoughfully. "Okay... I suppose it is a killing field... but not actually killing. Just imposing the title of 'killed' on someone."

"Yep. Still I'd probably blame my bow on my misses. Or myself..." he said.

"Because the darkness would have nothing to do with it," Miles said. He hopped up on the trailer bed and snaked his legs through the rope rails they had rigged up. He did a quick head count of the number of people their "More than thirty... lovely assortment of targets."

"This can't be safe..."Daniel muttered. "Or legal." He siad, but till complied and held on for good measure, just to be sure he didn't fall out.

"If it is illegal, Midan, so is paintball," Denis replied, staring at the people.

"What? Never went went on a wagon ride on a farm before?" Miles asked, folding his long legs beneath him. "Or ridden in the back of someone's pick up? Such a sheltered life, Mitch..."

"No. never, because so far as I know it's illegal." Daniel said. "And yep. For the most part, I'm a pretty boring guy."

"In Manitoba, yes. Ontario? No," Miles said. "But you can walk if you want. We'll probably start before you can get there, but if that's the price you want to pay for being unadventurous Mitch, who am I to stop you?"

Daniel muttered something and settled for enuring that he wouldn't go flying if they hit anything.

Denis meanwhile chuckled at both of them and just waited for them to reach the destination.

[moving on though we should see Sylvia, Fen's taking too long]
Their ride, pulled by a large Ram owned by one of the staffs, set off as one of the first to leave, taking its passengers down the somewhat rough dirt road. Not enough to toss people like a certain Mitch was worried about, but enough that conversation wasn't the wisest idea. Not after someone swore when a bump made them bite their tongue.

A few minutes seemed to pass before they pulled into a cleared spot in the field. The grass was high and over grown, as was the harvest that was left to go wild. The driver hopped out.

Daniel hopped off, thankful that nothing bad had happened. He was thankful that he was outside now as well since he could probbaly stand to be in his costume longer now. With the cold air, the fursuit would be a pretty good set of winter gear. Totally enclosed too so no cold air could bite at his face.

"Used to be a corn field," he said as people started climbing off. "Now, they've gotten too old to tend it, and use it for events like ours. And corn mazes."

"It's purty. I like this place." Denis stated, looking around. He kinda liked abandoned places, there was some... charm... yeah, that's the word. They had some charm.

"I'm going to give you some last minute instructions. You're basically making your way back to the barn. They'll have the beacon light going so you can see which way. When you are dead, play fair and stay down." He was pulling a pile of what looked like chem light sticks. "When you're down, break these. Only people with sticks are counted as fair players. If you don't turn your in, lit or not, you'll be penalized."

"Seems reasonable" Denis said, grabbing a light stick "Huh, now that's why all these shiny furry dongs appear in art..." he muttered, glancing at it.

The man hading them out pretended he wasn't close enough to overhear that. Miles, who was also close enough, gave Denis a dope slap.
//Can I have a reflex roll to dodge? XD
//Probably vs Ac
//Meh, hits.

"Ow." Denis said "What was that for?"

Sylvia heard it as well since she wanted to be close enough to hear all the instructions due to this being her first time, so she decides to answer for the guy who hit him upside the head, "For saying something perverted in public of course!" Sylvia replied as she cheerfully grabs a glowstick and pockets it, "Sooo, who needs an extra teammate? Promise I wont bite ya!" Sylvia happily asked as she accidentally shown off a just a bit too much of her vivid yellow glow in the dark contacts and fake fangs. Perception, close range hearing: 14 Diplomacy: 9
//DC would have been 15 for a whispered thing, and Sylvia was to be with another group, but you know what? It doesn't matter...

Three's already a crowd, was what ran through Miles' mind, but decided not to say anything mroe out loud and settled for retreating with his glow stick.

Daniel looked back and forth, then followed Miles, keeping a death grip on his glowstick. He tried keeping his eyes and ears open, but his costume was really good at softening the sounds and blocking his vision.
Perception: 6

Denis glanced at Sylvia. "You guys really are sensitive about such stuff, huh." he muttered "Whatever. That'll bring us up to four... Miles' idea of super sneeky operation won't work."

Sylvia giggled a little and held onto her weapons, "Na, I wasn't really sure what you said, I just went with what Miles did." [insert Denis' comment here] Sylvia smiled at that, "Hey, this might be my first time, but I can pull that off! ...Usually."

"Ixnay on the Eaky-snay 'round the eople-pay," Miles hissed at Denis.

The sky, which had been slowly getting overcast as clouds rolled in (they promised a dry night anyway) suddenly lit up as a small ball of fire rocketed into the sky and exploded in yellow spaks. The site manager for there start point had them scatter the moment the first yellow fire work was set off. "Go! Go! Go! You have two minutes to scramble before the second shot signals the start of combat! Have fun!"

Daniel saw that and looked to Miles, not sure what he was supposed to do. He wasn't good under pressure but he just settled for staying close until he knew what Miles was doing.

First round
Heroes Search Stealth Perception
Kitonabus rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 1
Kitonabus rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 10
Kitonabus rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 13

Others Search Stealth Perception
Kitonabus rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 18
Kitonabus rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 4
Kitonabus rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 7

Despite the represented species of tibbit and cat and wolf and bat being good at stealth, the people dressed up at them didn't and lumbered about like a drunk elephant and looked around just at clearly. At least they were paying somewhat more attention. At least the first team that spotted them were just as elephantine and drunk and make a total hash of sneakign and got spotted.

"Crap! Weapons my guard! To Arms!" Miles yelled.

Denis grabbed the bow and quickly placed an arrow on the string, preparing to fire. "Shouldn't have yelled, Miles" Denis muttered.

Daniel drew the longword and kept his head on a swivel to find where the attackers were. "Well they know where we are now." Daniel muttered, the words being swollowed by his suit.
Perception: 5...

Sylvia was trying to play it stealthy at first, but after a few moments of watching her team sneak around about as well as a big drunk elepant, she decided to just walk along with weapons in hand. When Miles yelled out their enemies and thus alerted pretty much everyone nearby, she quickly got into a combat stance, "That they do Danny. Hope you guys can fight better then you can sneak around!" Granted, while Sylvia has some Martial Arts going for her, the transition from that to a sword is bound to be different.
Perception: 21

Inits please.

Miles [23], NPC 1,2,3,4 [19,18,16x2], Sylvia [14], Den [13], NPCK [8], Daniel [4]
[url=]Miles' Initiative: 23[/url
Guard, Guard, Guard, Guard: 19, 18, 16, 16
Denis Initiative: 13
Sylvia's Initiative: 14
Keeper: 8 Guard=16, Guard=16, Guard=18, Guard=19, Keeper=8
Daniel: 4
//I am regretting not going with a shortsword and shield already XD
//you poor child.

Miles was a very proactive keeper and charged in, swinging his sword at the closer on with a yell of passion. "Charge Men! For the Tibbit empire of Keith!"
Attack (1d20+1=Cool

The one Miles attacked was caught off guard and fumbled his own counter strike as off balance as he was with avoiding the short sword.
Attack (1d20=7)

The other three charged at the rest of the gaurds.
Attack (1d20=11, 1d20=3, 1d20=17)
[Roll a D20 Yellow]

"Yeah, an empire that enslaves the mighty Okami!" Daniel retorted with his female voice, managing to repell one attack, but got hit by the other two.
Presuming flat roll, 10

"I got ya!" Sylvia yelled and jumped at the closest guard that attacked Daniel with her longsword, only to somehow miss. It was either the darkness (which she was pretty sure her eyes adjusted to already), or simply not being used to the weapon's reach.
Move action: toward nearest enemy treatening Daniel
Sylvia, longsword attack: 13 Miss

"Oh snap," Denis yelled and fired an arrow stepping back if anyone was close. He aimed for the nearest foe, just so he won't get too damn close.

Move action: 5ft step.
Denis Attack: 21
1d20=1 He swore at the arrow hit him solidly. "Damn! And I just started..." sulking, he dropped to the ground, playing dead.
//I'm basically tossing in MM rules to determine if it was a clean hit (read dead)

The keeper held back, and after seeing Den take out one of his guards, tossed a dagger at him.
Denis Mystery (Dodge) roll: 16
//What distance he is at? They get range increment penalty after... 10 ft, no? And they are cardboard and shiz. Not that if it matters with Den's roll XD


Daniel, knowing he seemed to be drawing a fair bit of fire, decided to strike at one of the guards that was already weakened. He slashed with the mock longsword, but due tothe akwardness of his fursuit, he was almost certain to not hit.
attack: 8
//Wait, weakened? Isn't all the damage here OHKO?
//It's yellow. Just smile and nod.
//You should have totally had that dude say "What the hell, I am down already!"

Miles darted in with his sword, making a rather flamboyant and flashy swing that had about as likely a chance to hit as... well... a metaphor about a fly and stealing a grape might be apt, but the scale is a bit... either way, he missed.
Attack (1d20+1=3)

The guards, on the other hand, decided that they didn't have to waste time on the Retainers of Keith with the Keeper himself was right there. Thank the all spark their swings were only somewhat better than Miles', meaning they still missed. Though... one did swish awefully close.
Attack (1d20=6, 1d20=12, 1d20=7)
"Jobs people! JOBS!" Miles yelped.


Denis growled, and knew that he could take simple potshots at the people that attacked their keeper, but at the same time he knew he could take a hard, but so rewarding shot to get rid of 4 people at once. And he wanted a revenge for that thrown dagger. So he aimed and fired at the enemy keeper...

Denis Attack: 21 (crit?)
Keeper Down

Sylvia was somewhat confused what Miles said, but soon remembered that they were considered 'guards'... whoops, "Ack, cut me some slack, I'm new to this!" She quickly switches her dagger to her main hand and the longsword to her offhand and charges at one of the offending enemies, figuring that if the reach of the longsword felt a bit awkward, then the short reach of a dagger should be more at home to her Martial Arts classes. Just more stabby then punchy. Of course newbie nerves started to kick in and she was focusing more on protecting herself instead of the VIP, although dagger found the back of its target all the same. this round.

The keeper swore more vehemently than his guard and obligingly bent his stick to set it glowing.
[Victory music here]


Daniel whooted in joy, his voice dropping back down to his normal tone, before catching himself, pretending to cover it up with a coughing fit. He looked to the others, then the keeper. "Better luck next time, huh?"

The keeper scowled at them, but tossed his bottle over at Daniel anyway. "Probably shouldn't have tried for such an early kill..."

"Woot! Spoils of war!" Miles said. "And, it you don't mind, me and mine will be making our leave, before you guys have a change to recover from the death of two of your comrades and try for retaliation. Oh, by the way," Miles snagged the dagger and longsword that the two dead guys had. He tossed the sheild at Damitch. "The dead have no need for weaponry."

One of the guards laughed, but the keeper and the other fallen one looked less than pleased, thinking about the points lost in battlefield claims.

Denis chuckled quietely and picked up the pair of arrows he fired, placing them back in quiver and then took the dagger that was thrown at him from the ground. "Let's roll. Maybe the others'd figure out that we are a better target now." Denis suggested, looking around.

"Yeah, yeah," Miles said, snagging the bottle from Damitch. "Let's see," he said as he peeked inside. A small red LED winked at him. "Epic. We are golden! Well... bronze. Silver actually. Yep, silver."
Current: Green, Red. Missing: Blue.

The sky above them continued to cloud over, blocking out the stars and a chill started to ride the winds that drifted across the farmland, if somewhat stronger than earlier in the day. Miles looked up and grinned. "Cover of darkness. Nice. Hey! Group name for us: uncoming storm."

"Should't that be 'Oncoming Storm'?" Daniel asked, still glad that he was wearing the fursuit. The cold air wasn't hindering him to much. In fact, he was getting more then a little uncomfortable again. With the shield in hand, he felthis chances of getting through this improve. At least he wouldn't get one shotted... hopefully.

"Either or. Onward!"

Denis shrugged and went onwards, looking around.

The game went on, and it took them a while to find the next group, and this time they managed to sneak up on them, a combination of three people sneaking up from one side and Den's arrows from behind took out the Keeper before the battle really started. It was another red, unfortunately, so it wasn't enough for them. Still, two kills. Unfortunately, the winds had kicked up to something feirce and the cluods were heavy. The first flash of lighning was sudden and unexpected. And the rumble of thunder was immediate, and seemed to rattle the trees. It didn't take long for the flare of emergency end to go off.

At this point Sylvia had a semi-decent style going on with using the longsword to block and the dagger to make actual attacks. It might seem a bit flipped to some people but it works for her. She was honestly enjoying herself until it started to rain and a gust of wind sent a chill through her. She looks up at the sky with a very confused look on her face; the weather app said it wasn't going to be like this, "...Why?"

"What the..." Miles said as the first heavy drops of rain started falling from the heavens. "Looks like it's time to call it quits," he said, pointing at the fading remnants of the fireworks in the sky. "Weatherman lied again."

"Damn." Daniel said, thankful they were alone so he didn't have to keep using the female voice. "And we were doing so well too."

Miles, meanwhile, meditated one the mind muddling matter about the measures of rain falling on them. "Okay... that's weird..." He held out a hand and let the heavy drops splash on it.

Daniel didn't feel the droplets as the rain was just starting. Instead, he only noticed when he saw the effects on the others and heard a few drops hitting his suit. "Awww crapola... This is gonna suck... This thing's going to be a pain in the ass to dry..." He grumbled and picked up his pace, wanting to stay with his group, but to get inside quickly. "What's weird though?"
//he didn't hear it hitting the suit?
//that too I suppose.
//Now have to wait for Nix... or you could comment about Miles' comment ^^
//okay lol.

"Huh, weather is a fickle thing..." Denis said and looked around and grumbled as one of the droplets hit him yet again.
//roll notice.

"It's... warm," Miles said, confused.

"Rain can be i guess... I mean if we were in the tropics. I'll take your word for it though." Daniel said, not wanting to get wet inside as well as outside. "Can't say that's good for me though considering it's like an oven in here already..."

"It... Is... Surprisingly warm, indeed..." Denis said "Curious anomaly..."

Sylvia, the cheerful one of the group, was actually kinda quiet as she looks up at the stormy sky, "Huh. Anyone else think there's something wrong with this picture? I don't think rain is supposed to be warm here..."

"And they call me paranoid," Denis replied to Sylvia with a smirk

Sylvia kept looking at the sky for a small moment longer before looking at Denis, "What? You dont see it? Sudden unkown thunder storm, crazy wind, warm rain? Something crazy mondo insane is about to happen!" She wore a 'we're all doomed!' face for a good second before bursting out laughing, "I'm just kidding! But you have to admit the warm rain is strange at this time of the year."

"Warm rain in october is weird. Very, even," Miles said

"But not unheard of." Daniel said, getting very warm inside his suit. "Geah, dammit..." He grumbled and removed the suit head, reflexivly wiping the sweat off his brow with a gloved hand, getting his forehead even more wet since the paws were getting wet too. "Phew... Next time Miles, if I ever suggest something like this for a costume again, I want you to hit me. Hard."
fort check to see how hot it is in there: 12

Miles' punched Daniel.

"Ow! What was that for?" Daniel said.

"I've seen weirder shit, Syl, like snowfall midsummer outa blue, so I still think you are overreacting. Cmon, hurry up, we need to get to cover!" Denis replied

Sylvia gives Denis a look before moving at the same pace as the rest of the group to where ever we're going for cover from the rain, "Hey I was just having fun when I said that. And Miles agrees with the warm rain thing! If I'm overreacting then so is he."

"No need to get defensive," Denis replied "Sheesh"

"You asked for it," Miles said. "Warm rain is weird."

"I said if i ever have an idea like this AGAIN." Daniel said, rubbing his shoulder. "You got one hell of a punch though."

By the time they made their way back to the barn, they were ordering people back to their tents to take shelter from the storm.

Daniel took cover inside his own tent. Rain pounded on the top of it by now and Daniel sighed. His fursuit was soaked and he could feel the rain going through it and onto him. Grumbling, he set the head aside and began to take off the fursuit and laid it out on the floor of the tent where it could hopefully dry. His socks went to the side as well. Making sure no one was going to sneak up on him, he switched clothes too, setting the wet clothes aside, again to dry as well.

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Chapter 2: Everything Changes

Post by Greycat on Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:10 am

The Storm
It had grown into a full fledged storm, and people were starting to question the wisdom of takign refuge in little tents out in a forest during such a story. The howling of the wind was drowning out anything else aside from the roar of the rain around the tents as it beat against the fabrics. Miles for one was huddled in in his tent reading by flashlight, looking up ever so often as the storm went on.

A series of cracks as bolts hit the ground rapidly. For a moment, in a select few tents, small items forgot how gravity worked and started to drift upwards. Depending on what they were doing, the effect might not have been immediately obvious, it was something you would notice. If not that, then the walls of the tents suddenly lit from the outside would count.

Being struck by lightning is not a pleasant experience. Searing pain as the current of the earth and sky used the body as an impromptu conduit. Images flashing through the mind, lights and sounds that couldn't be worldy.

And then...

Chapter 2: Everything changes

Though blackness came first. An all consuming blackness, numbness drifting in the darkness. [roll perception]. It was like the eye of a storm and those moments were fleeting. Searing light returned and the complete and sourceless pain as if somewhere were ripping them apart atom by atom, surrounded by sreams [roll a perception DC 25 here] and soundless terror, formless shapes hurdling around them at dizzying speeds before each person was slammed into the ground with what mentally seemed like bone breaking force, there belongings scattered around them haphazardly, tents somehow still standing.

The storm was still going, but it was rapidly blowing itself out, the wind's howling cutting down, the beating of the rain on the material of the tents slowing ever so slightly and the rumbling of the thunder getting weaking, the flashes of lightning not so bright.

Miles lay gasping under a pile of his bags, blanket, toys and even the bicycle. What the hell was that? Near death experience? Did he get hit by lightning or something? Jeeze... he really need to stop reading Harry Dresden before bed. That was one serious nightmare. He fell out of his bed, and he wasn't even in a bed. It didn't even make sense. He was reading about pooka and zombies. Okay... maybe that was the Dark Hallow thing. Screaming souls, formless shapes moving too fast to see anything anyway. And damn it hurt. Things didn't normally hurt that much in dreams.
Perception checks 24, 18

Not to mention that little bit about floating in darkness and seeming to look out from within himself, or an image of himself, other people floating around him with a double image around them. Sorta looked like the costumes they wore to the party. Then the sreaming gallery... He shuddered and tried to get up. Okay... were his stuff always that heavy?

He struggled against it for a while before something hit him. Were they always that big? His tent suddenly seemed a whole lot bigger than he remembered. For that matter... so did his clothes. He managed to worm his way from under the stuff. Okay... something was seriously wrong here. His tent, which had previously only fit his lank when he lay out diagonally in relation to the entrance now seemed too big for him.

He stared around blankly, too big clothes hanging off him like a kid who decided to put on his father's clothes for fun; shirt bearly hanging from is neck, the long sleeves dangling past his arms and looking more like a frock, which was a good thing since his pants were falling off. And his shoes.

Elena returned to her tent quickly after the camp staff sent them all back. By the time she had returned her bunny headpiece was wet but not intolerable. Her tights were wet but thankfully she herself seemed mostly dry. She went to bed still wearing everything after all once she had semi dried the headpiece it would have been fine. She awoke with a start her tent now a big mess. But it seemed the storm had passed. She cautiously tried to remove the bunny headpiece only to gind that it had somehow shrunk in in the night. Strange. She tried again to find it tight...and she was certain she didn't use rabbit fur to sew it. She had the strangest dream, perhaps her tolerance for booze had diminished since last month. Maybe if she was drunk she could better understand those images...and yet...she didn't even have a hangover.

Perception: 1d20+6=25, 1d20+6=20
[Roll one: In the floating darkness, you see a double image. Double sensations like you were in two places at the same time. Around you, you see others, with an eye straining double image. Like a horrible 3D effect or two transparent layers on top of each other.
Roll two: there are countless voices screaming around you. Most in terror, some sounding perverse, some of them yours.]

Indeed, the images in her dream would make so much more sense if she was drunk, she tried to block it out. Regardless, there was something wrong with the headpiece. And yet, nothing was wrong, the headpiece even felt more comfortable than it did before, more natural in a sense. She felt her face again...still rabbit fur. She must be still dreaming, you know how you wake up in the middle of a dream but you're still in one...That must be it. She peered down to look over her body. More rabbit fur, in a creamy caramel color matching the tights she had wore the day before, her leotard was still in place, still the same one she had sewn tightly hugging her curves. She was human with odd features. She felt the top of her head, two long bunny ears. She yanked lightly on them and felt as if someone was pulling her hair. So she was a human with bunny ears, she squeezed her tail lightly, a tail and fur...She squealed in was rare that her dreams gave her exactly what she wanted. She felt fantastic.

Millions of mixed inputs and stuff like that, creepy voices and darkness and shiz, and then a knockdown. Denis used to get something like this in the end of his nightmares, except at the time he thought it couldn't get worse and force that slammed him in the ground wasn't his own body just spazzing for a moment.

If that was a nightmare, it was the king of all nightmares. Or queen. Or lord. Whatever. Denis groaned as he slowly pulled himself up a bit on his elbows. What the hell...

Denis groaned and grabbed his forehead with his hand. Goddamnit, what the hell happened... when did he even manage to take off his fursuit--

--wait, did he even take it off? Denis jolted into consciousness. Wait, no, he doesn't have a fursuit on him. He didn't take it off. He slowly gave himself a look. That was helluva fursuit, if it were one, and he couldn't remember himself being that good. He decided to tap his tail and yeah, it tapped the ground. No doubts left... He's a furry. And probably sleeping.

Definietely a better dream than the one that was a prelude. He can swear that he feels his spine hurt from that landing... Or maybe that's his imagination, he could never tell.

He felt curious now. Like having a voice deep in your mind that tells you to go out and look around. Buuut didn't know what exactly to explore, except than, heh, his body. So he started doing some things that you'd better not know.

Sylvia made a mad dash for her tent and was hoping that it will hold together and not cause her to get rained on, "Yeesh this is some crazy weather... oh well." She simply took out a book from her backpack to read a chapter before attempting to go to sleep. Before she was able to sleep though, she noticed various items, like her battary powered light pretending that gravity doesn't exist, "...Alright what's going on here. Is there a gh-" Before she could finish that sentence and tell off any supernatural sprits that were joking with her. The tent lit up and... well, pain.
Sylvia wasn't sure how to exactly describe it other then it was painful and left a tingling sensation through her. It stopped though and she looked at the pitched darkness only to see herself like some bad 3d effect. Before she could question it, the light came back and so did the pain. There was screaming everywhere, but the darkness made it impossible for her to know if the screams were someone else or if it came from her. She soon screamed for her brother to help, but even she knew that was a vain call; her brother was sick which was why he didn't came to the party. Something seemed to have answered her though and she 'fell' to the ground with what felt like a bone breaking thud.
Rolls: 15, 10
["You just see through your double image on the first check but you don't see anything in the VOID OF DARKNESS. You just hear screaming on the second"]

Sylvia slowly wakes up in her tent curled up into a ball... a nightmare? That was one hell of a freaking nightmare if it was, "Wow, that was one hell of a storm if I gotten that kind of nightmare... Can't remember the last time I got a nightmare." She slowly got up and stretched. She felt something very weird, yet natural on her shoulder blades, but shrugged it off as her wearing her wings when she went to... oh crap! She blinks a few times and felt nothing, "...oh, for a second there I thought I slept with the contacts in! That might have been bad, haha! ...where did I put the case though?" She shrugs them off for now and opens the tent.
[it's still raining some, and the place looks weird. Darkvision being black and white and all. Granted, it doesn't help you since it's not lowlight.]
//speaking of which what do I see with low light vision

Daniel moaned as he awoke from a strange nightmare of sorts. "No more screaming..." He grumbled and tried to roll over to go back to sleep. If any changes happened to him, he wasn't awhere of it. He just wanted to get more sleep. And didn't want to go outside after the pretty severe rainstorm. Or that's what he was going to do when he felt a lot of pressure on his tail and had to shift his weight some to let it floof out. It took him all of three seconds for that to click in and when he did, he bolted awake and let out a very feminine yelp.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" He yelled, looking over himself. He was covered in fur again! Still not thinking clearly, he tugged at his arms and felt the pain of skin being pulled on. "Oh god... What the hell is going on?" He asked and lept at the door... Forgetting to open it and sending the tent off it's anchoring to roll with the impact.
Perception: 13 and 16
new HP: 7+2=9, +8=17
[He tumbles over with much splashing into the wet, mucky and muddy ground. Lovely way to introduce him to fur care.]

Elena stumbled out of her tent, barefoot. The pads on her feet helped a bit, and she had the cutest tail. She wiggled her tail a little, whatever this was, it was awesome. Slowly she looked around.

Perception: mew77 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 19 +6 = 25
Look. Trees and bushes. It was still raining and the ground was muddy between her toes. In the sky, there are clouds. Lots of them. It's dark too. You might here Damitch's yelling. Oh, the ground around your tent is charred.

Miles stumbled from his tent. Literally. Between the ill-fitting shoes and the pants and boxers falling off him since his belt didn't cinch that tightly. Trying to make your way through a sodden forest floor holding up your pants with one hand and trying very hard not to loose your shoes wasn't a picnic. Oh, he also found he had a tail. It was twitching behind him at the moment. He tried not to think too hard about it.

After a while Den got bored of touching himself for the  sole purpose of feeling his fur. He mighr as well check up on others. He  got out of th 11:40 PM
Irbynx (Android): his cosy  sleepy place and looked around, seeing no one. Okay, that was bad. He  looked around for his backpack, grabbed it and decided to search for the  others. 11:41 PM
Irbynx (Android): Or other stuff. He wasn't sure what was going on.

Daniel yelped as he splattered face down into the mud, feeling something else on his chest. "Oh no... Nope. NO! NO FUCKING WAY!" He bolted up out of the mud, but not used to his new foot structure, he fell again, landing on his tail. He yelped in pain while his hands grabbed onto his *gulp* Breasts!? He yelled in pain as his claws sank into the tender new flesh. "This... this is just glue. It has to be glue! Some sick fuck put glue into my suit and put it back on me!"
[DC 10 for people to notice this yelling]
[Irbynx rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 3 [+5]. Maximum obliviousness. [+7] updated form stats, forgot to do that a day before. Now he can hear it, lol.]
[Φαιόςγαλῆ rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 10+9 19]

Sylvia exits the tent to find that her vision was... off, "umm... where did most of the color go?" As much as she wanted to question the lack of color in her vision, she heard the sound of a girl having glue problems. As worried as she was about her sight, she should check on the screaming one first. She had to admit though, everything on her felt weird, "I wonder whats going on..."

Perception check: hearing: 17+8-Shaken = overkill.

"Danny, are you done shouting yet?", Elena said to him. She walked over to roughly where Danny was, roughly, since it was still dark now and she could only see outlines of people. She just wanted to smack Daniel now for the shouting, what could be so surprising he needed to scream like...No offense brain...but scream like a girl

Daniel yelped like a wolf would and looked at Elena. His eyes adjusted easily to the light and he backpedeled, falling onto his tail again. "Get away you giant rabbit thing! Take whatever you want! don't hurt me!" He said, his voice having long since adapted a feminine tone.

"Giant rabbit?'s Elena, my fursuit's just gotten strangely tight...I shouldn't have slept with it still on, but it was late...and your voice is sweeter...much better acting than earlier...I'm still embarassed about yesterday.", she said to him, wait...he looked different...his suit looked even better dispite being covered in mud in this lack of lighting.

"E-Elena?" He asked, still trying to crawl away now. This had to be a trick. He was losing it.

"Wait...come to think of it...what are you doing in my dream?", Elena asked.

"More like a nightmare..." Daniel muttered and tried to pull his fursuit off. "OWW!" he barked, like a dog would.

"I'm more concerned about the actual rabbit fur I'm covered in, and this headpiece is tighter and feels great.", Elena said, "And wait...did you just bark Danny or should I call you Vivian?"

I'm hearing voices all around.  I'm hearing voices calling out.  What would they say?  What would it change? Song lyrics popped unbiddenly into Miles head as he stumbled about. They sounded like some female. Either way, voices meant people and people meant possible answer. Or, if this was just a dreamception moment, still meant interaction. So he plodded off in that direction.

"No!" Daniel said. "I'm Daniel!" He honestly wanted to ignore Elena now and check something, a sinking feeling in his gut.

"Um...ah nevermind, okay Daniel, there's no need to shout...I know it's you.", Elena said.

Daniel grunted something non commitial and his hand went to his inner thigh, knowing what he should feel there. Only... It wasn't. He felt the colour drain from his face as his hand pawed at his crotch. "OH FUCK NO! I'M A GIRL TOO!? WHY AM I A GIRL!?"

"Please, Danny there's no need to shout.", Elena sighed. For some reason she was more sensitive to noise. She also glimped him touching himself but wisely kept that to herself.

Elsewhere: Sylvia had no problems at all following the screamings, its almost as if her ears are more sensitive. It didn't help that she was able to feel the wind on her ears and fake wings... They are fake, right?

//....sowwy if Elena seems creepy that's because she kinda is...

"Oh! So I'm just supposed to casually accept the fact that I'VE TURNED INTO A GIRL!?" Daniel... Or rather... Danielle said. He shivered and curled into a ball, hugging his knees and started to sob.

"No one said that...all I ask is that you stop shouting about it", Elena said gazing at the curled up Daniel, pretty little did the dream glue on his fursuit like that. She crept over to him/her/whatever.

"I don't wanna be a girl..." Daniel whimpered.

Elena hugged him tight, enjoying it a little too much, "There's nothing wrong with being a seemed to be having fun with it yesterday.", she whispered to him.

Daniel meeped, and squirmed. "No... Don't touch me..." He said pitifully.

While they weren't all that far from where he had been, only a hundred or two feet away, he was used to having that awesome long legged stride. And proper fitting clothes and shoes. He tripped no less than three times on the way, so he was a tad mucky when he found his way over. He had an open mind. Ish. But an anthro rabbit and an anthro wolf, both female, looking very intimate wasn't something he was prepared for. "Holy..." he backed up a bit and tripped over his shoes and pants again and ended up tumbling head over heels. And tail.

Elsewhere: Sylvia was walking very slowly through the forest towards all the noise as something simply felt off about herself. curiosity finally got the better of her and she looks at her wings: They appared more real then fake and thats were she gently tugged on one. She easily felt where she was touching it and there was a mild strain on her shoulderblade, "oh... umm... Am I a humanoid bat??" After a moment, she found the muscles connecting the wings and they extended out. Not only that, but she felt the movement and is feeling the wind hitting them now. She shuddered a little and closed them as she looked at the sky with mild annoyance, "Hey! I was joking about something happening due to you!" She soon shrugs and picks up the pace.

Daniel didn't hear anything as she just tried to shrug off Elena. "Please stop touching me..." he whimpered.
Perception: Yellow 13 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 3+1=4

Elena let go, "Alright...I see you need some time...however that goes." She released him and stood up again, she considered petting um...her but decided against it. The main problem with the bunnysuit was that she couldn't bend over easily.
Perception: mew77 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 20 +8
11:47 AM
mew77: O.o

"Wait...did you hear that?", Elena said softly. She heard a yelp of Holy...and then the faint sound of someone falling over.

Daniel curled back up into his ball and tried to block out the world, tears dripping from his eyes as he tried and failed to process everything. "Hear what?" Daniel whimpered.

Somewhere around that time another cat was making his way through the forest. Good thing he had his clothes with him, not just fursuit. He actually could put on pants and jeanz. Although he didn't really mind if some certain person would see him naked, but...

...Oh look, there was a small midget guy stumbling backwards out in the forests that Denis could have stepped onto. "Uh." Denis muttered, standing few meters behind the guy. He couldn't really figure out what to do, aside from staring at the army of furries and a shorty with cat ears.

Daniel's ear twitched and he placed his hands over them. "I wanna go home..."

"That sound...ah nevermind...don't worry Danny-boy it's just a dream.", Elena said. She sighed and left Daniel there, and trudged over to where she heard the sound.

Miles decided to just lay there, looking up at the sky, squinting against the rain that was still drizzling down from the dark cloudy sky.

"Who are you little fella?", she asked the creature, bending at the knees since the bunnysuit prevented her from bending at the waist.

"Fae syn dae!" he swore, trying to scrabled away from the giant rabbit person and only getting even more tangled into his pants and boxers.

"...who the hell are you as well..." Denis asked the creature that blatantly ignored him for (actually quite cute and kinda attractive) short dude.

Daniel perked up and gave a growl to the small cat. Not sure where it came from, he stopped and held his head, getting mud all over it. "God, what's happening to me? I don't even..."

"It's okay little guy, I'm not going to hurt you.", she said. She wondered what the other cat dude standing near her was doing but she didn't worry about it yet.

Now he was very embarassed since his scrambling got him untangled, which translated to him getting out of his pants and boxers [Very Happy]. True, his shirt was huge now, and was pretty much a frock, but really... "Huh..."
Φαιόςγαλῆ rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 20 + 5 25

"Wait a sec... Fae sin dye... Miiiiiles...?" Denis asked staring at the lil' guy and his not so lil' friend. "I thought you were kinda... tall..." He decided not to comment on other thing, not to embarass him further.

"Who else would say that...?" Daniel grumbled.

"Miles? How odd...I recall you were um....", Elena was about to say something before she averted her eyes, turning to face the other cat. "And who are you?", Elena asked adressing the other cat dude.

"Considering that i used to be a..." Daniel shuddered. "I think we have a lot of that going around..."

Denis wasn't the one to avert the gaze, although he had a bit of conflicting emotions about that. Miles won't see it anyway, he came from behind. "...Denis... Kinda melded with fursuit... Hey, you ignored MY previous question, who you are!"

"Oh I'm Elena... my own fursuit got pretty tight...feels natural though...almost like a second skin.", she said to Denis. "You alright...I found Danny-boy't well."

Miles looked back and forth between them. "Denis? Elena? Seriously?"

"Elena... Huh..." Denis still tried not to say anything dumb "Seems like you've turned from giant tibbit into small tibbit... Justice..."

Miles scowled at him, baring teeth. "This is one messed up dream."

"Well whoever's dreaming this, can you PLEASE give me back my parts?" Daniel asked, no one in particular.

"Indeed. Hey, maybe you can turn into a cat so I won't-- I mean, so you could get some coverage of your bits." Denis suggested and coughed.

Miles ears and tail twitched angrily and he drew his legs in and pulled his shirt down over them to cover it all. "Where are you looking anyway!"

Denis coughed and turned away, "At the... Bits?" he said, confessing.

Daniel grumbled. "You can perv out later you know..."

Elena resisted smacking Denis for that, "Cover up you, and are Miles...hmm...big cat, and little cat...this would be funny if I didn't have to witness this."

Miles growled at the both of them and kept on holding his shirt down. "Well ha, ha!" he said in ill temper. "Not my fault my clothes are too big!"

"I can refit the old ones, no big deal." Denis replied, now keeping his gaze averted.

"Now that we've dealt with that...anyone have any idea what's going on? I woke up and my fursuit was too tight...". she said to them.

"I"m apparently having one of those naked in front of your class dreams," Miles muttered

"While I'm in some sort of turned into a furry dream...nothing more crazy has happened to me yet, dunno about Denis...and Danny...well I dunno what to say about Danny...he...I mean she is very self concious right now.", Elena mused.

Daniel's ears twitched as he heard his name. "Yeah... this is me. Daniel Jacobson..." He said raising a mud covered paw. Slowly, she got to his feet and reflexivly covered himself with his paws, one covering the breats (his mind on the assumption that there was stuff to see) while his other hid his... New parts.

"You could pass me my pants..." Miles ground out.

Elena tentatively snatched what she figured were Miles' pants and handed them to the little cat creature. "So this is a true tibbit huh.", she said to him.

He took his pants back, but then didnt have a way to put them on with them watching. "Shut up..."

Elena walked away from the little Tibbit, her back turned to allow Miles a chance to get his pants on. Wow, this dream is turning stranger by the minute.

This was when Sylvia finally found them all and waved, 'Hey guys! Anyone else know what the heck is going on? Cause this makes no sense at all!" She opens her wings to prove her point.

Miles swore and held his bottoms at waist level. Yep. Definarely a nightmare. Why else would people keep turning up. And the shirt-turned-psuedofrock wasn't good enough for him. Okay, maybe it technically covered enough to be decent, it wasn't enough for him. At least, not without underwear. "Seriously?"

"Oh yay... Another member to the peanut gallery..." Daniel muttered. "Hello. Introductions. Elena, Miles, Denis, Daniel... Yes, I know. Don't say it. I'm trying to block this out now."

Denis chuckled silently and looked around "I think if you guys really mind about being unclothed, we can try to make something makeshift."

"Eh, my clothes are fine, well except for the tail...dunno about Danny or yourself.", Elena said to them, she was concerned with how the tail was smushed up against the cottonball that had served as her tail. She didn't notice earlier due to the whole shock of everyone turning into a furry.

"I only brought some spare clothes but there's no way they'll fit me anymore..." Danielle whimpered, taking a hold of his tail.

Sylvia looks at her wings again, "Mine should still fit, but now I have wings to worry about..."

Miles ground his teeth, but didn't protest on that, since he was realizing something. Dreams didn't normally work this way. Especially once you thought it was a dream. So it momentarily distracted him from thoughts of proper clothing. "Um... this is a dream, right?"

"If it is, I want out now... This isn't funny." Daniel commented.

"At least your not tiny," Miles muttered. He was stuck at everyone's waist level.

"I'd take short then this..." Daniel guestured to his chest and shuddered.

Sylvia wasn't sure if this was a dream, hence why she was kinda scared to be honest, "If this was a dream, then I wouldn't be the human version of what I dressed up as..."

"Both of you, well if this isn't a dream I can add tail holes to your still would be surprised if it was a dream...I mean it can't be real right...", Elena said to them.

"Clothes. Don't. Fit," Miles reminded them with a glare. He'd given up on the idea of getting the pants back on. Not like it was going to fit anyway.
//cause I'm picky, I've calculated that Miles were's size 2 children's clothes.

"I might as well get a whole new wardrobe too because of these... Things..." Daniel shuddered, looking down, the tip of his nose neatly fitting into the valley of his chest.

"Just do your best...hmm let me check something...I might be able to help with that clothing thing heh", Elena said rushing back into her tent.
Perception: mew77 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 18 +6 = 24 perception to see what was still in her tent
[pretty much everything she would have had in there. A mess, though. Char marks on the grass around it is remark worthy. Ring or blackened and flattened grass and dirt (with concentric rings of glass if you would check the dirt) extended about two to three feet around the tent]
//mayhaps her sewing kit is still intact...

Miles watched her leave with frustration. "She's a bit too excited about this..." Which... made the dream story flimsier. His ears dropped. "You... you think this is real?"
//who's he talking to? lol. everyone?
//pretty much.

"Well... I really hope so..." Daniel said to his feet... paws... "What else could it be though?"

Miles glared at Daniel (his face was gonna get stuck like that if he kept it up). "Why does it sound like you want this to be real..."

"Because otherwise we're doing some kind of collective hallucination which can't be good for anybody. At least if this is reality then we can actually do something productive instead of sitting here waiting to be woken up. And who knows how long that can be? And besides, it feels too real to be fake..." Daniel added, rubbing his arms from where he had tried to pull off his fursuit.

Denis sighed and glanced around the place "You guys know how we can do  reality check? Just to reassure ourselves in what is real and what is  not?" Denis suggested.

"I could whack him with a rock," Miles said, getting self conscious about his outfit again, tugging at the end of his [s]frock[/s] shirt.

"Or I could whack a rock with you," Denis replied with a unamused expression.

"This has got to be a dream..." Miles muttered. "How else do you explain me having a tail and talking to a giant cat guy and dog girl who claim to be people I know in the middle of a rain storm? Dream land."

Daniel shuddered. "And I take it the old 'ask me something only I would know' trick isn't going to work here is it? Still, I suppose we could pinch ourselves awake."

"I... Honestly have no idea... Maybe try to do the reality checks of the lucid dreaming sites?" Denis asked, and tried to fly.
Irbynx rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 5 10:14 AM
[Fly roll. Modifier +2. Total 7]

"Ummm... What are you doing?" Daniel asked, blinking.

"Idiot," Miles commented, rolling his eyes.

Denis grumbled and glared at Miles "Shut up," he said "At least I know that this is probably not a dream. Hoorah?"

Daniel snapped his fingers, having an idea. "I got it. The whole 'tell me something only we would know' isn't going to work. Because from your prespective, this would be a dream and you would already know whatever i'd say at some point. So the thing to do is to share something only the person speaking would know." Daniel said.

Denis sighed "And how the person that is listening would be sure that this is not his imagination?" he pointed out. "I could easily say that I, say, slept with Miles at some point, you'd think it's legit even if I'd said it in a dream." Denis then sighed "Although that'd happen only in a dream."

"Oi, what?" Miles said, snapping out of his funk.

"Considering we have Miles to back that up, or not in this case, we can safely rule that one out. But it obviously has to be something that could be a thing that would make sense given the personality. For instence..." Daniel said and took a deep breath, blushing under his fur. "Before this, I was a furry. I kept it secret from you guys for... pretty much up until now." He said. "I wanted to keep it hidden so that's why i took so long doing anthro stuff. Because I wanted to make it look the best it could and was so irritated when people here wanted me to do more anthro art. Espicially of the same species... Though that one did miff me a little to be honest."

Elena returned to the small clearing that the group was chatting away at. She had finished finding her stuff in her tent. Everything was there, well most everything, she wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not...Regardless, "A furry...and a crossdresser? well it's not crossdressing anymore for you is it Danny-boy..."

"Wait.. what?" Dammit they were shattering Miles' little retreat.

"That was... Dammit Elena, I'm not a crossdresser! that was just something I added at the last second to promote my story. I told you this!" Daniel said.

"Alright...settle down miss Danny, don't get your panties in a twist.", Elena teased.

"Don't call me that! And don't say that! I. Am. A. GUY!" Daniel said, flatly denying the changes.

"I don't see why you are so upset.", Elena said.

"Imagine you suddenly woke up with a dick and no boobs. How would you feel?" Daniel countered.

Denis face[s]palmed[/s]pawed at the whole situation, "This is getting ridiculous!" he stated

"Eh fair point...I still don't see why you have to make such a big deal about it.", Elena said.

"ARE YOU PAYING ANY ATTENTION TO WHAT HAPPENED?" Miles suddenly yelled at her. "What part of this is normal? Or explainable? We don't even know where we are!"

"I was referring to Danny-boy's condition, not the greater problem facing us all.", Elena said, "And as far as I can tell that was my tent at the camp no doubt about it...well i guess it's my dream tent now or hallucinated tent or something...I'm just not that worried about which one it for being a rabbit? Is it odd to think that it's natural...I mean it feels natural."

"You know, I'd be really fruistrated if I'd lose my male features as well," Denis stated.

Daniel shivered at the mention of it feeling natural. "Now that you mentioned that part... It's like... I dunno. It feels like I know how walk... Use everything." She demonstrated by twitching her ears in various positions going from confusion (tilting one ear to the side), fear (pinning his ears back), and happyness (perking her ears stright up)

"Nope. Nothing natural about anything," Miles cut in with a psychic cleaver of denial. "I just want a pair of pants that fit and I'm going back to my tent and going to sleep and when I wake up, I'll be back at the farm."

"Hey give me the time and I can get you a properly sized pair of pants...complete with tail hole if you want.", Elena said. "Heck, Danny-boy, you alright without a tail hole in your pants?"

"One thing at a time..." Daniel chimed in. "Though sure Miles... I guess i'll be... Doing... something." She shrugged.

Denis sighed "Never would think Elena would be so stubborn at missing the point..."

"I don't see why you feel a need to deny it Denis.", Elena said, "After all, why question what happens in a dream."

Daniel meanwhile suddenly gave an uncontrollable shake that he was suppressing to get rid of the mud on his fur. "Geah!" She yelped. "Why did... You know what, never mind..." he grumbled and decided to make the most of this by taking a deep whiff of the air, wondering how bad the backlash of scents would be. It always happened the first time.
Perception (wolf scent) : Yellow 13 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 17 Green and Rain.
Daniel smiled as she took in the scents. "Oh wow... Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be." standing up, she began to do some simple moves. Streches to see how his new muscles moved.

Miles tossed his pants and boxers at her. The latter was more accidental. It was just wadded up with the pants and he didn't remember it until after it was airborn.

"I can't do a darned thing without your measurements...ack...well I...nevermind.", Elena said catching the clothes.

Denis groaned "This is going nowhere. You know what, I'll just copy Miles here and hide at my place as well."

"How should I know... last I checked I was 36, 34. And those don't fit anymore," Miles said grumpily.

"I'll just go with about half of that then...", Elena said to him. She wasn't sure if she should spend the time in her lucid dream sewing...but she wasn't sure if flying would work.

Miles muttered in a non-commital manner. Grumpy cat midget in the ring in a shirt big enough to be a frock.

Denis sighed. "I don't think sewing up new clothes should be our priority anyway... And wait, I've just realised that Elena actually brought a sewing kit with her on the event. Wut?"

"No ever consider that this may be more than just a dream Denis?", Elena asked.

"I need pants," Miles said.

"And you can't just dream up new pants?", Elena asked, "Still I'm's possible this isn't a dream....and yet I don't think any of us do drugs."

Miles picked up a stick and poked Elena with it. "More sewing."

"Me, sew, in my own dream...why would I?"

"Maybe you should make yourself a loincloth, huh. Easy enough to make and covers everything, right untill we figure out what the hell is going on." Denis suggested.

" want a kilt?", Elena asked.

Miles gave her a look that would wither stone. "You know what... I'm just going to find a pair of shorts and punch a hole in my belt..."

" don't have to do that, honest it'll be easier for me to just make it...but are you really real Miles or just part of my dream?...and no one's answered my question yet...I'm starting to feel this may not be a dream.", Elena said.

"I am fairly certain it's not a dream" Denis replied

"Fairly certain this isn't a dream... I'm kinda scared..." Sylvia, the strangely quiet one replied.

"Well either way, I think my subconcious brain is telling me to get to work.", Elena said taking the pants and boxers and prepared to return to her tent.

Denis glanced at Miles, "Sorry..." he said, for all the stuff he said earlier, cause he really had no idea what to say now.

"We are in a forest somewhere, I'm tiny, I really need pants and it's raining. Stuff can wait," Miles grumped, starting after Elena. Then he stopped. "Should probably find my stuff first..."

"I'll have your pants ready, hopefully soonish.", Elena said to him.

"Wait... hold up... which way is your tent?" Miles said.

"Down that way", Elena said pointing towards her tent.

Denis sighed "Maybe we should bring our tents together and make a camp?"

Around that time, a howl, canid, could be heard.

"I'm going to take a wild guess and say that's Michelle...I mean Daniella...I mean Danny", Elena said, "We need to get her to answer to the name Michelle."

"I don't like that howling..." Denis muttered.

As if to underline Den's comment, there was another set of howls that followed the first. Then the first one repeated. "Um... if that was... Dan... how did he do that?"

"Okay, now it's getting to be a you mind if your pants wait until we figure out what that howling was?", Elena asked.

"You mind if we not head towards something howling in the woods?" Miles said nervously.

Denis meanwhile rummaged through his possessions and searched for something to defend himself with, just in case. Wolves near them == always bad.

"Okay...well I'll be in my tent...come tell if if that howling becomes lethally important okay.", Elena said trudging back to her tent.

"Hear wolves and she wanders off on her own," Miles hissed. He looked up (the humanity... him, looking up at people...) at Denis. "I have a pocket knife, but it's back at my tent."

Denis took out his knife from the backpack after a while and checked to see if he had claws. "Huh," he replied to Miles "So you might need the knife more... It'll be just as big as sword for you though" Denis said, handing the puukko knife to Miles.

"You brought a knife? I mean, like this knife?" Miles said, between confused, grateful and very confused.

Elena was able to get the sewing kit out and started modifying the pants. Fortunately it wasn't a full set she had to make, just waist adjustments and shortening the hem. and snipping a small hole for the tail.

"I use it to cut sticks for bows and make arrow-like things. Handy knife. Everyone in Finland has one with them all the time as well, so I might as well do that as well," Denis replied "Can't believe it might help even more..."

"But you're russi-" Miles decided not to push it and just looked around. Dark and spooky forest, rain, wolf howls. "Um... you mind coming with me?"

"Of course," Denis replied "And what me being Russian stops me from being curious about other cultures?"

"Nothing," Miles said. His tent was off in a different direction from Elena's, but when they did reach it, nothing seemed to have taken a bite out of it or anything. Miles' scrabbled (well, walked with his current size) inside and pushed his bicycle aside to get at his bags under it.

Denis helped Miles to gather up his stuff. "You need a hand with that tent, or we aren't going to move it up to one place?"

Miles struggled with his backs, which were heavier than he remembered. And a bit too big for him. "Yes thanks..."

The feline guy helped Miles with the tent gathering up as well "You have any idea where to place it?" Denis asked "I would have suggested near the bank of a river or something like that, but we don't really have privilegues to be picky..."

"You people and treating this like its completely normal," Miles scowled, frustrated and struggling with his bag.

"What..? If I would have considered it normal, I wouldn't have even bothered with thinking of safe places in first place," Denis replied "You know that not everyone who gets into improper situations can't handle themselves?"

Taking 10 Craft Sewing: 19
Elena had Miles' pants done, and after zipping up the tent flap, she removed her bunnysuit so she could add a tail hole for her own suit.

Sylvia was watching everyone while trying to get used to her small wings with increasing worry: Where the heck was Daniel? All the howling she heard didn't help much, "Umm, guys? Where's Danny?" She looked around for a bit and kept her ears open while waiting for a hopefully good answer that didn't suggest Daniel was in a bad situation. It was entirely possible she was worried for nothing though, but she was scared enough as it is with this insanity.
Perception: 16 + 5 = 21
[Spooky sounds of the forest all around you. Sound of falling rain and wind, howls didn't repeat.]

"I'd think this is a bit more than just an 'improper situation,' don't you?" Miles scowled. pulling the bicycle as well. "I can't even fit on this..." After all the trouble of finding one comfortable for his long, previously long, legs.

Denis sighed "Don't remind me... I just feel quite a bit scared. Really, just let's just get to do the security stuff done and then figure out what the hell happened"

Miles stood there, hampered with two back, both just about big enough for him to fit in, and a bicycle taller than he was and glared at Den.

"What now? Oh..." Denis figured out that Miles might need more help "Need assistance with the bags?" he offered.

"That would be lovely," Miles' deadpanned.

Denis grabbed the bags, feeling down because of the angry reactions of Miles.

Miles was still muttering under his breath when he tried to take up the tent. Mutters which slowly got skewed towards complaints about being the size of a brat as he struggled with the pins.
//still need to collect the pins

He paused after a moment, actually getting a good look at the charred (and sodden) grass. "There's glass in this..."

Denis carefully placed the stuff back on the ground, "What?" he asked, moving towards Miles, trying to find the said glass.
[seven concentric rings of glass, about six inches apart each, hid in the ring of blackened and flattened grass around the untouched patch were the tent was. What could turn sand into glass?]

Denis tilted his head to the side and his tail tapped on the ground, he was a bit confused. After a moment of thinking he turned to Miles and asked "You had a dream, right? Do you remember crushing right into the ground right after it?"

"Avidly," Miles said with some irritation. His shoulder was still throbbing.

"Interesting... Seems like we did crash into ground... But why weren't tents damaged while the ground was, as if it was hit with a small scale explosion or... Lighting bolt?" Denis looked up at the sky "...why do I think it could be possible?" he questioned no one in particular. Then he looked back at Miles "You have your phone with you, right? Can you take a pic of this place so we could get to it later and then get to our movement? Daniel and Elena might get into trouble while we are absent."

"Sure. That does make sense," Miles said, looking around thoughtfully. Fell from the sky? It was storming both here and when this all started. Now he was convinced more than ever that the trees looked off. The leaves didn't look like the ones from the farm. "Lovely... just LOVELY." He pulled the phone out (which was a bit big and was awkward to handle for a moment) and took a few pictures.

Denis nodded, picked up all the stuff that was too heavy for Miles to handle and walked onwards to the place where they wanted to set up the camp, watching out for Miles, in case he'd get lost.

And onward they trudged, back the clearing where everyone had been before. "How much do you want to bet Dan got himself lost?"

"Gotta bet 4000 roubles and a skirt."Denis replied, looking around "And  the other ladies are gone as well..." Denis added, concerned

"Strange forest and the first thing everyone wants to do is wander about the place," Miles muttered.

"And worst thing we now have to risk ourselves getting lost to find them," Denis muttered

"Oh Joy," Miles said, his voice severely lacking in the emotion he named. "I suppose we head in the direction of Elena's tent?"

Denis placed stuff on the ground, "Sure, that's the most sane place to go to"

"Okay... Horror/Survival movie logic... Don't split up, don't wonder off on your own, black guy dies first, don't leave stuff behind." Miles started counting off on his (tiny) fingers. "We already failed the first two, can we try not to mess up the other two too?"

Denis sighed "You know that your existance already messes up the third rule?" he said, picking up Miles' stuff, "Besides, we don't have a lot on there anyway. Oh well... Whatever."

"I like being alive, thank you," Miles countered. "No killing me off."

"Bah, I won't kill you off" Denis replied with a chuckle.

//Those Pleased with Everything: Elena
//Those Content: Denis
//Those Panicked: Damitch
//Those Pissed: Miles
//Those who haven't really done much on the reaction front [Those WHRDMotRF]: Sylvia
//Those worried/Scared: Sylvia

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Chapter 2: Everything Changes

Post by Greycat on Thu Jan 09, 2014 4:12 am

========================Meanwhile with Daniel===================

Daniel's streches found where his new muscles were and how they moved. He poked at his toes, his new stance making him seem taller then he was. "Right... Vivian was digigrade..." She muttered to no one in particular. Taking a closer look, she blinked. "Huh?" She poked her foot. Still in its human shape... That was interesting. She was just naturally taller it seemed. She looked up to see the others talking amonst themselves. Being alone wasn't something she was resistant to.

Blinking, Daniel looked to his body, doing his best to ignore the... new anatomy and focus on the other parts. Black nails... "Mirror..." She muttered. "I need a mirror..." She looked around, trying to see one, or at least a pool of water. How close did he actually look to Vivian?

"Bugger..." She muttered seeing nothing. There was no way he could find anything like this. Sighing, she turned back to the group and headed back to her tent to hole up for the duration of the strom... Only to find that, as with many a camping trip before him, he had completly lost track of where he was. "Wait... Didn't I...?" He asked, trying to find where he came from... Only to see that it all looked the same. "Dammit I'm lost... this is not good, crap crap crap!" he said in a singsong voice.

Perception: spot: 19+1
Trees. Shrubs.
nothing that would suggest water nearby?
It's dark. It's a forest. It's raining. You look around and you see trees.

Deciding to use his new body and let his new self in a little, he lifted his head up high and let out a howl.

His howl was answered. By other howls.

Daniel blinked. "Wait what...?" He asked. "Not what I was expecting..." He howled again, and closed his eyes, hoping his ears would twitch in the direction of the sounds.

The howls were coming from a point a few degrees to his left.

Daniel pointed his snout in the direction his ears were telling him. Carefully, he crept along the forest, wondering if he could see the wolves. Or at least what he thought were wolves. They were howling and he was in a forest after all... Made sense to him. He just hoped he wouldn't spook them since he always wanted to see a wolf up close even if they were really timid creatures.
Stealth: Yellow 13 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 12-2=10
[he lumbers through the woods like a drunk frat boy who did a month of scouts]

As Daniel got more and more lost, the more he was thinking that this was a terrible idea... Much like the long, sad history of terrible ideas that lead to this day. Finally comming to a stop, she looked up. Still pouring rain. Another uncontrollable shake, even if it didn't help much. Sighing, he started to look for a cave or at least a dry spot.
Survival: Yellow 13 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 10+2=12
//roll perception
Perception: Yellow 13 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 5 +1=6

It was with near absolute silence, marred only by light growling, that the wolf pack slid out of the forest around Daniel, already surrounding him. [stealth 21]
Perception: Yellow 13 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 13 13+1

Daniel was unaware of the wolves for the most part. He didn't hear a thing as they encircled him. When he caught sight of them though, his eyes shot wide open, his mouth forming a clear 'oh shit...' and crouched down. He whimpered, knowing it was what wolves did when surrendering and even going onto his back. Hands curled up, tail curling and looking away from the other wolves.

The alpha ducked in and clamped his jaws over Dans neck.

Daniel yelped as the teeth clenched around his neck. He saw his life flashing in front of his eyes. "Please no..." he whimpered. "Don't kill me!"

The wolf shook his/her neck feircely, fangs cutting through thin fur easily.
: 1d6+2 5

Daniel yelped as his throat was attacked, crying now. The fear was so great. He was going to die here. Not even in his own body and by one of his favriote animals!
HP: 12/17

The wolves snapped jaws, growling and snarling at him to chase him off.

Daniel did't need to be told twice. As soon as he was let go, he took off, hoping to get away from the wolves. He was getting hopelesly lost. ssuming he lost them after what felt like a long time, he scampered up a tree to wait it out.
Climb: Yellow 13 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 4+6=10

The wolves snapped around the base of the tree (as if you could outrun wolves), slavering and snarling at him.

Daniel held onto the tree branch he was on for dear life, thankful that wolves couldn't climb. His heart was pounding in his chest and breaths came in short pants.

The wolves circled the tree for a few minutes before one of them look off to the side, yipped something and they all broke off.

Daniel meanwhile stayed right where he was. A flash of knowledge from the anchient Franklin the turtle books, not to mention a presentation on how to have people find you when lost in a forest, echoed in his mind. Stay where you are. If you move, you'll just make it harder and get yourself even more lost. So that's what he did.
//you'd think the book would say 'don't howl and call the wolves to you.'
//that was just about how to not get even more lost and make it harder for the people looking for you to find you.

There was a slight pounding that got louder coming from the direction the wolf had looked. I suppose he could guess it was horse hooves after a while. Because movies.

Daniel's ears, once again, perked up when she heard that. "HEY!" He yelled. "HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYY!!! OVER HERE!!!" He said. Horses meant people. People meant someone who could help him!

The horse man galloped into view, his steed a heavy blue roan horse with thick short horns on his head, snorting and grunting protest as he was reined to a halt. The rider was garbed in light armour of an odd fashion. Actually... it was armour. It would be odd no matter what it was. So armoured man on a mount. "Hold! Who is up there calling!" the rider called in a stern yet curious tone.

"I.. My name's Daniel! I got seperated from my friends! I'm lost and a wolf bit my neck!" Daniel called, not seeing any sense to lie.

"You there! The wolves have fled! Come down!"

Daniel noded and came down and covering herself as best as he could. "Thank you so much. I thought for sure they were going to kill me. What's your name, by the way?"

The man scowled at Daniel. "Keidran bitch. How dare you address me in such tones!"

Daniel yelped a little from his tone and looked down, not saying anything else. He was shaking a little now, both from the cold weather and his own lingering fear.

Roughly, and without much [will add word when it returns adu?], he lifted her neck by the muzzle, then turned her head from side to side. From this angle, Dan could see the large sword strapped to the man's back clearly as he examined her. "Minor wounds... no mark... in whose holding do you stand?"

"I'msorryi'msorryi'msorry!" Daniel yelped, seeing the sword, hoping he wouldn't use it. "M--mark? Holding? I don't... I'm lost... Please don't kill me!"

"Quiet Keidran," he hissed. "Wild one at this age... might be with the ferals... You will hold your tongue unless otherwise told, understood Keidran?"

Daniel just nodded, shivering.

The man got a stout length of rope and secured Daniel's hands behind his back with it, then lopping another around his neck and fastening that one to the saddle.

Daniel's jaw quivered in fear.

The rider remounted and jerked the rope. "March," he said as he set his horse to walk.

Daniel, not having a choice in the matter, followed along, trembleing in terror. Why is this happening!? She thought.

The man was leading Daniel along when a few calls of some sort echoed over the canopy. The man muttered something, spat off to the side and changed his bearings somewhat.

Daniel heard the noise, wondering waht it was, but kept his pace with the horse. There was nothing else she could do at the moment. "What's that noise?" He asked softly.

The man didn't overhear Daniel's comment, but picked up his pace some, forcing Daniel to adopt a fast walk or jog to keep up.

Daniel kept pace with the horse, amazed that he could do so. Normally, he tired himself out too quickly, but now he was easily able to keep pace with this manic.
//the two groups crossed. as in look down below.


Elena finished alterations on Miles' clothes and a little tail hole for her own bunnysuit and left her tent to find she didn't know where Miles and Denis were. With Miles' new clothes in her arms and some of her stuff collected she set out looking for them. "Hey Miles. I have your pants!", she called out to him.

[roll perception]
mew77 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 8 +8 = 16 perception

An arrow slammed into the tree trunk in front of her. "Halt!" a command came from off to her right.

Just in case: Sylvia, upon noticing Elena walking off, quickly follows her, "Hey, I dont think we shoul-" An arrow hits the tree in front of Elena... lovely.

Elena stopped immideately and hugged her posessions and Miles' clothes tightly to her chest. She was too afraid to say anything.

There was a man in amour astride his grey horse, who for some reason seemed to have a pair of heavy horns, flanked by too lightly armoured men who held bows trained at them. "Wild ones! On the dirt else we riddle you with quarrels!"

Sylvia would question why the hell they're using bolts in bows instead of crossbows, but it felt a lot smarter to stand in a non-threatening manner with her hands up, "Eep, Elena? Remind me to never joke about abnormal storms ever again. I can handle suddenly looking like this, buuut this is a bit much."
Total Defense: +4 dodge bonus.
//quarrel can be used for both.

Elena didn't want to argue with the man in armor and got down on the ground stuffing everything she owned in the bag and lay down. "I this it isn't safe to resist here...", Elena whispered. "Please we're unarmed, don't hurt us.", she said to the man.

"Sire... neither of them..." the archer on the left started.

"I can plainly see that," he scowled. "You two. Your master and your stand in his holdings," the man commanded of the girls.

"Excuse me what, my master?", Elena asked.

"Polymorph spell... some freaking witch tried to turn me into a bat but she got interrupted. I ran when I had the chance, got lost, and I honestly have no idea how to reverse this by myself." Sylvia said blandly, her distaste of the entire day helping to voice her white lie. bluff: 18

"Wild," he said, voice dripping with disdain. "Cario. Dismount and bind them. Rolan. Shoot them if they resist. I will be taking to the city." The archer on the left quickly dismounted as the one on the right shifted his aim ever so slightly. The man went on. "Without a master no more. Once verified at the registrar, you will be in my holdings."

As if today couldn't be any worse, now here was some idiot who wanted to enslave her...Well he was the one with the bow and arrow, but she'd play along for now. Well correction, she didn't have a choice.

Cario had a length of rope and deftly set about binding them, starting with Elena.

She sighed. If there wasn't a guy with a bow and arrow pointed at her she would have tried to do something. There was always the possiblity this was a would be stupid to test that theory.

"The registrar will determine that," the man they called sir said as Cario moved to on binding Sylvia's wrists.
Elena Perception: mew77 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 11 +8 - 19
[There is a metal band around the ranger's (an elf) neck. There are two dark stones about the size of marble set in it.]

Around that time the snatches of the two blundering guy's conversation carried over as they searched for the girls. Rolan, a crack shot, fired as soon as he judjed then close enough. 25 (crit) and Den Confirm Dam. 10, -3 dex, half base speed, prone, DC 12 fort save vs Useless
Fort: 11. Goodbye leg

"АХ, ЭТО ЖЕ ЧТО ЗА ЕБАНЫЙ ПИЗДЕЦ!!!" Denis loudly swore and jumped aside to get behnd the nearest tree or anything he could use as impromtu cover, dropping the stuff he used to hold. Well, not exactly jumping, that was more of falling or something due to the arrow hitting the joint, right in the most painful spot, ruining the ankle, passing right through it. Denis growled loudly, feeling a bit of fear, a lot of pain and even more hate towards whoever shot him, but for now stayed near the tree because of the damn pain. He grabbed his leg with both hands and groaned out of pain.

Miles wasn't sure what happened at first. He half heard, half felt something whoosh past and heard it hit the ground with an oddly squishy sound. He turned to ask Den what the hell he was saying in russian and the words caught in his throat. Den had fallen, and there was an arrow through his ankle. It seemed like a joke at first. But, eventually, like anyone raised in the modern day, he responded as anyone not used to so seeing blood in such quantities anywere except on television. Copious amounts of manly screams.

"ROLAN!" the man snapped.

"Pardons, milord!" the Rolan said, swiftly drawing another arrow as Cario whirled, still with his hands on the rope holding Elena and Sylvia. Rolan's skills of perception were much better than his master's. "I heard them approach and acted proactively."

Denis just tried to get his leg into a more comfortable position, groaning from the giant pain that the arrow was causing him. The blood from the ankle was causing even more confusion and panic, and Miles' screaming didn't help at all. His head went limp and he closed the eyes, trying to fight the agony in his leg, which didn't work at all of course.
Will: 7 Compusure Save

"Your pre-emptiveness is to be commended, but you have crippled him, adding to our chore. Bind them both," the same take charge guy said. Miles was torn in intentions and confused in motivations. The girls were tied up, Den's leg shot to hell, literally, so he couldnt just leave them. Nor did he want to run with that guy aiming another arrow at him.

"You wild ones will consent or Rolan will let loose once more," he pointed at Cario. "Bind them as well. Rolan, the injured keidran will be secured to your mount."

[By the way, binding is done from behind; ie hands behind back]

Sylvia settled for giving the archer who shot Den a death glare. She kinda wished her brother was here though since he was going to be a simple human for the party because these guys were clearly racist as fuck.

Denis yelled in pain as he was moved around to get tied up and thought that he wouldn't have got tied up if not that goddamn unlucky arrow. And now he really wanted to get rid of that thing in his leg because it hurt as hell.

Miles joined the two girls in the procession, Rolan linking them together and tying off the rope train to his horse, confused as all hell as to what was going on. As soon as he was close enough, and two of the three concerned with the items Den and Miles had dropped (Rolan busy with at least staunching Den's bleeding), he hissed worriedly at them. "What's happening?"

Rolan's help didn't make Denis feel any better about the situation at all, he even felt his claws sliding out sometimes and he was hissing at the air through all the process.

"Your guess is as good as mine...I have theories though...just a hunch that we're being enslaved.", Elena said sarcastically.

Sylvia rolled her eyes, "I bet ya some kind of Archmage or Witch or something is behind this; that's the only way to explain abnormal storms that turns you into god knows what and teleports you in the exact location a bunch of Slavers just happened to be at." Hey, say what you will, but all of this was a too convenient and last she checked, they're not actors in a movie.

"Aren't you taking this a bit too well?" Miles hissed, his hackles up again. Seriously. They were talking as if things like this happened often. Or as if magic was really and standard. The little kittenette probably spoke, well hissed, too loud and attracted attention back to them again.

"Hold your tongue Bastion!" the man in charge snapped.

"What?" Miles said, not sure what they were talking about.

Rolan jerked the rope. "He said silence," the man, ears pointed, hissed.

Miles got the message that Bastion was him and he shut up.

To say Sylvia was biting her tongue at the moment would be the understatement of the century.

"Put these with our goods," the man in charge said, remounting his own steed. "Then call to Jae. Summon him back." The caravan was starting off when Cario blew a few notes on his curved hunting horn as he brought up the rear.

Denis went a bit more silent after a while. Paint didn't hurt as much as it did, but he still felt awful. Leg went quite numb after a while, and that was scaring him a lot. "Can't be good..." he muttered to himself, speaking of the situation in general.

On the bright side, for those forced to walk, the train was moving at a pace they could match without unduely straining themselves as they marched over the sodden ground. And considering many of them were bare footed, it was a less than pleasant experience.

About five minutes into the walk, which was far from the most pleasant walk they could have had, even if allowances were made for when they tripped or stumbled, it was a 'lovely' way to break in the new body. And a chance to reflect, if you weren't totally caught up in seething at the people, on the fact that you were in pretty much alien place and you were speaking the language. But back to the point I was making before I somehow got sidetracked; the third (well, fourth) rider caught up with them, howler girl in tow.

"Milord!" the man said, his thunder of having found a wild keidran stolen by the fact that the others found some four times as much as he did.

"Another one?" the man in charge said, raising an eyebrow in trace disbelief.

"I thought this was the only one, milord," Daniel's warden said.

Denis bared his teeth. Partially out of lingering pain (the numbness in leg started to compensate for that, but that isn't too good), but partially because he saw Daniel, and he got caught by these people too. On the upside, he won't get lost in the forest. Muttering a swear under his breath he decided to look around, trying to see if there was anything remarkable right now.

Elena trudged along behind them. She didn't want to admit this wasn't the first time she was tied up, but that was irrelavant now. She walked in front of the boys given that she and Sylvia were caught first. It was painful, but not unbearable. But whatever this was it seemed way too real.

Look; Daniel. Look; he's captured too. Miles a strong suspicion this was all Daniel's fault anyway. (When in trials, look for the most convenient scape goat. Most times the first or last to arrive.) Though this was getting confusing. All four of the guys seemed normal enough (looking, armour nonewithstanding). If they were locals... what kind of place was this?

Welp, the fact that Daniel was caught as well only reinforced the suspision that some higher power seriously can't take a joke for Sylvia

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Re: Mordern-2-Fantasy [v1]

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Re: Mordern-2-Fantasy [v1]

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Re: Mordern-2-Fantasy [v1]

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