Shifter College- An RP Directed by Yellow 13

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Shifter College- An RP Directed by Yellow 13

Post by Yellow 13 on Mon Jun 22, 2015 1:02 am

General idea is that the character's parent were involved in a chemical accident. It had no effect on them, but on their offspring it gave them the ability to shift into animals. Well, one specific type of animal. An anthro version of that in fact.

They have no idea what's happening, or are even aware of this. The parents even probbaly forgot about it. I have some ideas as to where this chemical is and where it came from, but that's not relevant now.

The party would have to keep their newfound abilities hidden or risk being taken away to some labs for study and all that evil stuff.

I'll let the players take pretty much anything short of mythological. This includes reptiles, amphibians, insects, arachnids, fish, etc. Multicellular animal life.

The zoanthropes this time around are a mix of blessed with suck/cursed with awesome

They change every full moon. The day before, the day of, and the day after. They are in a somewhat dream-like state. They also shift in times of emotional duress. High stress, terror, etc. When the flight or fight response kicks in. As for weaknesses, not sure....
Backstory reasons that aren't relevent to these preceedings.

Cosmetic option: Hair colour translates to fur/scale/skin colour. As such, unnatural fur colours lead to unnatural hair colours in human form.

Whats the char sheet stuffs, i wona start working up some motivation for it.

Zoanthrope stuff

At the start, each player can choose one animal. That shall be the base creature the zoanthrope becomes an anthropomorphic version of. Once choses, this CANNOT be changed.
Zoanthropes CAN speak in their shifted form, assuming they have mouths.

Each character gets rank 3 Alt form at the start for free, though must have the following Drawbacks.

Uncontrolled Transformation (Full moon and Emotional stress)
Frequency: Uncommon (+1 for a full moon)
Intensity: Severe (+3 if a full moon)

(Emotional stress)
Uncommon (+1)
Moderate (+1)

Keystone (moonstone pendent to use when not at a full moon, Sunstone to change back to human form)
To transform outside of emotional stress or without the influence of a full moon, a character must medatate on a piece of moonstone or sunstone (at least 100 grams worth) and make a DC 20 (at the start) Concentration check.
Taking 20 IS allowed.
4 PP

Weakness (Unrefined Iron)
Frequency: Uncommon (+1)
Intensity: Moderate (+1)
Added: 2pp drawback, -1 to all skills + -4 to one

Animal Tendencies (instincts)
Frequency: Very Common (+3)
Intensity: minor (+1)
Roll a DC 20 Will Save. If fail, then a character with this flaw behaves closer in nature to the animal the zoanthrope resembles. A character that has failed can attempt to try again in one hour.


Totals: 18 PP back, though spend 15 of those on alt form 3, and 3 more on Protection 3
Human form would get +3 Toughness and +3 Regen (one each Bruised and Injured and a Check bonus) for being a zoanthrope

Additonal flaws/drawbacks CAN be added if the player wishes, but they must be based off of the base animal chosen.

As a side note: You do NOT have to adjust your nationality. Any nationality can be any type of zoanthrope

Jade 'Jay' Morin Goth singer:

Jasper Morin, the nudist enigma

Kataru morn, the swimmer

Vasily Kotov, the factotum artist

Ashley, Mechanic and amature wheelwoman

Additonal OOC

Skill Splitting IS in effect. <Which skills got split?>Most of them I suppose. Knowledge, computers, craft, dice,disable...
Character age range is to be between 18 and 24
Going to college is NOT required, but encouraged.
Money will be worked on via fluff.
6 Hero points
--------------------------------------- IC

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