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[Chapter 0: Wham Episode]
Day 0, 01:21 (AM), Moscow region, Russia.

Another day already supposed to start, but the group spending their time in a two-story wooden building seemed not to care a lot. Apparently getting to know each other in real life was quite a good idea, at least Leonid did enjoy that.

Everyone already settled in. The house wasn't as big as the houses that were built in the West - it didn't have the dedicated kitchen room (that was located in other little house in the area, joined with this big one with wires and a road), it didn't have a toilet or a bathroom either (which were located in a brick building outside as well - they were quite awesome since they did have their own plumbing systems, unlike the same buildings of their neighbours). What it did have, however, was a big living room that will put any western cottage to shame (at it's price of course), with a wooden table, an old sofa, tv and lots of other assorted stuff.

Leonid already took care of accommodation for the people. His own room was the one closest to the exit, and it had two beds, one of which he gave away for Raphael to use. The room next to it (that wasn't a living room, which connected all the rooms together with exit and the ladder leading to the upper floor) was given to Yuki, as it had only one bed.

The rooms upstairs were a bedroom and a storage room, and the bedroom one had two beds as well, both of which were taken by Alex and Nathan. All their belongings were placed away in the storage room, along with other clothing, old electronic stuff and books.

The day was passing through quickly. The people already had food and even managed to have a short trip to the forest surrounding the dacha - Leonid showed some of trees he likes to climb out there, along with some other interesting spots. They've also been near the lake and collected some interesting looking stones around it, just to investigate them more.

By the time of evening they returned home, had another eating session and got to do indoor activities. Leo brought out a chess set, four different MtG decks (white/blue cat deck he managed to collect from OCTGN, red/black deck, blue/red deck that one of their internet friends made but was unable to visit them and a green restorative deck), a bunch of other tabletop games and let the people set up their computers all around the place while climbing around the house himself. Such activities lasted up till the evening and the pace slowed down as people took their places on the sofa and just decided to get to talks.

Yuki enjoyed the day's activities, the house was nice and spacious for her to explore. She was accustomed to wearing leotards under her normal clothes, someday only wearing a shirt and leotard, contrary to popular belief she found the garments comfortable. The Dacha was far different from the hotel rooms she stayed in while doing her own shows. She was surprised at how much she had learned in just two years on the job. This place was great, though the toilets were lacking...then again all toilets were lacking compared to Japanese made toilets. She thought that not out of national pride, but just fact. Regardless they worked as intended which was all she needed. Leo-chan had given them a short tour of the area, it was fun filled and she got to know people better. In the evening, she learned what MTG was, which was interesting. By mid-evening she was sprawled on the couch just chatting with them.

The trip over from the States had not been to bad. The flight was pretty easy since he slept most of the way and the layovers were in some interesting places that he was able to go and visit. The hardest part was saving up for the air fare. A lot of extra shifts at the family garage which made his grandfather happy. Meant that he could enjoy retirement more. Nathan was still able to hunt, fish and camp since it didn't cost a whole lot to do these. The family was all big into hunting so they had their own reload station. Plus going out to eat was not necessary when you have an unlimited amount of fresh fish in your backyard. Saving up was a bit annoying when there were other things that he wanted but they had panned this out so that they all had plenty of time.  

Nathan packed only what he would need for the trip which consisted mostly of clothes. He had a international phone card to call home every few days to make sure that he was still ok. A camera, shaving kit and a fishing rod and tackle box. He wanted to do some fishing on his vacation and he really didn't want to try and figure out the legal way of bring one of his rifles over. He was told that there would be a lake and stream. This is what he was looking forward to when they had some down time.

He mostly managed to do this in the early morning since a number of the others liked to sleep in. He cleaned the perch that he caught and cooked them for dinner for the rest of the group. Fresh fish better then you could get in the store since it had been swimming less then ten hours ago. After eating they now sat around after playing some games for the evening. Nathan was lounging in a chair now looking about the hose that they were in. Just listening to the others.

[Raph archetype: Arrogance, vain, somewhat self centered. Swarmy. Surprisingly insightful and can be thoughtful. Wealthy, but not obnoxious in it. Okay... maybe a little. Likely would have offered to lend people some of the funds needed for the trip. Might not even charge interest. (sadly not rich enough to own a plane :p) Ooo... should have given him a pilot's license.]

The trip to Russia was enlightening. Drivers weren't as bad as youtube suggested for one. True, he did see some bad driving, but be honest; North American's were just as bad. (the one truth of the world, everyone thinks they are above average drivers)The aura of the city was different too. Older for one. It reminded him of the feel he got from Montreal and Quebec city. Mind you, there wasn't anything wrong with older cities. They were steeped in history and time and passion and culture. He just didn't like them. At least he was able to find his way around himself. He'd been learning the language with Leonid's help, and he liked to consider himself competent. The occasion mistakes like make for do or comfortable and convenient notwithstanding. He'd arrived a few days before the others, spending those in an hotel so he could take in a few local productions and movies. It never hurt to expand one's horizon after all. Or to get a preview of the local cuisine.

After that, he was fully committed to the planned get together. (Misgivings about outdoor plumbing aside). Turned out to be better than he had [s]been dreading[/s] thought it would be, and that's always a good thing. The forest was pretty cool (he promptly secured a solid length of wood for a walking stick). The trees were sorta meh to him. He knew how to climb, but he liked to keep that theoretical.  And no, he wasn't afraid of heights. Heights were fine. So was jumping off stuff. It was falling he had an issue with. He gave the lake better reviews and was interesting in swimming.

But that would be for another day. He had managed to pull together cards from the internet and recreate a three of his MtG decks (White, White and Green) and was just about ready to take another shot at a match with them. Though.... "How can you not want to watch Doctor Who? It's awesome. Just give one episode a try..."
//I remembered he's rich enough to splurge on net shopping for specific cards.

"Who was that to? I've seen a bunch of episodes actually," Leonid replied, glancing again at the people around.
//no clue ^^ Just starting a convo lol Fisher boy probably. Or Bondage Lass. I mean Yuki.
//what does that have to do with the kook iwth the silk rope?

"Who's your doctor?" Raph asked, instantly warming up to the topic.

"I think I've seen episodes with ninth and tenth doctors... Long ago though, most of them escaped my memories. Except the one that everyone can sum up as "where's muh mummy?"," Leonid said after a short moment of silence to recollect his memories.

"Ah, Christopher Eccleston. Ninth was good," Raph said, approvingly. "Empty Child and the Doctor Dances was filled with continuity points too. I'd love to act in an Doctor Who Story."

"Sure you'd get to it," Leo replied in an ambigous tone, combining a bit of trolling and approval at the same time.

"I've seen a couple episodes of 9th and 10th...didn't care for 11th.", Yuki chimed in, "10th had better wit and charm anyway." She leaned closer to the two.

"Eleventh needs time to grow on you," Raph commented. "Bow ties and Fezzes and Stetsons are cool, but uboat captain jacket and long brown coats are cooler."

"I still preferred 10th overall.", Yuki said to him, "Though I haven't watched much of 11th."

Leo smiled and pretended to be able to follow the coversation by making a really convincing listenerface. And listened. Maybe he'd be able to sneak a comment or two in.

"I didn't either, the first time. But, he grows on you. Like ivy," Raph said.

"You had ivy grow on you?" Leo questioned.

Raph laughed, looked around and tossed a cushion from the sofa at him.
Φαιόςγαλῆ rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 3

The pillow went far above and off side from the target, hitting a wall behind instead, carefully landing next to Leonid. "What was that for!" he asked a bit too dramatically.

"For besmirching my honour with that audacious and ludicrious claim!" Raph said with a cool and level tone.

Yuki merely watched as Raph flung a cushion at Leo. She laughed, "But how else would you know how ivy grows on you."

Nathan just watched them all talk about Dr. Who. Nathan had never really got into the show himself. He would let that slide on by unnoticed.

[On one random glance Nathan notices a weird thing - he can't see past several dosens of meters through the window - pure darkness covers the area, as if stars just went dark and the house was the only source of light. No sky, no forest silouhette, no houses nearby. Weird.]

Nathan let the others talk about their 9 to 10 doctors and went to the window to check something out. It seems like something weird was going on outside.

[As said before, the place around the house was lit from windows, but as the light from windows was gone, the place became dark, probably unnaturally dark. You couldn't even see neightbour's house nearby (although their window did show a reflection, the light from your house reached it)]

"Hey Leo. You guys hav some weird darkness thing this side of the world. Because this looks pretty freaky. All dark and such. Very creepy" Nathan said as a shiver went down his spine.

Leo kept his happy expression for a while and chuckled "Really?" he asked, looked out in the window, stared into darkness, lost his happy expression and turned back. "Uh oh, that wasn't supposed to be happening. Unless it's really thickly overcast"

"Storm's coming?", Yuki asked, sitting up and turning towards the window.

"Would over cast really cause this? This looks like something else. I can see the neighbors windows but they have no light coming from them. It isn't that late is it?"

"Maybe they went out...", Yuki said, "Though it looks really dark out..."

"Maybe they went out..." Raph scoffed. "More like 'Maybe the Daleks did it.' They did have a reality weapon." He looked over her shoulder, and when that wasn't a good enough view, he headed for a window himself. "The universe is ending. Because I don't think shadows work like that."

"You know...that's a good point, shadows really aren't supposed to do that.", Yuki said, a tinge of fear in her voice.

"Creepy," Leonid remarked. "I don't really want to fight Daleks..."

"Not even one Sonic screwdriver or Jamie dodger between us," Raph said in a slightly flippant manner. "And that's about the bare minimum I'd want... of course, there are better stuff... Like Dalekonium penetrating cannons... Psychokinetic Threshold Manipulators... Police Boxes... Hell, the subwave would be awesome about now."

"And none of those will help us here.", Yuki said to him.

"Big honking space guns, telekinetic fields, a TARDIS and the Doctor himself wouldn't help?" Raph said in disbelief.

"Leo, do you have any of those things in the rooms upstairs?", Yuki asked sarcastically.

"Nope," Leo replied.

"I do have a sonic in my bags," Raph offered.

"Good luck with that...meanwhile something wierd is happening out there.", Yuki said to him.

"Never. Diss. The Sonic," Raph said ominously. [Acting: 19]

"I'm sure your sonic cheese grater can do many things.", Yuki teased, "Least of which is grate cheese."

"I'll have you know it's a lisenced collectible replica of Tenth's Sonic Screwdriver with authetic sounds and lighting." Raph said, huffy. "Got someone to rig my car starter into it too." The best way to face the unknown? Not facing it at all. Solace in absurdity.

"Neat...very interesting, but does it grate cheese?", Yuki joked.

"Better than your phone does," Raph said. "That thing obviously need more sonic."

"Darn, now all I want is a sonic cheese grater.", Yuki said to him.

"Tenth could probably make a gizmo that grates cheese from 20 paces as an accidental side effect. With the timeywimey and the zygon detectors, that's a ranged breakfast cooking set."

"Sounds great...if only we had that now...", Yuki said to him, "Now which doctor who villain would inconvinience us with this strange darkness."

"Holy crap it's the Vashta Nerada!" Raph yelped.

"What?...What?...What?", Yuki said.

"Flesh consuming darkness! Quick! Ring or light! Count your shadows! Number Three on my list of worse Doc Who monsters!" Raph said, backing away from the window.

Yuki joined him in backing away from the window ending up diving onto the couch. "I still think this darkness is wierd.", she said leaning on the back of the couch.

"How did you not watch Silence in the Library? It's a Tenth Classic," Raph said. "Microscopic swarms of critters, the motes in a beam of sunshine, the true reason to be afraid of the dark; the Vashta Nerada."

"Are those lights in the distance?", Yuki said pointing in the distance, "I thought I saw something sparkly."

"That's the Doctor and his sonic," Raph said. "OR.... use from further down the time line when we get my Sonic fully functional. I can be The Actor."

//iN window. 27% better than the competition.

"Jury's out," Raph said, wagging a hand in the accepted so-so term.
//who wants a cookie? Guess the reference!

"Nuts is a relative term.", Yuki said, "In what way do you consider me nuts? Was it the walnuts I ate earlier?"

"You aren't allergic, are you?" Raph asked Leo with concern. TT Acting 19

"Naw, I'm fine...", Yuki said to Raph.

Sparkles in windows, meanwhile, started to intensify, getting more colors to their ensemble.

"Either that's one epic sonic, someone set up a kaleidoscope or Edward and the Cullens are having a party outside," Raph said in a deadpan fashion.

"The Edwards don't live in russia...and they only sparkle in daylight.", she says to Raph.

It was around this time that Alex walked in with a tray of tea. The tea itself was a wonderful mix of what everyone agreed on trying and he spared almost no effort in making it. He was smiling at his work of course, but there was a hint of worry about the darkness outside, "Sorry for the wait, but I wanted to make sure it was perfect since this is one of the Gryphon Cafe's special blends." He sets the tray on the table and sits down with a cup of his own, looking outside, "So... Leonid, I take it the darkness here tonight isn't normal?"
Profession: 19 +5 = 24.

"It's not. It's so much not," Leonid said, staring at the sparkles in the window that started their weird dance in distance, spinning round the house.

Dancing lights... nope. Absurdity; Protect Me! "Ah, lovely Watson! I love a good cup of tea. You wouldn't happen to have any jamie dodgers around, would you?" Raph retreated once more in the comforting embrace of flippancy and the sparkles tried their best to induce seizures from the corner of his eye.
//wonder if I could actually do this... will save vs own bluff to save against insanity? "You call it lying to myself, I call it motivation."
//Go for it. XD

Alex slowly shakes his head as he takes another look outside, while using the tea to keep himself calm, "I was going to put some on the tray, but this darkness just doesn't feel right. The Lights are out of place as well."

Leonid glared at Raph but decided not to grace him with a comment on that. Whatever, people can go insane out of terror, he heared stories of that. Cause these sparkles were creepy. Adding to the creepiness of darkness.
//everyone knows darkness doesn't sparkle. :p

"Ooh, sparkly...", Yuki said as the strange lights began spinning.

Somewhere around that darkness instantly covered the rest of them as the electricity decided to bid the group farewell and leave them, letting the sparkle show to creep out the people with it's full intensity.

The darkness closed in, Yuki was concerned but simply lay still on the couch. "If only there was a soviet russia joke for this moment.", she mused. This was definitely not normal.

"Ah, hell," Raph said. "Darkness isn't supposed to come to you! This is breaking so many rules!" he complained to the void around them.

"In soviet russia, you don't grope around in darkness...darkness gropes you.", Yuki tried to make a joke. It was bad and she knew it.
//everyone tell Yuki just how bad her joke is

"Are you kidding me--" Leonid said in an irritated tone and tried to facepalm only to realise that he didn't have hands. And body. And eyes. Anything. For a moment. The feeling passed quickly, but...

Everyone felt like they were phased out of their bodies for a moment, or just paralysed, they couldn't tell due to darkness. What they could feel though is that sparkles stopped at some point and disappeared. After that, a feeling of movement at giant speeds and...

[Chapter 0.5: ...unexpected...]
Day 0, Border World, Different locations.

All the people located in the house at the time felt that. And all of them of course had no idea how did that happen. Or what would happen...

First sense to return to them was vision, and it was overwhelmed by bright light of different shifting colors, ranging in saturation and color. Soon, however, the colors disappeared and let the people get back in darkness while letting them hear strange noise, a noise that one could hear when listening directly to an old phone that tries to connect to something. Different mechanical tones in rapid succession...

...After that, everyone started feeling different things.

Border World, the Shrine of Seeker.

Raphael woke up in a strange place. The sounds in his head weren't of any language he knew, but he felt that he understood it them. The mind quickly recollected the sounds into a sentence: "LOCATION: SHRINE OF THE SEEKER". Creepy.

In the middle of all the darkness was a slab made of unknown black material. An orb was floating just above it, giving out light and making the slab identifiable. A sixth sense in Raph's mind told him that the orb was full of strange energy but he couldn't reach it, although he really had an urge to grab it... Not when he's suspended in darkness tho. Not that if he didn't know that he could just think of it, apply some timey-wimey energy to that thought and change the gravity for himself. Really, how could he forget about that?

Energy Pool: 100%. How do you measure it? Maginstinct. Don't ask. Explainations later.

Raphael might just stay here or figure out stuff. Duh.

Raph would have said something, but the weirdness that followed stifled his response to Yuki. That feeling of bodilessness in the darkness was so not kosher. For a fleeting moment, 'I'm Dead...' floated across his mind. Then 'Oh God... my Doc Who collectables...'. Yeah. No one said your dying thoughts couldn't be materialistic. Then, it turned out he wasn't dead after all. Or maybe it was the afterlife. After life... really. They could have done so much more with that word. So literal... and he was rambling...

He pulled his awareness back to reality. Well, the poor substitue he had at the moment. Belatedly, he realized he had heard something, and what he remembered didn't seem to match up with what he thought he heard. Now that was creepy... It took him a moment spot the black slab. Really. Black stone in darkness. It was things like that why this was a poor substitute. Now slate grey, or marble white. That would be striking.

And he was rambling again... damn, he need keep it together. Drifting, drifting, like a balloon on the wind... there was an orb there. And orb of UNIMAGINABLE POWER. Well... somewhat imaginable. How did he know that? Another thing for the creepy column. Now... if only he could...


"Fraggle..." he groaned. Gravity decided to kicking and he slammed, fallen, unto the rock. Slowly, he picked himself up and did inventory, feeling much like the Doctor after a regeneration. "Teeth... mouth, nose, eyes (duh), limbs, hair..."

As he applied the energy to his perceptional gravity modification power, he felt that the energy (gasp!) became slightly weaker.

Energy Pool: 80%

"20% For just walking? What the hell? You and that puddle jumper are friends aren't you?" Raph demanded, taking refuge in the absurdity of what had to be a chemically invoked lucid dream.

Still muttering, he orb and eyed it. "You call 20% Slightly?" he muttered at it before attempting to poke it. Because science.

And the orb replied with a pseudoelectrical discharge of non-harmful manner to Raph's finger. Because magic. He felt his energy restored and nearly overwhelmed. Cool! Orb of power, meanwhile, muttered something on it's own language (something about recognised aspect, something about activation of shrine and yadda yadda)("Say again?" Raph said.)("Aspect of Curiosity Recognised. Shrine of Seeker in process of reactivation)("Ah. Cool."). The territorry shifted into a more... reasonable (is this the word in this world even?) place, in a giant box with lots of boxes that had holes and stuff in them and Raph even could have feel an urge to explore them all, if he was curious.

Still, that wasn't bound to happen. The familar darkness closed in. The omnious sound said "DIMBRIGHT DEFENSES COMPROMISED. ATTEMPTING TO START SAFETY PROTOCOL, REASON: ASPECT IN DANGER". Familiar creepy sparkles surrounded Raph again...

"You know... 'modern art' really isn't art," Raph muttered as he looked around. "Boxes and holes, oh my. Wonder what's in them," he mused out loud. Of course, stuff would happen. He flinched and looked around.

"SERIOUSLY? Oh! Shrine... thingie-magig... could have given me a name... else I'll call you Bob...," by the time he said that the sparks were gathering again. "Oi! Bob! These things better be protecting me and no against me!" he said as he backed away from the major thickness. Not much backing to do, but... Wonder what would happen if he touched one... So he did. Because Science.


"Sorry Bob!" Raph said, pulling his finger back. "Wait... are you Bob or that Dimbright thing?"


Whoosh. Particles intesified. Time for questions was running out!

"What? Dimbright is the place? Where are you sending me? Toss me a bone! Preferrably a manual with a map or something! And what's that orb called?" Raph called out. "Bob? Answer me!"
//might not be a good seeker for movement, but curiosity I've got ^^

"DIMBRIGHT IS THE PLACE. YOU ARE SENT IN THE BORDERWORLDS TO THE RENDEVOUS POINT OF ASPECTS. INFORMATION WOULD BE SENT IN MEMORY PACKAGES WHEN NEEDED. QUESTION IS UNRECOGNISED" the sounds answered in succession to Raph's questions and after a while a familar feeling of paralysis got him...

Border World, the Shrine of Improver

Yuki crashed down on the ground from a fall that seemed infinite. Although crashing would have been a wrong term... More like slowly descended and carefully landed. But the fall seemed infinite.

She found herself on a platform made of orange-ish luminiscent material. It even had some strange things engraved on it. On the border of the platform was a giant box made of translucent material, showing a bright shining orb under it. Power was coming from the orb (subconscious feeling of power rather.) and a giant organic thing was trying to push the box from the orb.

"LOCATION: SHRINE OF THE IMPROVER" was the strange sound translation in Yuki's mind. Following that, another sentence there was "THE RUKAPEN IS NON-HOSTILE AND AIDS YOUR FUTURE GOAL. ASPECT OF PROGRESS REQUIRED TO PROGRESS FURTHER"

What a dumb voice, doesn't even know that two words "progress" in one sentence is not really fancy to read. Rukapen - that was the name of the organic thing, kept trying to push the box, and Yuki (who felt like she's aspect of Progress the voice talked of) realised that she might make the arm a bit stronger for a while, just if she'd put effort and energy into it.

Energy Pool: 100%

Yuki was falling, but oddly she couldn't feel the wind on her face or her skirt lifting...Which was by all signs a good thing, until she realized she was still falling. Sounds played in her mind but she couldn't focus enough. It wasn't the falling that concerned her but the impact. Now if only she could learn to miss the ground, she could fly forever...alas no chance. Then she landed, not crashed, not splattered just softly landed on a strange orange luminescent platform. She could feel power coming from a shiny orb under a translucent box. Was this a dream or the underworld...she didn't know and frankly it didn't matter that much. For some reason this all seemed normal. "Shrine of the Improver?", she said...She knew what miko were but a shrine to the spirits of home improvement. Wasn't that just a home improvement warehouse store? Rukapen is non-hostile...what sort of badly dubbed dialogue was that. But Aspect of Progress, that had a much better ring to it.

"So you are the Rukapen", she asked the giant thing, "Need help moving that box?" Without waiting for a reply she moved next to it and began trying to push the box.

Goliath, the Giant box didn't want a giant arm and David, the Yuki to move it... Yeah, kinda sucks. Rukapen kept pushing as well.

Progress...this pushing is going nowhere. Yuki considered the sounds in her head. Goliath and David, but where would she find a small rock and a sling. Or was it something with the sizes. Perhaps the box itself wasn't real. She attempted to reach through the box to test it's solidity.

So she pushed the box and then tried to reach through it. I'd accept that as a nice try, but no, it's rock solid. Or metal solid. Or snake solid. Anything solid.

Welp that didn't work. Box was solid. How was she to get through to the orb. Or the orb could come to her, nah that was stupid. What was that..make the arm stronger if she tried. She focused on the Rukapen, her hand on his shoulder and tried to strengthen the creature's arm.

The hand became bulkier as she focused on it. She knew she could keep pouring the energy into it, the more she poured into it, the stronger the hand got. Of course she knew it, why did she need to remind herself of that? Weird. Anyway, the hand pushed the box away and it flew away (actually... this thing isn't really a hand... More of a giant tentacle... No, pervs, not that tentacle) into darkness. The tentacle-hand just frose in place, waiting for something and orb floated for about a meter above the platform. Whoowee.

Energy Pool: 20%

Yuki released the tentacle...wait it was a tentacle? Anyway she reached out towards the orb. If it was safe she'd grab it.

The orb hit Yuki with it's energy, but the energy didn't harm her... Instead it just, like, got inside of her (no, not that inside, not in that way)(I didn't say anything...and come on she's clothed...don't ruin it)(I didn't ruin anything, that was preemptive warning) and... You know, I'd just go with "she regained the energy poured into the tentacle cause she touched the orb" explaination.//so the orb is inside of her lol//No, orb is outside, it just gave it's energy to Yuki//okay

The place changed it's structure. The floor expanded into a circular... thing and got some walls that extended into the darkness above, getting ladders everywhere that led to strange objects on flying shelves everywhere and then into darkness above... And the objects seemed to become more complex as the ladders were going up. As if they were improved upon.

Anyway, shit was bound to happen. Darkness closed in and the sparkles started appearing around Yuki, with the voice announcing "DIMBRIGHT DEFENSES COMPROMISED. ATTEMPTING TO START SAFETY PROTOCOL, REASON: ASPECT IN DANGER." Wut?

Energy Pool: 100%

"What is that? Dimbright...like dimbulb...odd sort of underworld you've got here.", Yuki said to no one. She considered using the conviniently placed crazy ladders.


Yuki ducked and tumbled past the sparkly cloud to get to the ladders.

Toughness: 22.

Luckily for Yuki, who didn't figure out what a DSPC was (I dont' blame her), it didn't hurt her a lot, just leaving some burns on her skin and a nasty feeling of a really strong gravel fall. With that, she was pushed back on floor.


Yuki curled up on the floor nursing her minor burns. "Bad idea again...", she thought. "What's going to happen to me now?", she asked the voice.

"RELOCATION TO THE RENDEVOUS POINT OF ASPECTS. REASON: ASPECT IN DANGER" answered the sounds. The sparkles intensified.

Yuki curled up tighter into a ball. She was going to get burned again.

//oh and nyx are yuki's burns severe?
//First degree burns, mostly on shoulders and hands.
//she has nothing to soothe the burns...hope she will heal soonish...
//The only aspect that could have chosen healing ability chose protection instead... XD
//She'd have to find medkit in the house.
//I'm sure the others will help her find a medkit...the burns are nothing worse than she could get from touching a hot stove
//Yeah, she got lucky. If she'd roll about 15, the burns would have been more severe.
//at least I can be content in that...heck for this all she has to do is slap on burn ointment and wait...no major physical impediment
//hmm in the future maybe she can use her power to boost constitution...

Border World, the Shrine of Remover.

Oh look, Alex is here now. Standing alone on a small metallic square platform in the middle of the darkness that was nice enough to have protective little walls to help him not to fall over. Across the darkness, on another square platform (without the little walls) there were some barrel-things standing, with their whole look making Alex feel uneasy, as if they were hostile to him.

Above him was an orb, full of magnificent light and power, and damnit, he WANTED IT. But damned barrels kept the orb suspended above him. With enough power surge he could just push them away with the strong explosion of air, maybe their disappearance would help him to get the orb. He just had to make sure he pours as much energy as he can. He knew he had energy too. What kind of energy? That was a question for later.

"LOCATION: SHRINE THE OF REMOVER" a strange bunch of noises "said". Alex couldn't really be sure if they were talking... More like he was understanding what were they meaning.

Energy Pool: 100%

Alex woke up in darkness... oh, wait... he's on some kind of platform with an orb above him, "...Huh? Strange, where am I?" It didn't take long for a bunch of random noises to sound. They honestly sounded like gibberish, but somehow his subconious told him that this was the 'Shrine of the Remover' "Remover? And what, pray tell, is getting 'removed'?" He stands up as he wonders what is going on and notices that the orb, which he REALLY wanted for some reason, was being held aloft by a bunch of hostile(?) barrels. The feeling of hatred he had for these barrels was great enough that he honestly blamed them for the lost of the tea that he worked hard on for his friends. He looked over his thoughts and gave himself a moment to chuckle, "It would appear that either PewDiePie might be onto something about barrels, or I have sadly gone insane... Oh well, if they want to do this the hard way, then..." Alex stands as if he was prepared to do combat with a bunch of inanimate objects that should die in a fire.
//I can't help but see an innuendo here..

Alex stared at the 'puzzle' in front of him with determination as thoughts poured through his head. What was being suggested shouldn't be possible, yet somehow he felt as if he knew exactly how to do it. Deciding to go with the flow, he takes a few deep breaths and got into a different stance. He soon felt it; he felt a flow of energy building through him and it felt as if this energy was affecting the air around him. He wasn't sure just how much he should put into this, but his strange thoughts told him to hit those freaking barrels with as much energy as he can muster up. So, like a good bartender, he gave it exactly how it was ordered and strikes the air in front of him with both arms which, in theory, should send a giant wave of energy to defeat the wooden menence and hopefully claim what he oh so wanted. Maybe then he'll wake up and continue to enjoy the party.

The sudden strong gust of wind, invisible but audible rushed towards the barrels, hitting them with all it's force, sending them flying away and leaving Alex drained from the power that used to be inside.

Whatever, he got the orb at least. It slowly descended down to Alex's place and all it needed was just one jump to grab it.

Energy Pool: 0%

Alex blinked at what he did, but he soon falls to one knee for a breather due to the feeling of power being drained away from that one blast. he looks up to see the orb floating downwards towards him and it was now at a height typical for a star in some Mario games, "Well... at least that did the trick. Now then..." He gets on both feet while still couched down and, with a grunt, jumps straight at the orb to grab it. Maybe he'll get lucky and learn why he REALLY wanted this thing, maybe its because its the only light in this void of darkness?

I have no idea why did he want the thing, but as he touched it, it muttered something about recognising aspect and reactivating the shirne. And then it filled Alex with energy, which was cool.

Energy Pool: 100%

The world around him changed, as the darkness was filled with different chaotically moving things - water, fire, electricity, acid, other weird stuffs and colors all were floating around without a discernable pattern.

After a while of such an awesome show, though, darkness started coming in. The sounds that announced his location at the start, said "DIMBRIGHT DEFENSES COMPROMISED. ATTEMPTING TO START SAFETY PROTOCOL, REASON: ASPECT IN DANGER."

And then strange sparkles appeared around Alex, starting their dance, just like they did with house.

Alas, Alex got no answer for WHY he wanted it, but the feeling of energy flowing through him was a good enough reason for him. And then, the darkness got the heck out of here and the void was filled with a rather chaotic show of.. well, a lot of things. He tilts his head at what was happening around him and was kinda enjoying watching whatever was going on before he noticed the darkness forcing its way back towards him, where's the guards when you needed them?

Just as he asked about that, the sounds went through his head again, something about defenses becoming compromised and an 'Aspect' in danger. Alex gasped a little when a bunch of lights surrounded him, but considering the situation, this might be the protocol and it wouldn't be too far fetched to say he was this 'Aspect', "...Hey, voice thing, whats going on? Whats with that darkness and... am I, by chance, this 'Aspect'?"


The sparkles intensified...

Alex blinked at what... whatever this was said to him as the darkness crept on closer. This situation made it pretty darn clear that he was this Aspect, but... destruction? "Hold on a moment, Destruction? That's just a... broad term used to define that power I used, right?" He felt tempted to touch one of these sparkling things, but considering the darkness that was getting ever closer to him, he decides against it lest he screws something up with his 'destructiveness' and gets eaten by a Grue or something.

...Soon Alex was moved away, just like most of the people before him were.

Border World, the Shrine of Protector.

Even Nathan got his spotlight! Well... More like an orblight... Anyway, he found himself in a weird position, pretty much like everyone else did. Floor was made of tiled marble-like material with different colors...

"LOCATION: SHRINE OF THE PROTECTOR" a strange sound stated, just like it did for everyone before. Or did it happen at the same time? No one could ever know. Except for the Aspect of Memory.

He got a vision... Millions of images following each other, showing different creatures, some bizzare, some human-ish, standing here in the same spot. They were all different, but there was one similiarity between all of them: three orbs surrounded the creatures - a bright white orb of power and two white, but not shining orbs of Memory. He could recognise them with the knowledge the vision provided - which was, honestly, weird.

The vision went on. It was like seeing multiple films at once - except figuring out how to see them at the same time was easy and Nathan did exactly this. The feeling was almost supernatural. The actions in the film were weird as well - seems that red orbs were flying towards the three orbs. And the results... Varied.

Some of the creatures stood there, shocked, doing nothing. The red orbs were hitting the three orbs, destroying them... And the vision rewinded back, showing these creatures again, standing with these orbs, still shocked and confused.

Another group of creatures managed to do a strange thing that Nathan knew he could do as well. They created a protective shield that stopped the red orbs in their spot, not letting them damage the orbs, although keeping the shelds up seems to take up the energy. Soon the stream of red orbs stopped for them... The vision was stopping at this point. But the emotions that came from that were positive, which was strange.

Then, after a while, the vision faded. 3 orbs were orbiting Nathan. Nathan felt power. And saw red slow orbs closing in to him. Welp. What now?

Energy Pool: 100%

Well the visions had given him the answer already. He pushed his hands out and put up a protective field field around the orbs. He didn't know how he could do this but he knew he could. Man there must have been something funky in that tea that they were given. If he ever came back to the land of the living he would need to question them about what they put in his drink. Until then he pushed the power that was around and inside of him out to encase teh orbs for protection.

Energy Pool: 70%

The shields did it job well. Red orbs slammed into shield instead, and after seven of such orbs were deflected, Nathan felt a drained on energy. The orbs, however, hovered above the ground. Something suggested that a mere touch could provide more information about them, especially for the Aspect of Memory.

Energy Pool: 0%

He had been able to stop the red orbs from smashing the white ones. That was a good thing he felt. As weird as this protective ability was it did have some handy uses. Nathan wondered just what these orbs were and why there were here. he felt that he ahd to protect the ones that were near him and he had based on what he had seen in his visions. Nathan reached out and touched one of the orbs. Perhaps he could take these with him or have them follow him. They might come in handy. They did glow a lot and it was dark where they had just come from.

As Nathan touched one of the orbs, he got another vision. This time it wasn't millions of videos at the same time - it was just one. A strange creature was holding an orb like this one in it's hands, staring into it (probably, it had a head-like formation and eye-like things that were angled in the general direction of the orb). A voice in Nathan's mind suddenly appeared, speaking, "The orb the creature holds is the same as you have touched. A memory orb. It contains the memories in different forms - sounds, visions, emotions, sometimes "raw knowledge". Sometimes it's not interactive - like this one... Sometimes it is. And sometimes the knowledge contained within the orbs is too much to comprehend without external help."

The creature collapsed to the ground, holding it's head with it's numerous hands, dropping the orb down on the ground and letting it roll away. "Sometimes the user of an orb may end up like this, if they would not be careful and greedily press on even after the warnings."

A vision faded, showing another creature, holding a pair of orbs now in it's hands. "Not all orbs start to act immediatelly as someone touches them. With enough skill you would be able to identify such orbs - be warned, as the malevolent entities may use that to harm you."

The creature, meanwhile, closed it's only eye and looked like it was focusing on something. One of the orbs glowed faintly. The voice went on "Some orbs contain knowledge not suited for your mind - not without an entity to decipher it. Thankfully, there are memory orbs with the memories of ways of understanding something you can't understand. When used in conjuction with the other orb, it allows you to understand it... These may be used to gain access to skills and powers you didn't even know of before..."

The voice and visions went on for a while. From what the voice told Nathan before and after, he could figure out following:

There are two types of orbs dominant in the world: The Power Orbs and The Memory Orbs. The first contain energy to use with the powers granted to people of the world of Dimbright (the world you are located in), their energy is endless, but each day they have a limited amount of power that they could repleinsh to the users. In addition to that, these orbs are mostly stationary and require supernatural forces to relocate. The second type of orbs are Memory orbs, and the most common variations of them are Pure Memory Orbs, Skill Orbs and Decyphering Orbs (technically, they are all the same, but information contained within is so different it's easier to split them up). Pure Memory Orbs contain information that can be accessed with a force of will by touching them and thinking of mental command (every aspect has instinctive knowledge of that command, so any aspect can use it.) The user will see a vision, hear sounds and etc. and in some cases would be able to participate in events if the Memory is interactive.

Skill Orbs and Decyphering Orbs would be the way the characters would progress. When trying to obtain memory from Skill Orbs, it would explain the user that without Decyphering orbs it's dangerous to use it for it's full potential. Then it would proceseed to provide some brief information on the Skills it contains within and then give two choices - to press onwards, or stop the vision.

Decyphering Orbs are extremely complex Memory orbs. They are generaly universal - but they have limited amount of power they have within them, so the times they could be used is limited. Each time they are used to transfer the knowledge from Skill Orb to an Aspect, it gets it's power drained - as it's power would be gone, it would be unable to assist in obtaining skills from skill orbs. Depending on the nature of the Skill Orb and the one who tries to decypher it, the Decyphering Orb would get more or less power drained from it on each use. And as a general rule of thumb, the amount of power required to decypher the same memory orb increases per person that obtained data from skill orb.

TL;DR: Memory orbs contain fancy stuff, Skill Orbs are options for skills and powers, Decyphering orbs are fancy skill points with a convoulted system.

The vision has stopped.

Nathan pulled his hand away from the orb and felt the weight of knowledge bare down on his shoulders. It felt like when you finally figure out a math concept that you have been working on for a while. He just knew what it was about and it would be with him for ever now.

So these orbs could impart information and what seemed like powers to who ever could access it. That was pretty awesome. If they only had that when he was in high school. Grab an orb and know what you need instantly. Although it did seem that if one wasn't careful that the information could and would damage you.

Much like the one that he had just used they were full of information and this one had visual aides as well. What kind of information and skills would the others hold. Could he learn a new skill just by interacting with one of these things? He was excited to find out. Imagine if he was to touch an orb and instantly learn how to play an instrument or learn a new language. That would be amazing.

With that knowledge he reached out and touched the other orb. No point in not trying to find out just what was going on here. Where ever here was.

The second orb wasn't really more interesting - it told Nathan that it was a decyphering orb and it had complete charge.

Nathan tried to take this orb with him. If he was going to need a decyphering orb to gain things from other orbs he would need it for the future.
//no clue how big this thing is or if I can even move them.
//10 cm diameter. You can move decyphering and memory orbs, power orbs are immovable.

The orb weighted quite lightly for it's size, and didn't resist the pick up by a big amount.

Nathan stuck it in his pocket and looked around for any other orbs that might be in the area. He already use the two near him. Perhaps there were more in this weird room.
//the orb it just took, the decyphering orb, These recharge over time correct?
//Can't tell for now Razz
//I saw that skill and memory orbs recharged and a decyphering orb is a complex memory orb so I didnt know if that crossed but if it is something to figure out in the RP trial and error shall be the main means of finding out.

There was third, shining orb, floating in the air.

There was another orb floating above him. This one might have something in it to. Nathan stood on his tip toes and reached of the orb. Time to see what this one had in it. Perhaps more information or something greater. Only time would tell.

Power surged through the orb to Nathan as he touched it, hitting him, but not harmfully.

Energy Pool: 100%

Then, the world changed, From the primitive floor appeared millions of the memory orbs - all contained within bigger, transparent orbs. "Aspect of Memory Recognised. Shrine of Protector in process of reactivation." Nathan could hear, seemingly coming from the orb.

And then...

Darkness, familiar one, crept on towards Nathan. It was quite faster than it was previously, and the sparkles appeared quickly too. Sounds arranged themselves into something weird, but comprehensible: "DIMBRIGHT DEFENSES COMPROMISED. ATTEMPTING TO START SAFETY PROTOCOL, REASON: ASPECT IN DANGER."


"Eh, What? Who is in danger?" Nathan asked the air.

"THE ASPECT OF MEMORY" the voice replied.

Nathan looked around the room and didn't see anything but the orbs. "You mean those things. Didn't I protect them once before? I guess I could do it again." Nathan put his hands out again and tried to protecting thing once again.


"Woah woah woah. I am a what now? I am an American. And what danger am I in? Is it that orb there? Should I not touch it?" Nathan wanted to see this thing in action.


"Ok, but wouldn't it be easier to just tell me know since I am in danger? Unless you can get rid of the threat that is." Nathan said a little frusterated.

"NO TIME" the sounds replied and the sparkles got to their peak. Soon Nathan could feel the familiar nihil-feel and got moved away...

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Re: Dimbright

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[Chapter 1: The Unexpected Guests]
Day 0, 5:32 AM, Border World, The Aspect Rendevous Point.

It's a really bad day to be an aspect.

Leonid felt like his insidings wanted to promote themselves to his outsidings. He didn't want that to happen. "Aspect of Ruin" or something like that. Yeah, great, but he'd rather not be an aspect of something for a price of his health.

He opened up his eyes, slowly, fearing that he could break his eyelids if he'd go too fast. Of course that made no sense, but damnit, did anything that happened to him in the past hours made sense? Of course it didn't. Better play it safe. He already got a stormach ache because of that.

After a while the bad feelings stopped and he felt that he could get up, and so he did, stumbling about and feeling a mild headache. Grumbling he looked around...

...He didn't see an everconsuming darkness around himself. In fact, the enviroment around him felt a bit more natural than it used to be before, although it was still weird. Around him were plains with grey-colored short grass, and the plains were kinda flat - but not unnaturally so - they still had their mild changes in elevation there and there. The sky above him was orange-ish, and the sun-like orb in the sky (he decided to call it the sun anyway) that had red color to it.

The air around Leonid felt warm - not too uncomfortably warm and not with a lot of movement in it, although he could feel a breese every once in a while. In the distance there were giant pillars surrounding his location - and all of them seemed to have a supernatural web made of pure energy (of white color). Somewhere in a distance he could see an elevator like construction as well.

Turning around he managed to see his house, fully intact, with minor burns on some wooden parts here and there. A wire that used to connect the house to the electrical network was now connected to a small floating orb that sparkled with electricity. The house had it's lights on, seemed that this orb was actually powering up that house.
//You go orb! I'll call you... Lennard. Well... maybe Patrick. A bit too close to Leonid... But Lennard sounds so nice...
//Don't you dare touch it Razz

Looking around once more, Leonid noticed Raphael, lying on the ground as well. Behind him was another orb - but it didn't float or shine in any way. He noticed that there were these strange particles that he saw before teleporting away - the Dimwal Overseer called them "Dimensional Shift Cloud" or something like that. But instead of intensifying they... Disappeared. Seems like they've brought Raphael here.

Leonid poked Raphael, hoping he would be alive and awake. "Heeey..." he muttered.
//You can wake up now.

Raph gasped and jolt a foot upward before dropping back down with a groan. Eyes still closed, he rubbed his shoulder. "Argh... Dammit Steve..."

"Steve?" Leonid asked, offering Raphael a hand to help him get up from the desaturated grass.

"Stupid voice that wasn't Bob," Raph said, taking the hand and getting up stiffly. "Okay... normally this would be the part were people freak out and stuff, debating dream or real. Since I've already chatted with two random voices in my head and hit the ground twice, I'm just gonna skip most of that... Where are we?"
//he actually has a decent platform for this argument too.

Leo helped Raph up, nearly stumbling backwards and on the ground because of that. "I have no idea. Nowhere normal though." he replied, glancing in the direction of his house, "Although the house is here, which is cool."

"Great... in a totally new place, but at least we have real estate," Raph said blandly. He took a moment to look around as he rubbed his head, hopping a little bit. Which... would actually look rather strange; his hopping in place as he turned to look to the sky and horizon.

"Raph, you feeling well? I feel like I am going to vomit... Argh... Damned teleport sequence or whatever it was..." Leonid muttered.
//anything funking with the sky and horizon?
//Nope, aside from it being unusually red/orange. It even had some small clouds.

"Just making sure gravity is working this time," Raph said. Huh. Red Sky... lovely. Wasn't a good thing when that happened in stargate. Well... the second time. Was a good thing the first time. He didn't even bother starting on the weird stuff in the distance. "Grey grass... that's new... must not use chloropy- BOB!" he staid suddenly, seeing the orb on the grass. He snatched it up and examined it. "Bob? Speak to me!"

That wasn't really Bob that he picked up. Different class of orbs. At the moment he picked it up, he, however, wasn't let to know that. Although... He felt like he could tap the orb for knowledge. Somehow. Aspect-only thing. Would he be curious enough to do it?!
//he doesn't know that :p
//I know Razz

"Bob?" Raph said, a bit less certain. Bob had been glowing... but that could have just being the energy thing... He tapped it with a finger a few time, then tried to reach it like he did when he pulled the gravity thing. "So help me if I start floating..."

It didn't seem to be any different for a while. Then... The world went black again.

Raphael could feel himself one with the void. Maybe because none of his senses worked. At all. Except for hearing, because he started to hear a femine voice...

"And back here again..." he muttered softly.

"The Aspect of Curiosity has tapped the knowledge of the orb of Aspect of Beast..." the voice stated and then remained silent for a while. "...What is your creature?" she then asked.
//Rakshasa :p
//"Outside of the power limit of the orb" Razz
//"... did you just stick your tongue out at me? 0.o"
//"No. Go post ICly"

"Huh, Oh, right. Hi. Yep. Bob mentioned that. Curious. Same thing that killed the Cat. But Critter huh... ever heard of a Jagger Tah? Cheetah/Leopard/Jaguar cross? Oh, and I'm calling you... Sonia. You remind me of Steve." And he was rambling again... seriously, he needed to keep a handle on that.

"I'll see if I can do that..." the voice answered in a weird way. The weirdness? It didn't seem as nonsensical as the previous voices. "I'll accept the name, Aspect. And your creature is... possible. Not completely. Not without side effects either, but that's the price of Aspect of Beast."

//She even spoke in lower case characters ^^
//Get to know the cast! Very Happy

He could now feel his body change... By a tiny bit. More like elongated ears, surprise tail arrival and nails reforming into claws. The feeling was a bit too real...

Sonia meanwhile, explained that the orb could be used by some more people to gain the powers of the Aspect of the Beast (and lamented the inability to bring one in it's full glory to this world). This same orb can be used in place of the mysterious Skill Orb to improve the qualities of the Aspect of the Beast - probably she meant that this orb could cause further furrification. She also told Raphael that the Aspect of Memory has more info on these orbs but didn't say who that aspect was. Poof, and Raphael returned to real world.

Just to discover Leonid staring at him with confusion in his eyes. "Wow..." Leonid muttered, scratching behind his ear. "Raph... You have any idea what has happened to you?"

"Huh, what?" Raph said, blinking. He did another inventory. "Wait.. tail? Ears? Nail? Dammit Sonia!"

"Sonia?" Leonid asked, "What the hell happened?!"

"Meet Sonia. Well... actually, the Orb for the Aspect of the Beast," Raph said, even more distract with an extra limb.

"...What?" Leonid asked again, "Okay, I can believe the "Beast" part is real cause... Cat ears and stuff... (I envy you)."

"What don't these things ever just want to talk..." Raph said. Granted, she did. She got a bit chatty in the end after all. "She didn't even mention if this was permanent... I look like a catkind, don't I..." He was talking about the aliens for two Doctor Who episodes, of course, the name wasn't mentioned in the show, but...

"Eh... I think they had more catty faces..." Leonid said, tilting his head to the side. "And wait what... Talk? She? I don't want to face another cryptic explaination... Got enough of them already."

"Female voice, I can tell those apart, you know," Raph said, still distracted by new additions. He just tossed the orb at Leonid. "She said something about... bah. Just talk to her."

"Voice? Whatever..." Leo said as he felt... something. Then he tried to "go deeper" in that something (mentally)...

Raph could see Leonid standing in place with a hundred yard stare, standing here, holding the orb in his hands, doing nothing except for looking creepy. It took him a while to fall down on ground again, now complete with lynxy ears, snow leopardy tail and claws. "Uuuugh... My stormach..." he muttered.

"Should you really be messing around with that?" Raph asked. For the record, his was accidental, and he still didn't know how anything in this place worked. Like that orb (he called it Lennard) that somehow got tangled up in the power line and seemed to be powering it. He noticed Yuki waving and waved back uncertainly.

"I was driven by envy and curiosity..." Leonid stumbled back on his legs and held for his belly "Jeez, this change just made it worse... Argh... But I have tail... Right? Does it even do anything? Damn, is it even permanent?"

He then noticed Yuki waving to them.

[Moved below.]

Meanwhile, Border World, The Aspect Rendevous Point, inside the house.

Yuki could feel waking up inside the house. She felt her skin burning, but aside from that, she felt much better than Leonid did (that was his own fault). The house still had lights on, and she was looking at the roof in her room, lying on the bed. The windows were closed, so she didn't really know if it was a dream or not. Either way, she woke up.
//she can feel the burn...of course she knows it's not a dream...
//What if it's her mind making up an excuse for a burn she got IRL for other reasons? Razz
//if it wasn't a physical burn then maybe...

What was she doing in her guest room, she was on the couch in the living room before the darkness closed in. That was a strange dream...she was standing on some orange platform, after falling like Alice did. And then she was burned by some dimensional shift. She held her shoulder....oww...she could feel the raw flesh where she was burned. It wasn't a terribly bad burn, but she still had to deal with it. Unless she was sleepwalking there's no way just dreaming would lead to these sorts of burns. So was that real? She searched the house for burn ointment finding it shortly before she headed over to see if the others were outside.
//Roll search
Search: mew77 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 16 +1 = 17 search

She headed to the living room and from there to the front window, where was everyone...

But first she searched around for a bit. Apparently the medkit was on the upper floor in the storage room, buried under some clothes. The burn treatment stuff was there, along with some bandages and other medical healing stuff.
//ah heck nvm...okay

Yuki did her best with the medical supplies, mostly just disinfecting the burns and applying ointment. Time would handle the rest. And she entered the living room and went to the window.

Yuki walked up to the front window and to her horror/amasement/whatever she managed to see a number of weird things: Weird grey grass, unnaturally orange skies, shock orb connected to wire and two boys standing hundred meters away from the house, talking about something.

Odd sort of place...wait who were those two boys...Raph...Leo. So they were alive. She got sandals on in case she needed to chase them. But for the moment she stood in the window and waved.

Rendevous: Yuki, Raph and Leo.

"Hey, it's Yuki over there! She's alive as well!" Leo replied, "This world can be now repopulated! Wait... I am not human anymore, hold on..."

Raph sighed and decided not to address that idea.

Yuki signalled for them to come back to the house. She figured charging out into the unknown terrain would be just as bad as how she got burned.
//Considering the distance... That'd look as a waving at best.

"She keeps waving, duh." Leo muttered, "Mabye yell to her so she'd get over here?"

Yuki stopped trying to signal. it was clear they weren't getting it.

"YUKI!" Raph said, cupping his hand over his mouth. "COME CHECK OUT THE GREY GRASS!" He coughed a little bit afterward.

With that Yuki gave up trying to get them into the house. She rushed over to join Leo and Raph. The terrain was flat and she was able to just run. The burns weren't bothering her any more.

Raphs new feline ears twtiched with curiousity.

As Yuki got close enough, Leonid gasped. "What happened to you, Yuki?" he said with concern. Indeed, from what could he see, there were a lot of nasty red parts on Yuki's skin. Her clothing was slightly damaged as well with a bit of tiny burns.

"I touched the dimensional shift area...don't worry about it, I already applied ointment, it doesn't bother me anymore.", she said to him sheepishly.

"...Doesn't bother you anymore? You know that skin tends, you know, crack and fall off after even minor burns? And what is that dimension-- Oh, right, these sparkly particles..." Leonid said and with a sad smirk added "Now we know a reason not to touch it."

"I found your medical kit in the house...don't worry I took care of it.", Yuki said to him.

"You know that this is not some sort of videogame where medkits instantly heal?" Leonid said and waved his hand with a sigh, "Whatever... How have you been?" he said, feeling that another wave of gutpains are enroute to him.

"Landed in a strange new world. helped a Rukapen push a box, got burned, landed here...how has your day been?", Yuki asked.

"Rukapen?" Leo asked, rising his eyebrow.

"The loud voice's words not mine.", Yuki said to him.

Leo shook his head, feeling that Yuki will just confuse him even more, "You know... Tell me whole story in detail. Later. Now I think we need to figure out if we are in danger even..."

"I think we should get back to the house...far safer than standing here.", Yuki said to him.

"So... I take it I'm just seeing things then?" Raph commented blandly.

"Well, I am seeing things too," Leonid stated, "And you know, with that tail and ears, things are not that ba-- UGH" he grabbed his belly with his hands and made a really expressive expression, groaning, "Goddamnit, that vision was horrid..."

Raph was confused, running word, yes, but this time it was in relation to Leo's reaction. This was about the fourth time he'd made some reference to his stomach. "Considering we've had something like four things and a lizard happening all at once, you need a tums?"

[Moved below... again]

Border World, The Aspect Rendevous Point, the House, Second Floor

Craaaam! Bam! Alex fell down onto something soft. And not soft. A mixture of soft stuff and really not soft stuff like TV. Actually, yeah, he fell on a bunch of clothes and on an old TV. And the place seemed familiar - yeah, he was on the second floor of the building Leonid got them to.

Alex slowly shook his head as his everything tried to figure out what the hell just happened and where he was, "That... was rather unpleasent..." he slowly rolled off of the hard thing, which cause him to tumble off the pile he was on and onto the floor, "Ow...... huh, is this the building Leonid was using to host us?" He got up and looked around, indeed it was.

Well, Alex wasn't going to get anything done just standing up here. Since he knows the layout of this building, he heads downstairs. The top worry on his mind was his friends, also if the tea was okay. Hey, he didn't have much to worry about besides his own personal stuff and that crazy.. whatever happened with the sparkly lights.

The tea was carefully standing on the table, still warm. How cute. Meanwhile, he sees the stuff about the different world - which the other trio had already seen.

Alex made it downstairs not sure what to expect after that vision or whatever happened, but, surprisingly enough, the tray with the tea he made is fine, no one else was in sight though, so that's worrying. He idly picks up the cup with liquid in it, which should be his, and takes a sip before looking for the others. He didn't have to look too hard to find that there was something wrong outside. There were no buildings, the grass was grey, the skies were orange, and some kind of orb, which he somehow knew was a shock orb, was attached to some wires outside. Oh and it seems mostly everyone was outside in this screwed up location. Alex glances at his tea before staring at this strangeness, "...How are we even here?" He drinks a small mouthful from the cup, puts it down and heads outside where everyone else were.

Rendevous: Yuki, Raph, Alex and Leo.

"What is tums?" Leo said, feeling pain receeding again. Oh look, Alex is going here too. Leo waved his hand at Alex as he saw him coming up to them.

"Ah, the gang's almost all here.", Yuki said to Leo.

[You can move below to react to Nathan]

Border world, The Aspect Rendevous Point, the House, Second Floor

Nathan could feel himself appear somewhere, and if he'd look around he'll recognise the place - a bunch of wooden walls, some beds, wardrobe, window, stairs. That's the second floor of Leonid's house, and Nathan was lying just right in between two beds, on a comfy carpet. His pocket still had the orb, by the way.

Nathan got up and looked around. Had he had a weird dream? He hoped it was because that was just weird. He stood up and checked himself. He didn't feel any different and his wallet was still there. He felt a slight bulge in his pocket and thought that his keys had gotten turn around somehow. He put his hand in his pocket to fix his key but felt something different. It felt like a marble and he pulled it out. There in his hand was the orb he had taken from the dream. Dream? Oh, crap that was real? Nathan ran down stairs to see if anyone else was up.

There was a cup on the table, looking like the one Alex brought with him right before the strange sparkle-dance sequence. In the windows... All was weird. Nathan could see the skies, all red, and the sun orange. The ground around the house was flat, and only few pillars supporting strange force-field like thing could be seen several kilometers away. There was even an elevator-like construction in distance, and a flying orb full of electrical energy (by the amount of sparkles it made) connected to the wire that powered up the house. ANd yeah, the house had electricity.

In the distance, there were four people standing - all of them were the ones Nathan could remember being with earlier.

"What in the world is going on?" Nathan said as he looked out eh window. Pillars, forcefields, and more. Nathan picked up the cup and headed outside. He didn't know what was in that cup but it must be what cause all of this.

"What the hell was in that tea last night?" Nathan demanded.

"Don't ask me, Leo brewed it.", Yuki said to him.

Leo rose an eyebrow at Yuki, "I brewed it? That was Alex's job. And I doubt he'll be making something THAT hardcore, seriously."

"Well someone brewed it...and does that mean we're still dreaming...I mean this burn feels real enough", Yuki said.

Alex looked at everyone defensively, "I can assure you that there was nothing abnormal in the tea's creation. Besides, those strange lights were outside before I handed everybody the tea.

"I just woke up on the floor in my clothes after having the weirdest dream ever and now I am still tripping as I see all of that." Nathan said pointing to the weird stuff that wasn't there before.

"I honestly have no idea how to check if it's real or not. Really, if it was a dream, we'd be all damn lucid at this point, flying around, shooting lasers and stuff, but seems like it's not the case." Leo replied.

"Like I said, I still have the burns...that's pretty darned real to me.", Yuki said to him.

"Did you all see a bunch of orbs in your not quite dreams? Or were you all called an aspect?" Nathan asked.

"Got two orbs, one caused some shrine of ruin to appear (also, it did call me an aspect of something like ruin) and another orb I wish I never ever touched," Leonid answered.

"Aspect of Progress or something...and yeah I got an orb out of it.", Yuki said to Nathan.

"What happened when you all touched the orbs? Did you get crazy visions?" Nathan kept up the questions. It seemed that they went through some of the same things he did.

"I didn't see any crazy visions, at least not crasier than that I had before... Although I did feel like I got an entire knowledge on how to turn someone into a miserable vomiting pile of sorrow with a glare... And got turned into one, ugh."

"Nope no vision, just sparkly stuff.", Yuki said to him.

"Hmmm, mine showed me how to use the orbs. Then I was cast out because of some danger. It was very odd." Nathan added.

"You too?" Leonid asked, "Something along the lines of "Aspect in danger, gotta put them somewhere else"?"

"I got the same thing...it was very wierd.", Yuki said.

"Huh... Surprisingly, the whole dream looked like it was supposed to expose how do I use that weird sickening power... Weird," Leonid muttered

" Yeah it was very confusing"

"Don't forget the lesson we've all learn from this," Raph said. "Don't touch the glowing sparkles or a voice will yell in your head."

"You tried touching them?" Leonid asked, "I was too busy emptifying my stormach, duh."

"I touched two of them. They were very glowy and showed me some stuff."

[Since it seems like this is going to get too slow; Timeskip!]

It took a while for people to finish their confused talks, share who was which aspect and for Nathan to expose the mystery of orbs and get back to their home. Seems like everything was intact - nothing was in particulary harmed state. Leonid did like it, at least they wouldn't have to repair their house. They even had a source of electricity.

"What would we do now, people? I've seen a strange elevator thing outside, but I dunno if it's going to be any safe there." Leonid said.
[Would Nathan explain his vision to other people?]
//was where he was going. He was going to tell them about the different kinds of orbs. Guess we can say that it was shared.
//The convo wasn't moving too fast, so I decided to skip past that painful part. And allright.
//we in the house now?

Yuki was sprawled on the couch while Nathan explained about the orbs. Either someone's newfound aspect was encyclopedia or they just got lucky. Regardless, she was convinced this was real. "I'm fine with staying here...and where do you think that elevator leads?"

"No idea, honestly," Leo replied, "But staying there will get boring. And I feel curious about it. Literally the only construction in this already overtly symbolic world."

"No one else finds this to be very weird that all the sudden all of this stuff is going on? I mean glowing orbs and being told that we are Aspects doesn't ring a little crazy for any of you?" Nathan asked.

"It was crazy until the crazy world burned me...it's still crazy, but I believe it now.", Yuki said to him.

"That does seem really crazy, yeah..." Leonid replied

"Well of course this is Asylum classed crazy, but I doubt something like this would happen to everyone unless its real." Alex said while drinking the nerve calming liquid that was tea.

"Crazy is as crazy does," Raph chimed in. Then he paused. "Yeah... I have no idea either... it was just on the tip of my tongue."

"I doubt we can outsleep it, honestly"

"So what is the plan here? We have very strange stuff going and we have new things around us. Do we explore or try and find help?"

"Do you think we can actually find help over here?" Leonid replied, "I bet neither of our devices can find network here. Any kind of network, be it cellphone or internet."

"I don't even know where here is. I have no clue what is going on. Things are just all sideways. I feel very out of my element here."

"I didn't even think of checking my phone," Raph admitted. So he did. [also checking to see how much time they lost]

Alex shrugs and checks his Galaxy S4 as well.

[Perfect cell network signal, although provider seems to be three letters "AAA". Time right now is about 7AM]

"Any signal?", Yuki asked him.

"Loads of it..." Raph said slightly distracted. 7am? That was... about 12 hours lost? No... wait... 6? What was the date?[Date didn't change]
//Oh damn, didn't see the that it didn't have the quotation marks >.>

"Date or time?" Leonid asked.

"Signal," Raph said.

"Loads of signal? You found a carp ton of wifi?" Leonid asked

"How are you getting wifi in a crazy new dimension?", Yuki asked.

"How do you get wifi anywere? Infrastructure and basic laws of the EM spectrum," Raph said, considering whether or not he should mess around with that AAA thing. Sounded like a scream.

"Well, this is rather strange..." Alex said mostly to himself as he opens a browser to see if he can go to a popular search engine like Google. He wasn't going to bother checking the net for why this was happening, but he wanted to make sure they did in fact have wifi. He'd also be checking to see if he had anything like email or a text/voice message
[Wifi-signal was nonexistant, if he had connected through mobile phone network to the internet, he won't see the pages, all of them would be saying 404.]

"Maybe it's that creepy orb that emmits some lonely signal?" Leonid suggested.

"Okay... I'm pretty sure we aren't in kansas anymore. I don't think you'd find your scheduled server noise for regular internet," Raph pointed out.

"Damnit, this really makes no sense," Leo stated.

"It's just a wizard of oz quote," Raph said, shrugging. "And that thing people say when they interrupt scheduled programming."

"I've meant the situation in general to be honest," he confessed.

"It makes perfect sense," Raph insisted. "We were transported to another dimension by a tag team of Vashta Nerada, Prodigy Sparks and some rogue Ancients who even sent us some real estate while we were subjected to a bizarre place of questionable laws of physics, talking orbs and free WiFi."

"Free wifi part makes no sense at all," Leonid said with a totally serious face, "Maybe we should just sleep and home it is a dream?"

Raph laughed. As if the Free Wifi part was the least sensible part of this whole thing.

Alex chuckled, "You sure we have free wifi? 404 on 3g" He checks for actual wifi signals and will connect to one to attempt an internet connection, but he is fully aware of the more important issues, "So... what in the world are we going to do now?"

"No idea," Leo replied again.

"We could play a lan- CRAp! MY Doc Who collectibles!" Raph said, slapping his hand to his forehead in his belated realization. "I'll be right back!" Raph rushed to the room to check his to- I mean valuable collectable items.

[Roll Notice, everyone]
Noticing: mew77 rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 5 -1 = 4 notice
Alex's Notice check: 17
Skill Focus Notice 16
notice: necar rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 17 +6 = 23

Nathan notices an orb floating in distance, coming in the general direction of their house. Then Alex sees it too. Raph ran off so he doesn't. But his "valuable" collectible items are safe.
[Those things cost good money! He tests them out to see if the taking orbs did anything to them.][They do work properly. Well, nothing happened to them so it seems.][Darn. I mean, that's good :p)][Of course that's good. Why would it bad, if they had potential to turn into actual OP items and didn't!]

"Incoming orb it seems. I can't make out the color of it from here but last time I saw red ones attacking white ones. I don't know if that is a thing or just what happened in the place I was. I would like to check this one out though." Nathan suggested.

Alex continues to look at the orb while recalling how to use his wind abilities just in case, "Maybe we'll get lucky and this orb shall explain to us our situation, that would be nice."

//Raph is out for a few posts, being otherwise disposed playi- I mean testing his collectibles.

The orb meanwhile was getting closer. Just an orb of grey color - it didn't emmit any light, so seems like it wasn't that power orb. The orb moved towards the window and then abruptly stopped. After few seconds of waiting, it moved to the side, towards the door, opened it up with it's movement and with that, moved into living room with a movement that lacked any acceleration, hovered over the table and dropped onto it with a thump. "Welp," Leonid stated, "Special delivery."

"Looks different form any of the orbs I have seen before. Let's go look at it shall we?" Nathan said walking over to the table.

"We'll see then.", Yuki said to them.

"What are we doing with this thing now?" Leonid asked, staring at the orb that was now resting on the table.

Nathan reached out his hand and let is rest on the orb.

"We touch it and see what happens."

This time, no visions. Just a message sounded in Nathan's ears, seemingly having no direct source, just like a pair of mono-channeled headphones, with a familiar femine voice: "Time is scarce, Aspects, your hideout won't last for long. Delving deeper under the surface would allow you to reach the city of Harti-o-five, albeit your current possible path may be in the poor state as of the present day, so the movement between the hideout and city might be a feat on itself. You need to get moving, the danger won't remain still." For a while after these words, a strange, quick sensation appeared in Nathan's mind - he felt that as if he flew right from this place through several kilometers away, underground, to a strange place that he felt was the city the voice spoke of. And then the vision dissolved, without letting Nathan to take out the fine details, "Aspect of Memory, you have been shown the path to the city - don't be afraid that it might be hard to comprehend at first - as you make your first steps, the memory would resolve the next move that you should take. Don't be afraid to explore a bit, but be careful, and don't take too much time." With that, the visions and soundings stopped, leaving Nathan with a feeling that the path starts with that elevator thing in the distance.

For everyone else, Nathan seemed like getting paralysed for five or so seconds, before going back to normal. No, the others don't get the vision, because, duh, it's a personal thing.

Nathan shook his head once the vision ended. Man these things helpful. Like a email and map all in one and it just told him that it wasn't safe here. Time to get going.

"Ok, according to the orb we need to get going. There is a city called Harti-o-five that is under ground. That should be a safe spot. To get there we should use the elevator that we saw outside. He will need to get sooner then later so grab what you need." Nathan explained to the others.

"...What?" Leonid replied, tilting his (now feline-eared) head to side.

[Upstairs: content in the fact that his invetory remained unchanged (he had some stargate swag in there as well, like a wifi/bluetooth tracker made to resemble the handheld scanners they used in later seasons and a to- I mean model zat. He pla- I mean examined those for a few happy moments. Then powered up his laptop to see if anything had changed there.]
[Laptop failed to launch.]
[Seriously? Phones work, Alex's laptop works, to- I mean collectibles work, but Raph's laptop doesn't? He disconnects the battery, blows on the nodes, then puts it back in to try again][Somehow it works and laptop launches. Does it use wi-fi or mobile network to connect to net?][former. He's more concerned with checking any changes to files though.][Files seem to remain unchanged. The net is here, with AAA provider being glad to service.]
["You know... there's something seriously up with you..." Raph muttered to the wifi]

"Orb said that this place is not safe. We need to leave here and the best site is the city. It is underground and the lift out there goes down. So we will need to leave. I suggest that we grab what we need and start to head out." Nathan explained again.

"That's a bit more clear," Leonid said, sighing, "Still weird... Eh... I think we should grab all these orbs we have. We have the backpacks after all, right?"

"And this underground city is safe from what? The voice only said the aspects were in danger, but didn't specify what.", Yuki said to them.
//you never heard the vocies you realize that correct?
//He probably meant that voice that Yuki heared during the first tests before teleportation.
//yeah that voice

Welp, with that news in place, Alex heads upstairs to collect what was deemed important, such as his Flashlight and a... wait, why did he bring a Lock Release Gun? Scratch that, how did this get past security?! ...meh. He grabs that too just in case this place turns into a RPG game and there's locks to pick.
//how did he get a lock release gun through security?
//That remark makes sense...

[On his ways he encounters Raph examining his collectibles playing with his toys]

"I have my travel bag that I brought. If I would have known we were doing this kind of stuff I would have brought my camping gear. All I have is my clothes and a fishing pole. We are going to need food for the trip so I guess we should raid the kitchen and take what we can." Nathan started to get his backpack and pole. He was going to be very under prepared for this.

"Who knew we were doing this kind of stuff... Speaking of kitchen," Leonid glanced out of window, "It used to be in the other building that is now not with us. Awfully inconvenient..."

The room was all a bustle with activity and people busying themselves with doing stuff when Raph returned. He blinked and scratched his head as he looked around. "Um... Dare I ask what's going on with you good people?" Raph questioned. "You do see quite... active."

"We need to move up. Ask Nathan, he seems to know what's going on," Leo replied, still sitting on sofa, wondering what should he take with him.

"I get that we need to go travel, but where are we going?", Yuki asked Leo and Raph.

"How should I know?" Raph asked, shrugging. "Leo says asked Nathan. Which is a rather unhelpful and evasive response, I might add."

"Nathan touched the orb," Leonid pointed at orb, starting clarification after rolling his eyes, "Then stood here staring at it and after a while stated that it told Nathan to move away to some safe place."

Nathan had gone to the room he had been sleeping in to get his few things. He had a backpack that he used when traveling and put a change of clothes in it along with his shaving kit. Him picked up his fishing pole and small tackle box. This was all he had since he did not figure in a long journey on his trip to Russia. He would have killed for his regular camping gear and hunting supplies but this would have to do. He slipped into his jacket and put his orb in the inner pocket. These things were coming in handy so he might as well bring it.
//The orb is a bit too big to fit in pocket.
//you mean the one that he has had in his jeans pocket?
//Huh... Wait a sec, hold on, you are right. What's up with my memory...

After gathering up he few meager possesions he made his way back down stairs to the gathering of people.

"You all ready to go?" Nathan asked shifting his backpack into place.

"I'm fuzzy on the 'go where' part, since Leo has been most unhelpful in clarifying that part for me," Raph said, raising a hand like a school student in a classroom. He was eyeing Nathan's preparations when a bit of confusion, accented with just a touch of unease.

Alex arrives downstairs with a simple backpack. If anyone checked, it contained stuff that someone would have for a small trip; hygine stuff, a change of clothing, a small box with various bags of tea and that lock picking device he has, "So, has anyone determind where we're being forced to go to yet?"

"To the under ground city of Harti-o-five. I am getting tired of repeating myself. It is an underground city where it safe and we need to leave sooner then later. Which I am ready to leave now. I don't have much but what I have is ready to go." Nathan explained yet again.

Leonid meanwhile slipped away to gather up himself; he really hoped he won't have to leave for long, so he took only stuff he'd actually need - a flashlight, a notebook and put it all in a big backpack, along with the "bestial orb" he and Raph found outside. Maybe it'll be useful.

"Wait... underground city? Of Hartio-5?" Raph said. He frowned. "I think I've been doing a pretty good job of keeping up... but isn't that just a bit scifi sounding to anyone else?"

"We are being called Aspects, we are in a completely different place and we have floating orbs that can tell us information and skills. We are a long road away from the norm. Now I am going to check around a little outside. Might want to get ready quickly." Nathan said while heading to the door.

Raph sighed and relented, turning to do some packing of his own. He pulled out the daypack he had stuffed in with his luggage, this situation proving you really never did know when you might need it. He had just brought it for shopping trips. Easier to sling stuff on your back than haul them along.

Nathan's comment about weird situation was true, and with that in mind, he took everything he thought he would need. Like his laptop and to- collectables. He wasn't sure if he was coming back, so... The ereader, tablet, smartphone and flashlight went in too. And the camera, followed by the solar charger. He was thinking away, and data gathering, processing and recording might be important. Shade in case of the sun, clothes, some snacks, ID and the works as well as hard copy data recorders; pen, pencil and his note book. In essense, the only thing he skimped on was clothes, only taking extra undies, three shirts and a pants. Hopefully there was an extra knife kicking in the house somewhere.

Glancing at Raphaels collection of stuff, Leonid reconsidered his choice. On clothes at least. He searched the house for change of clothes as well - considering that this adventure might get dirty...

While the others were getting their stuff together Nathan wanted to check something out. The whole house was being powered by a wire going to an orb. He looked up at the orb to see how the wire was attachted and if any sparks were coming off of it. He also tried to figure out how far off the ground this orb was.

Orb was above the ground of about 3 meters. The sparks were coming from orb and got back into the surface of the said orb. The wire seemed to go literally into the orb.

Nathan seeing that the orb was way to high off the ground for him to reach started to look around for either something to stand on or a long enough stick. If this orb could be used as a power source it could come in handy since they had a lot of electronic items. Plus it could act as a light for them.

He could remember seeing a folding ladder in the house, standing (folded) in the living room, braced against one of the walls.

Nathan re-entered the house to borrow the ladder. He wanted to get a closer look at this Orb and to do it he would need the ladder. He picked it up and started to carry it outside.

"Need to use this real quick." Nathan explained before anyone could ask why he was taking it.

Leonid shrugged, "Whatever."

Nathan took the ladder outside and set it up under the wire and orb. Climbing up he went to take a closer look at the thing. He put his hand up near it. Checking the hairs on his arms to see if they would be standing up as he got closer. We wanted to see just hoe much power this thing was throwing off.

The energy was intense. Hairs on his head felt a bit of movement as he got on the height enough to reach the orb with his arm. Guess what has happened with hairs on his arm then.

Feeling that strong of a reaction Nathan did not feel like grabing the thing. The last thing he wanted to do was fry himself in this different place. Knowing the luck they were having he would get badly injured and there would be no hospital around. What he did do was to grab a long stick (branch) and throw it at the wire. Maybe that would allow the orb to stop pumping out power.

Yuki packed whatever things she could get and left with everyone else for the undercity of sci-fi. She would remember the real name of Hartio 5 shortly, but it didn't help that it sort of rhymed with sci fi.

Whatever Nathan used to get the power out from the orb, along with the wire, it didn't work. The orb remained floating and charging the house with energy.

Seeing the others gathering Nathan figured that it was time to stop messing around with the power lines. I would have been nice to take this thing along with them but alas they needed to get going. Nathan climbed down from the ladder and lead them in the direction he was told too from the orb.

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