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Night School

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Night School

The world has its share of problems, and its share of heroes as well. Once, and sometimes still, considered vigilantes, they now often work in conjunction with law enforcement. They try their best to remain secret, though tabloids and reports do their worst to uncover them at the same time. Powers originate from many things, and the world has now accepted them if not necessarily the people who have them.


There is thin line between a hero, and a Hero. That line is all that keeps the spandex clad men and women from being considered fools. Of course, Heroes are the cream on the top of a very small pot. The rest of the preternatural world does it’s best to eke out a living under a veneer of blandness for the most part. Aside from those few crazies.

Still, it takes work to get your veneer going at times. Which is where the voice of experience comes into play. Welcome to Night School. Actually, it’s just the Independent Studies specialist certificate. Also known as the place where preternaturals go to learn the less common side of life.

PL 4
Game Skill: Power Use (Wis)
House Rule: limit on container flaws: -2. The rest count as drawbacks.

Guy Othniel Tennant ::
Evelyn Locke ::
Marius Larren ::
Solana Veronisi ::
Alice Locke ::
Yuri Stokhanov ::
Michael Wilson ::
Javich Mortil ::

Saunders House, Ryer University Residency:

The Saunders House is an historic building that provides students with all the amenities they need from a full kitchen and laundry spaces to large rooms, a living area complete with cable TV, outdoor spaces and a library of general reference materials. The residency fee applied to the tuition covers utilities and general maintenance, though students are expected to provision themselves with food and supplies.

Bartholomew Gregory Saunders was one of the main contributors to the expansion of Ryer University and the founding of the Peter Morgan Program. He was known as an eccentric though brilliant researcher and scientist, revolutionary even, his patents earning him quite the wealth. The house was built based on his own designs. When he passed, he left the house to the school to be used as a residence.

Bartholomew was also one of the early heroes of the modern age. His powers mainly centered on an extremely heightened intellect and sense of touch, known in his day as the Statistician.
First Floor, Second Floor, Basement.

Dimensions of the individual rooms:-
Solana: 17ft x 14.5ft
Marius: 15.6ft x 13.5ft
Michael: 15.6ft x 12.45ft
Yuri: 15.6ft x 8.85ft
Guy: 20.6ft x 10.3ft
Alice: 18.4ft x11.4ft
Evelyn: 5.75ft x 1.85ft

General Description:

Kitchen: cupboards did have the supplies in their shelves. Ceramic plates with matching mugs and saucers, glasses and so on. Even if they did hold back on the food, they did leave then with an adequate supply of usable dishware and tableware. A few of the cupboards had stylized glass windows providing peeks inside. While the plumbing didn't seem to be stainless steel, the sink was. The stove, fridge and dishwasher were newish, and they matched. There were different sets of dish and tableware. Some ornate, others plain, different materials...

Living Room: Several comfortable chairs and sofas were in the room. Towards the back of the room, there was a decent quality television and space for an entertainment system, though it lacked any at the moment. The two cupboards to either side seemed more geared to peripherals and things like tapes and DVDs. The store room had some general stuff. Cleaning, extra cushions and throws, etc. There were lamps around the room likely wired separately form the fixtures on the walls. There were two sets of light switches, on either end of the room, with four switches on each.

Dining Room: It's massive table sat in the center of the room, a ten-seater with a matching china cabinet opposite the doors to the living room displaying what might be the original china for the house, a low cabinet under the window. The latter was empty. There was a lovely chandelier hanging above the table and that, combined with the lamps in the corner would give nice lighting. There were dial controls for the lights. The silverware in the cabinet were slightly tarnished.

Lounge: The lounge was more of a relaxing space. Low slung sofas around a center table, lamps on small end tables, arm chairs in the two cozy front corners.

Library: It was a regular type library. Lots of books, a couple soft chairs, a table in the center of the room with chairs set around it. There were at least two sets of encyclopedias, on looking newer than the other. There were several older books scattered around, and it there was an organizational system, it wasn't one you could regularly pick out.
[over 15] Several of the books were handwritten manuscripts.

Laundry: Two sets of washers and dryers sat in the room. There were two white plastic sinks on the back wall, and some racks and other supplies in the store rooms. No soap or anything though. They would really need to make a shopping trip. Unless someone brought some with them.

Bedrooms (second floor): They were relatively standard. Surprisingly spacious as well. A bed, chest of drawers/highboy (which ever you call it), dresser and closets. There was also a small desk and a chair. The walls were a light tan colour. The window didn't have curtains though, just a shade  to draw down.

Backyard: Decent enough. A few trees, the deck was stained and looked like someone once had a barbeque set up. There was a cheap looking patio set resting on it and a wooden gazebo at the end of a stone pathway. The lawn looked like it could use a trimming. The same stone walkway split, one branch running from the deck, another to the porch, one from the gazebo, all meeting at a ring, about ten feet in diameter, that circled a small fire pit.
[Under the deck: there was a storage space, one of those plastic sheds you could get at a hardware store, with some yard equipment and a decent sized push mower and a weedwacker.]

Basement: The basement was a bit more modern than the rest of the house,  apparently heavily renovated within a decade or two. The main portion  was den/rec room set up. The furnishings were cheaper than the rest of  the house, more ikea/Walmart than big name furniture stores and classic  furniture. There wasn't a television down their despite the TV stand. There was another bathroom down there as well. One door lead to the utilizes side, were the plumbing, ground pump, central heating and so on.

A bit of NPCs:

------------[[Some Teachers]]------------

• Physics Professor [not sure which physics yet]
Name: Karle Jans
Age: 45living, 3 dead
Race: Human [Spectre]
Quirk: The Serious, The Disbeliever (Ghost and magic does not exist.)
Powers: Ghost. Solid though. Doesn't should up on videos properly though. Touch is limited range telekinesis + tactile illusions.

• Librarian
Name: Hath Creed
Age: ?
Race Squid shifter thing (has cold clammy skin, wears trench coats, has tentacles under it)
Quirk: Stern Librarian, hydromancer.
Powers: ad.limb, water control, drawing water from the atmosphere. Keeps having to dry out the books when he soaks them.

• Modern Society. Two part class. Lectures and Research Lab
• Lecturer
Name: Maria Grant
Age: 41
Race: Human
Quirk: Veiled, Muggle, Very suspicious soul. (Students fail if she can prove them preternatural) .
• Lab Tech
Name: Isaiah Dunn
Age: 28
Race Human (Muggle as well, but relative a preter)
Quirk: Bubbly. Worldly. Easy to bribe at times.

• Statistics Professor (Head of Maths faculty)
Name: Newton Orville
Race: preter (flying brick)
Age: 53
Quirk: teaches normals as well, more of an adviser to the preternatural crowd. Helps with cover ups.

• Music
Name: Greta Love
Age: God please... I don't want to know.
Quirk: She dresses like the 80s. She talks like the 80s. She looks like the 80s. She scares some of the faculty and student body alike.

• History
Name: Albert King
Age: If I don't want to know Greta's, I honestly don't know Albert’s... (My father had him for history back in the day... and he was old then too...)
Quirk: *shrugs* Sometimes he walks with a cane. Rumour has it there is a sword inside it...

• Technology Safety TA
Name: Nicolay Peredvishin
Age: 32
Race: Human
Quirk: Fixitall dude. Somehow he is able to trace most of the reasons for tech breakdown with unnerving precision which spawns creepy rumors.

• Counselor
Name: Kayla Soong
Age: 38
Race: Human empath
Quirk: She is an empath who works with most all the students.

Nurses: Rory Pond [Time traveler. Roman Centurion], Giovanni Watson [Regeneration factor, transfers wounds to himself], Bios Swarm Prototype 8-B [Amalgam android. Healing micro-surgeon bots]{They call him Abe}
A few lessons:

--------[Extra Weird Classes]--------

Some of these sessions are held weekly or biweekly, others are on regular class schedules.

Costumes: Does, Don'ts and Improvising {Introduction to making your own personal outfit, coordinating colours, fabrics and masks. Students will, by the end of the course, learn how to disguise themselves sufficiently, hide their identity and how to make underwear on the outside work.} [Three week Improvising section of the module is mandatory]

Costumes: Quick Changing {Those who pass this course will learn the fine art of rapidly switching costumes, whether into 'work clothes', if interested in the Hero Path, or just getting dressed rapidly.}

One-Liners! The Line Between Hero and Fool {Many overlook the importance of the witty one liner or the snide comment. Part a language course, part psychology, this course prepares those who takes it to banter with villains and possibly incite a useful monologue that might buy time needed to escape or share information.}

Survival: How to locate yourself if teleported {A general survival course that covers the basis of sustaining oneself in a range of environments and also navigating by various sources from angle of sunlight to position of stars.}

How to not eat your friends [Prereq: Shape shifting + Recommendation from Kayla Soong (Counselor)] {Self-control lessons in order to keep your memories when the brain chemistry shift. Most importantly, the memories of those you don't bite, stab, slash, smash or otherwise harm.}

Technology and You [Safety Lab, Lasers Lab, Crafting Lab] {Yes, Lasers gets its own lab because mad scientists, rich boys and baddies in general like them, and most preter's end up with one pointed at them at least once in their life]}

Aesthetics: Care for nonstandard Biology [practical] {Fur, scales, feathers, extra limbs and so on. Standard society does not account for these. Learn how to care and account for these in your personal wardrobe and which items commonly available in store is best for you and how to avoid looking odd doing it.}

Help from the Legal Eagle {How to use the law to your best advantage in order to keep your activities legal and within reason.}

Changing the Topic {After completing this course, you should be able to rebuff accusations from non-preter relations.}

Ways to Avoid Super-villainy {Part extensive philosophy course, part recurring group sessions [mandatory] to try to keep graduates on the right side of the law and from looking down on non-preters.}

Community Service Shifts. 'Here is a standard suit until you finish your projects for  Costumes and You. You are on community watch for X blocks of the city.' {While catching criminals is not mandatory during your shifts, it serves as character building exercises as well as helping preters determine if the crime fighting lifestyle is ideal for them.}

Inter-house Competitions 'Quizzes, Sports, Baking, Knitting, and more' {The point of all the games and competitions is to encourage lateral  thinking and introduce outside thoughts to help people develop powers.}

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Chapter 1: New 'Mates
Part 1: Wherein which strangers are duly thrust into new environs as but the first step towards becoming a cohesive whole

Part 2: In which rules are agreed upon and an excursion for provisions begun.

Part 3: Whence tragedy and misfortune doth befall them during their travels.

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