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Freedom Fighters

Post by Greycat on Thu Aug 27, 2015 2:46 pm

Do me a  favour. Think about your home. People go about their day as they always  do. Work, play, rest. Life is as it always it. Only... it's not. Behind  every face, under the polite smile, there is a chance it could be a  deception. A lie. An invader. Earth is under siege. A quiet attack that  almost no one knows of. The perfect parasite. Able to worm into  someone's head and perfectly impersonate them, reading their every  thought and memory, while the person they pretend to do is trapped in  their own mind, helpless to act.

We  call them the yeerk. On their own, little more than a slug you would  nudge off the path. But they learned what they could do. And they  learned more. Now the parasites with an ego have a stellar empire, and  Earth is another prize for them.

They  could be anyone. A police officer. A neighbour. A teacher. A  politician. Even your own parent. And if you find out, it's probably too  late.

For  whatever reason, we not only found out about them, but we got away too.  We had help from a sole representative of another race that fights  against these yeerks. He gave us access to his race's technology, one  that lets you morph into different animals. He intended us to use it  covertly, to gather information while we wait for his race's army to  arrive.

I  say screw that. Who knows how long it will take them, and to just sit  by watching an infestation take over my home? No way. Earth's a tough  neighbourhood. Humans are top of the pile because we're smart, but the  second bests have brawl and power. Spies? Try assassins. I don't know  how much we can do, but I'm not letting them have their way with my  home. Not when I can do something about it...


  • System: Mutants and Masterminds
  • No Powers at start ('Talents' may be allowed)
  • PL 3, PP: 45
  • Skill based game largely
  • The skills will be split. It's a Grey Game. Don't act surprised.
  • 'New' Skills: Research, Navigate, Repair, Power Use (gained later), Appraise, Demolitions, Forgery
  • No feat should be +4 to a base skill. +4 to a specific aspect of a skill is fine.
  • Graded language skills. Backstory might give you a discount. Might.
  • Additional Saves: Insight (Int) and Stability (Cha)
  • Preferred character age range: 17-23
  • More details to follow.

  • This  is an average game. Focus is more on skills than the stats. AKA: most of your stats should be +0 and +1 should be your average core character build. +2 should have something in the background maybe even feats to show they are well above average. +3 Shouldn't even be there without at least 300  words worth of why.

    • People complain- I mean lobbied for the stat considerations to be shifted.
      +0 to +1: average
      +2: above average
      +3: Well above average
      +4: Gifted
      +5: Highly Gifted
      +6: Best in Country

Due to the nature of the game, I do need some backstory. Family and such.
Set in Canada. Some town in Ontario. Probably close to Toronto.

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